Dagbladet's anti-circumcision cartoon attacked by rabbi

Dagbladet's anti-circumcision cartoon attacked by rabbi May 20, 2017

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, has called on Norwegian authorities to take action against Dagbladet, a Norwegian paper that published an anti-circumcision cartoon earlier this week.
According to this report, he described the cartoon, which equates Jewish and Muslim supporters of non-medical circumcision with paedophiles, as “hate speech”.
The cartoon shows a Muslim and a Jew with signs saying “yes to circumcision” and “religious freedom”. A third man wearing a tattered raincoat tells them:

I know what you mean. I, too, get told by invisible men to mess around with boys’ penises.

Goldschmidt said:

This cartoon is a blatant attack on religious freedom and is deeply offensive to all religious communities. This publication has a track record of disrespecting religion and as the editor has shown that he has neither restraint nor responsibility, I urge the relevant authorities to act.

In 2013 Dagbladet was criticised in Norway and beyond for publishing a caricature about circumcision that the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean, Rabbi Abraham Copper, said was:

So virulently anti-Semitic it would make Hitler and Himmler weep tears of joy.

Many European secularists regard circumcision on minors, which is performed by Muslims and Jews, as a cruel violation of children’s rights. A similar debate is occurring across Europe and in the continent’s north about the issue of ritual slaughter of animals, which devout Jews and Muslims require be performed on conscious animals.
In addition to left-wing initiatives to ban non-medical circumcision of boys and ritual slaughter, Europe and northern Europe especially have seen similar efforts by center-right and far-right populists. Proponents often appeal to children’s rights and animal welfare, although some appear to be specifically targeting Muslim or Jews.
Several parties in Norway, where ritual slaughter has been prohibited since 1929, support banning non-medical circumcision of boys.
In 2014, the Norwegian government introduced legislation that regulated non-medical circumcision of boys. It stipulates that the procedure must be performed under the supervision and in the presence of a licensed physician, but it may be physically carried out by other persons.
Meanwhile, it’s reported from Scotland that comedian Markus Meechan (AKA Count Dankula) is to go on trial on Monday for uploading a video to YouTube showing him teaching a Pug to be “a Nazi”.

Meechan pictured in the custody of a Scottish plod. Inset is Buddha, his girlfriend’s ‘Nazi’ dog.
If found guilty if the “hate crime” crime he could be jailed for up to a year.
A month after Meechan posted the 2016 video, police arrived at his door and threw him in jail for the night.
Meechan could become the first Scottish comedian to be jailed for a joke. He said:

I think everything can and should be joked about. I’m still trying to find the humour in it, laughter just makes it easier to deal with.

Meechan said he fears the judge will try to make an example of him because of the amount of attention the case drew from the British press. His trial will have no jury and his sentencing is entirely up to the judge’s discretion.

I’ve seen this happen before when people get dragged through the media. The judge says ‘let’s completely fuck up this one person’s life so no one does it again’.

The group leading the charge against Meechan is the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities. At the time of his arrest in 2016 the group called the video “outrageous” and dismissed the idea it could possibly be taken as a joke.
But in a recent video, Meechan explained that many Jewish fans from outside Scotland had reached out to him and asked to write letters vouching that Meechan is not an anti-Semite.
SkepTorr is a Jewish Israeli YouTuber and friend of Meechan and found the police response to the Nazi pug video ridiculous.

No one in his sane mind would watch his material on YouTube and come to the conclusion that he committed a hate crime. [Many Israelis and Jews] do not like false flagging. It makes us look really bad and just creates resentment towards us.

Hat tip: Antony Niall (Meechan report)

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  • Jenna

    “This cartoon is a blatant attack on religious freedom and is deeply offensive to all religious communities”.
    What tommyrot.
    Seems to me that violent irrational screaming shrieking cries of persecution and offence is the last thing the pious are able to do. All else has failed them. They are comprehensively discredited on every rational and moral premise and their last chance to be heard is to resort strident hysterical wailing. A bit like the glutinous spoiled brat who wants but has been denied yet another cookie from the jar by a resolute parent.

  • barriejohn

    “Och-Heil, Jimmy.”
    I prefer Kitler, the Hitler cat, myself:

  • remigius

    barriejohn. The Furred Reich!

  • Angela_K

    Religious savages have found something else that offends them, and conflates it with the Nazis – how predictable. How dare we criticise their religious freedom to abuse children.

  • barriejohn

    Remigius: Please paws for a while – I’m feline faint, so I’m goering for a lie-down.
    Angela: Man concerned about anti-Semitism calls for fascist controls on freedom of the press. How ironic!

  • Barry Duke

    Barriejohn, stop that at once or I’ll start scratching posts!

  • L.Long

    Religious persecution screamed by delusional dimwits who are too scared to have genital mutilation done on ADULTS because none would do so, they MUST do it to kids or babies to capture them young! And someone said something to hurt some delusional jerks feelings, too damn bad!

  • barriejohn

    Barry: Ah, yes, I see that there is a claws in the small print that covers that.
    L.Long: We are apparently interfering with the “religious freedom” of children who are few days old!

  • Paul

    Why isn’t the dog on trial ?

  • remigius

    Paul. He was only following orders!

  • Paul

    That’s not a defence – he’ll get snatched by Mossad and end up in an Israeli court in the next few weeks – you see.

  • Laura Roberts

    Really? They’re prosecuting a guy over a YouTube video? I’ve watched it and it’s pretty funny. I got a giggle fit watching a Pug doing a Nazi salute, mainly because that’s just how stupid humans look doing the same thing (e.g.,http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-38057104/hail-trump-white-nationalists-mark-trump-win-with-nazi-salute). And that’s the point of the damn video. I suppose I should’t be surprised that some politically ambitious judge would completely miss the point, but do they honestly not have anything better to do? Real Nazis get a pass, but a dog that can lampoon them is a problem?

  • remigius

    ‘That’s not a defence…’
    Well it’s the one they used at Nuremberg. It didn’t work, mind you, but they gave it a bloody good go.
    And the Israeli’s don’t bother with snatch and grab showcase trials any more. It’s more likely they’d just send a hit squad to ‘take him out’ during his next walkies – like they did after Munich.

  • Paul

    Yes I’m sure they’ll elimate the Pug somehow.

  • Barry Duke

    Let’s hope they assassinate the right Pug Remigius. Mossad has been known to get things wrong, as in the Lillehammer Affair, a case which took me to Oslo in the early 70s to seek an interview with one of the assassins, South African Sylvia Raphael.

  • remigius

    ‘Let’s hope they assassinate the right Pug Remigius.’
    No! Bad, bad Barry. Let’s hope Mossad don’t assassinate any Pugs – either by mistake, or by design. The goal here should be rehabilitation, not retribution.
    Buddha needs to come to terms with what he has done. Through one-to-one counselling, and a thorough appreciation of early to mid 20th Century socio-political history, he can learn to see the error of his ways. It may take some time, but I’m hopeful.
    Maybe one day the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities can find it in their hearts to understand, and perhaps even forgive, that poor misguided little doggie.

  • John the Drunkard

    Jewish cutting is supposed to happen (if I recall aright) 8 days after birth. Do Muslims have any such time-limit?
    Both are invoking Abraham, but of course Muhammad was illiterate so his notion of Biblical Commandments is garbled.

  • Smokey

    When everything is anti-Semitic, nothing is anti-Semitic. I get that the Jews got the grandmother of all raw deals during the war, but the statute of limitation on sympathy has expired now. The guilt-tripping has become background noise. My sympathy now lies with the victims of your “religious freedom”.
    I see that Hitler was mentioned… (trigger warning: nazti humour) Imagine the noise level if 6 million more Jews were whining about religious freedom.
    Too soon?
    Forget Kitler, here’s Adolf Knitler: https://twitter.com/officialknitler?lang=en
    The worst part of googling for Knitler is that I discovered that Stormfront loves him. Can you imagine a bunch of Neo-Nazi skinheads knitting little dolls? Or playing Mein Kraft?

  • Paul

    These Jews are nothing better than ‘control freak Nazis’ for demanding the freedom to say and do what they want and in the same breath to demand to stop any one else saying things they don’t like.

  • Rabbi Goldschmidt is concerned about “all religious communities.”But not all, unless all includes those victims of Jewish genocide described in Shemot (See Exodus 32:25-28).

  • Stephen Mynett
  • Cali Ron

    Dog is god spelled backwards and a lot of Muslims are severely under educated about everything except Islam so it’s understandable that they would be confused. Is is the dog who is to be worshiped or is it god? Are all dogs blasphemous because dog is god spelled backwards? Religion-devoting enormous man hours and energy to answer the questions that should never have been asked and no one should care about.

  • Michael Glass

    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said, “This cartoon is a blatant attack on religious freedom and is deeply offensive to all religious communities.”
    A blatant attack? Of course. It equates circumcision with child abuse.
    On religious freedom? No. It’s an attack on religious circumcisers and their beliefs. It doesn’t stop them from circumcising; it just holds them up to ridicule.
    Deeply offensive? yes, if you take offence.
    To all religious communities? No. Not all religious communities practice circumcision.
    Obviously the cartoon struck a raw nerve.