Three women are to be put on trial for parading a giant vagina

Three women are to be put on trial for parading a giant vagina April 27, 2017

Thanks to an intervention by Spain’s Association of Christian Lawyers (ACL), three women who paraded a giant vagina through the streets of Seville in 2014 could be convicted for a ‘religious hate crime’.
According to this report, at their first trial a judge acquitted the three, saying they had legitimately exercised freedom of expression.
This so incensed the ACL that they appealed the verdict. As a result, the ruling was overturned by another judged who found that there was evidence that the women had deliberately set out to insult the “religious sentiments of Catholics” by making “a mockery of the Easter parades”.

The accused carried the giant plastic vagina as part of a feminist protest mimicking the Easter processions. In the May Day protest, organisers appealed for support for the protest on social media and took to the streets wearing hoods as they carried the vagina on a plinth in the manner of penitents who solemnly parade religious statues through the streets at Easter.
The group called themselves the “Hermandad del Sagrado Coño Insumiso”, or the “Brotherhood of the Blessed Rebellious Vagina”.
The protest was designed to highlight issues of discrimination against women in the workplace as part of the national Workers’ Day march in Seville by the Spanish union the General Workers’ Confederation (CGT).
If found guilty the women face a fine and a prison sentence of up to 18 month, although in Spain a jail sentence of up to two years for a first offender is likely to be suspended.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

"Nah…that ascended to heaven all by its itty-bitty self."

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  • Ian Mason

    The correct word is ‘vulva’.

  • andym

    And Franco died when?

  • Paul

    I think the ACL are a Bunch of pussies.

  • Terry

    Everywhere infested by the rcc is subject to the most appalling and primitive repression of free speech and democracy. If you though that the vultures from Dark Ages were long gone think again.Every roman catholic priest and nun and what ever the fuck else ranks of catholic bigot there are, ache to go back to a time when they ruled by, and I suspect enjoyed,gratuitous and extreme barbarism and violence.

  • Terry

    I am offended every day when I see the mythical jesus nailed to a cross in the high street, when I see a wooden cross screwed to the wall of my village Primary School in full view of every passer by, when I drive home at night and see the brightly illuminated village church, when I read the news of the latest christain hypocrisy , when I hear the bishops have lobbied to prevent terminally ill distressed people from choosing the time of their own death, when the village church bells ring out on sunday morning, when all the village councillors can do is bleat on about the needs of the church fabric and state of its grounds, when a fuckwit christian tells me I am an evil sinner and am bound for a fiery date with satan, when the vicar comes into the pub and ‘graces’ us with her presence and never buys a round in return for the hundreds bought for her, when christians pray for newly dead people who were not even christians, when some of the village church congregation get free parking permits on sundays, and on and on. I am offended by christians every day. And don’t get me started on the muslim contingent who want this green and pleasant land converted to the squalor of sharia.Religion really does POISON EVERYTHING

  • Barty

    That looks like the styling mock up for the popes new hat.

  • barriejohn

    What a pity that Catholics are not as deeply horrified by the sexual shenanigans of their priesthood, but that would be asking far too much. Ian Mason is correct, of course, but then it’s not even “a giant vulva”, is it? It’s just a mock-up of something which resembles female genitalia. Are the following to be banned as well, to avoid offending those religious sensitivities:

  • Barty

    After all he is a dickhead.

  • Paul

    I echo that statement Barrie John.
    Why aren’t they indeed offended by their own kind.

  • Smokey

    ‘religious hate crime’
    Yes, yes it is. Christianity, and especially Catholicism, hates everything to do with sexuality that’s not done for strictly procreative purposes in the missionary position. Bonus points for going in dry.
    And yes, “vagina” is indeed incorrect. But these days I rejoice whenever it’s used instead of the ridiculous “va-jay-jay”, which should be a capital offence to use.
    Anyway, coming(!) soon: National Masturbation Day.

  • Paul

    I note the similarity between the giant fanny and a doctor who monster.
    Are they related ?

  • Robster

    An easy way to attract a gaggle of the variously flavoured clergies would be to march with a giant penis! You’d be fighting ’em off with a stick, a wooden stick.

  • John

    Actually, I think the exhibit is highly educational.
    My guess is if the women involved chose to – and gained sufficient funding – they could take their case to the European Court of Human Rights – and win!
    As others have said, the complainants (the so-called Association of Christian Lawyers) appear determined to ensure widespread ignorance on the subject of female human biology. What a bunch of nitwits ACL are!
    I am not sure why Brotherhood of the Blessed Rebellious Vagina was chosen – does’nt Sisterhood of the Blessed Rebellious Vagina make more sense?

  • Daz

    "Hermandad" actually does mean "sisterhood." "Botherhood" would be "fraternidad."

  • barriejohn

    “Botherhood” – that would apply to the priests, I suppose. What a wonderful word!

  • remigius

    Daz. ‘Hermandad’ can mean both ‘Sisterhood’ and ‘Brotherhood’. However, as the noun is ⅓ feminine (her) and ⅔ masculine (man & dad) I would tend to use the latter meaning.
    barriejohn. Botherhood is good. Or Sinisterhood!

  • John

    How about Sororidades del Sagrado Coño Insumiso?
    sororidad f (plural sororidades)
    a female fraternity; a sisterhood (a fraternal group composed exclusively of females)