There's always one imbecile …

There's always one imbecile … April 23, 2017

Yesterday saw people take to the streets in their thousands across the world for a March for Science – but not everyone was on the side of those who gathered to reaffirm the importance of science to humanity’s continued existence on the planet.
The photo above shows one prat who imagines that the Bible trumps scientific knowledge. I have no idea where it was taken. It was posted on Reddit Atheism by some who said:

One of the dumbest signs I’ve ever seen. I honestly couldn’t believe people could be this ignorant.

Someone replied:

This sign likely appeared to counter-protest the Science March. No science supporter agrees with the sign’s contents.

According to William Hughes of the AV Club, the first March For Science, part of Earth Day, saw people concerned with matters such as climate change gather in more than 600 cities on seven continents.

Unsurprisingly, science-friendly celebrities came out in droves; Bill Nye, Questlove, and current Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi were all seen in attendance, while Twitter has filled up with voices of support.

Photo Haley Edwards/Time. You can see more pictures of the march here.
Hughes pointed out that a number of protesters called out President Trump and his administration’s pushes to deregulate factors that lead to climate change, as part of the problem the march was meant to address.
He added:

But it’s not like Trump ignored Earth Day, either (although he hasn’t mentioned the March itself). His office issued a press release … reminding us all that strong economic growth – ie, giving corporations what they want – is actually good for the environment, and encouraging us all to cherish the planet and its wonders.

Trump said:

Our Nation is blessed with abundant natural resources and awe-inspiring beauty. Americans are rightly grateful for these God-given gifts and have an obligation to safeguard them for future generations. My Administration is committed to keeping our air and water clean, to preserving our forests, lakes, and open spaces, and to protecting endangered species.

Trump, who has claimed that climate change is a hoax that the Chinese invented, has appointed multiple climate change skeptics to fill his cabinet.
The Independent reported today that Trump has drawn criticism for failing to mention climate change in his Earth Day statement.
Despite the fact the 47th global annual event urges people to “build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet”, the President ceased to make any explicit mention of global warming.

The omission marks a significant break with previous US governments. Fellow Republican President George W Bush highlighted the need to address climate change in his statement and Barack Obama mentioned the term five times in his 2016 earth day statement.
Thanks to Antony Niall for reminding me that yesterday was Earth Day.

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  • L.Long

    I always find it incredible how stoopid these buyBUll thumpers can be. They say if it contradicts the buyBull it is a lie! OK! Great! At least all the science LIES have made my life most excellent, where if the hypocrite with the sign honestly believed that, he would have been dead years ago by following the buyBull instead of using LYING (science) based medicine!!!

  • Oh Really!

    Put the pious to the test. Ask them to forgo everything science provides for them. All food is produced with the aid of science. Even grow your own vegetables have been bred over time scientifically for yield and crop resistance. Meat? No … science is deeply involved there too. Water? Sorry not unless you draw it from a well in your garden and boil it … but your your electric kettle is based upon science. Ok burn wood to boil the water … but the match you use to light it is given to us by science. As is the metal boiling pot.
    Not much fun without yor iPhone is it. Or your iPad. Or your car. Or push bike. Walking. Well your trainers are pretty much 100% dependent upon science. And unless you go walking naked then you need clothes produced by scientific means. Got a headache? Can’t take aspirin. And you can’t sit in a dark room either because guess what the cutains are woven on machines, probably made from synthetic fabric and dyed with … er um fancy chemicals. Thirsty? Get the milk out of the fridge. Sorry but without science to provide the fridge you need to milk the cow which by the way has been scientifically bred over years to provide high yields and kept well by a vet using pharmaceuticals provided by science and fed on grass fertilised by manufactured nitrates. Hmmmm … not much science hasn’t touched is there. And the ink on the fuckwits sign is guess what. Made by scientific process. So christian fuckwits … if science is so fucking wrong give up everything for fucking lent. And I mean everything because science did it … even the fucking bible is printed on scientifically manufactured paper with scientifically produced ink. And you cant wipe your arse either lest you go into the garden and pluck a big leaf for the purpose and I guarantee your arse will itch like hell afterwards and you cannot us a soothing medicated ointment to ease the irritation either. Enjoy life fuckwit but remember everything to need and use is given to you by science. EVERYTHING.

  • L.Long

    One of my favorite questions to religious dimwits…name one thing that religion has done for humanity besides an excuse to kill? That is comparable to modern medicine or other science!!! The silence is deafening!

  • Vanity Unfair

    A syllogism:
    (a) “If it contradicts the Bible, it’s not science…it’s a lie.”
    (b) The Bible is self-contradictory.
    (c) Therefore the Bible is a lie.

  • 1859

    A few days ago, in a previous post, I mentioned I had a splitting headache. I didn’t pray to god to take away the pain; I didn’t sacrifice a cat, dog, sheep or goat; I didn’t pay the priest to say a special mass; I didn’t flagellate my wicked flesh and beg forgiveness; I didn’t sprinkle holy water over my head;I didn’t try to save someone’s soul to show god he need not continue punishing me. No. I did nothing like this – we swears! Instead I took my non-inflammatory pill and two hours later my headache vanished! And the strange thing is, every time I get a headache and take this pill, the same thing happens every time! No headache. If I had been religious I might have been tempted to call it a miracle, but since I have a PhD in Biochemistry, I know that the only miracle here is how much scientific knowledge has helped to alleviate the pain of millions of migraine sufferers such as myself. Religion cannot do this – it is a blind, retarded belief system that dates back to the stone age. Ditch it.

  • barriejohn

    We all know that there are scores of scientific inaccuracies, obvious even to children, in the Bible, but you will NEVER get the better of these people. For instance, regarding the Bible’s assertion that insects have only four legs:
    Quite simply, the big back legs on the locust, etc. were not counted as “legs” in the same sense as the other legs.* Let’s use an illustration from our popular literature, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In this story, Snowball the pig invented the slogan, “Four legs good, two legs bad” so as to exclude humans from Animal Farm society. The geese and other fowl objected, because they had only two legs. Snowball explained (more clearly in the book than in the movie) that in animal terms, the birds’ wings counted as legs because they were limbs of propulsion, not manipulation, as a human’s arms and hands were.
    Now note the differentiation in Leviticus above — referring to “legs above the feet” for leaping. The “feet” are being differentiated from the “legs above the feet” because of their difference in function. They are legs, but in a different sense than the “four” legs which are just called “feet.” We are being told of two types of legs: The “on all four” legs (which are nowhere called legs; they are only called “feet” [v. 23]), and the “leaping legs.” It is clear that the Hebrews regarded the two large, hopping hindlimbs of the locust and the other insects of the same type, which are the only types of insects mentioned here (we now translate “beetle” as “cricket”), as something different than the other four limbs – perhaps because they were used primarily for vertical propulsion, whereas the other limbs were for scurrying around. (Shifts of terminology like this happen even today; check this proposal to redefine “planet”.)

    * My emphasis. Where’s his evidence?
    There’s always some reason why what is clearly stated is NOT what the author was really saying!

  • Edwin Salter

    The opening image embodies a faint lure of reassurance. If only the awful were no more than a few isolated eccentricities, prompting dim recollections of old blokes bearing ‘The End is Nigh’ placards, long gone.
    Our world’s entirely practical and urgent version of that threat is climate change. Yet we are amidst emerging tyrannies for whom unreason, fear and hatred, are the most natural of weapons.
    To gaze too clearly at horror is, as myth tells us, surely fatal. So I tidy my climate stall, provide a little cash and leafletting for the elections, talk to people around, potter on …. (How nice if somewhere butterfly wings created not hurricanes but zephyrs.)

  • Brian Jordan

    We have a particular problem, in these days of “fake” news and “social” media, with the difficulty of presenting or finding comprehensive yet potted arguments comparing both sides of an issue.
    On climate change, for instance, it’s easy to say that a vast consensus of highly trained scientists say that we are warming the planet. It’s almost as easy to find a denier citing a claim by a well-qualified individual that they’ve missed out something vital or even got it all wrong. What is difficult is to find an easily digested analysis of contrarian arguments when they crop up.
    Even if our few professors of the understanding of science spent all their time looking for such things, they’re probably more accustomed to and equipped for producing whole tv programmes than spraying fire-fighting foam around the blogosphere and “social” media as and when contrarian claims need analysing.

  • Paul

    That placard is outrageous as it suggests that Trump is ‘human’ and has evolved. That’s clearly a lie.

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    And this:
    I sometimes wonder whether Ken Ham is a fictitious character created by J. K. Rowling!