Devout Modovan President bares his homophobic fangs

Devout Modovan President bares his homophobic fangs May 21, 2017

Last year Mitropolit Vladimir, the flamboyant ponce who heads Moldova’s Orthodox Church, praised presidential candidate Igor Dodon, above, right, as ‘a true Christian’.
Dodon went on to become President of this godly but poor Eastern European republic and is now using his position to demonise the LGBT community.
According to this report, a gay pride event scheduled for this weekend so annoyed Dodon that he threw in his support for a “Festival of the Family”, aimed at promoting “traditional family values”.
Dodon, a close ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, said on his Facebook page:

I am expressing my categorical position against holding an LGBT march. I informed the extraordinary and plenipotentiary US ambassador to Moldova James Pettit that it is not only my personal position, but the position of the vast majority of Moldovan citizens.

America’s man in Moldova, James D Pettit

I very clearly stressed that such actions contradict our traditional values, Orthodox faith, and morals. They cannot be, and will be accepted neither by me personally nor by society as a whole.

Dodon’s response reflects his anger over the fact that the US embassy in Modova had issued the following statement last week:

On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, we express our support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons in the Republic of Moldova.
We note that the 16th LGBTI Festival “Moldova Pride” is currently taking place. As the values of tolerance and respect for diversity are fundamental to open democratic societies, we recognize the right of LGBTI-persons and their supporters to conduct the Solidarity March ‘Fara Frica’ on 21 May 2017 peacefully.
Human rights — including freedom of expression and assembly, equality and non-discrimination — and the rule of law are the foundations upon which democracies are built. Indeed, according to international law, all individuals are entitled to the same rights and freedoms, as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international legal instruments.
International law requires respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and therefore obliges governments to protect all persons from discrimination and violence and to ensure that all persons enjoy equal opportunities and equal treatment.
People face discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity every day. Our governments seek to combat such discrimination by promoting the human rights of all.
Everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons should be free to enjoy the rights and freedoms to which all individuals everywhere are entitled.
We look forward to a peaceful and safe Solidarity March and continued progress toward equality for all persons in Moldova.

Homosexuality has been legal in Moldova since 1995, but Pride celebrations have been outlawed since 2007.
Last year’s LGBT march was interrupted by counter demonstrators – including Orthodox clergymen – shouting slurs and throwing eggs. The participants only managed to march five blocks before police shut down the event for fear of clashing with the protestors.
In praising Dodon in a TV broadcast last year, Mitropolit Vladimir thanked the politician for repairing the church in his home village and said:

He attends every Sunday service and prays together with Christians.

Meanwhile, right-wing Christian loon Peter “Barbie” LaBarbera, above, has expressed his horror over the fact that, in Macedonia, a rainbow flag was hoisted at the US embassy to mark the the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, & Biphobia. He wrote:

Conservatives who hoped that once Donald Trump became president the US government would stop flying the ‘rainbow flag’ at American embassies abroad, as happened often under former President Obama to mark various LGBTQ events, were disappointed Wednesday.

“Barbie” went on to point out that the pro-family organization Family Research Council objected to the State Department’s renewed pro-LGBTQ advocacy abroad under Trump, including the rainbow flag flying at the US Embassy in “socially conservative Macedonia.”
“It is time for President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to put a stop to the use of taxpayer dollars for this kind of left-wing activism, and focus on more urgent needs in our foreign policy,” wrote FRC President Tony Perkins in his daily “Washington Watch” newsletter, noting, “The Obama administration’s promotion of this agenda abroad reflected woefully misguided priorities.”
“Barbie” added that:

Pro-family advocate Robert Oscar Lopez, director of Texas Mass Resistance, warned Trump about continuing Obama’s brand of international homosexual-transgender advocacy, which alienated citizens in less decadent nations like Kenya and Jamaica.

‘Trump should be careful, because if he confirms all the worst fears about being a liberal, he will lose a lot of evangelical votes on this issue,’ Lopez told LifeSiteNews.

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  • Paul

    I often wonder why the deeply religious are so against LBGT people, and want to cure them, punish them, shun them, harm them, kill them, and see them as abnormal. Is it that the deeply religious are themselves bi-curious, or that they love control of people and their minds, or that they can’t dominate and domineer LBGT people because they are more open minded, free, less restricted and more rational than the deeply religious, and therefore a threat.

  • Club Secretary

    Paul, you are over thinking the matter , the “deeply religious” are just a bunch of wankers.

  • Jenna

    Its because cults such as religions need other groups to outcast, to condemn, to cast as sinners, to nominate as evil, to demonise, to declare unholy, to preach against, to consign to hell. Thats what religion is basically about, to declare a particular set as degenerate, exclude them from the group, and slag them off. Then over time as congregants loose interest in the priestly wailing the priests have to ratchet up the hysteria by declaring the sinners deserving of physical abuse and even death.
    If the priests had nobody to persecute what the fuck else would they do. No … the priests need people to condemn, like you need oxygen. Just imagine how weak their position be if they had nothing to preach against. Religion thrives upon prejudice. Thats it. Simple. Thats why there will be no peace as long as mankind listens to the priests who after all are only in the game because of the power, prestiege, riches and ego stroking thrills they get from lording it over their stupefied exploited beggared slaves. Oh … and they get to dress up in truly outlandish garb which would otherwise attract ridicule and contempt.
    And while I am about it try this thought experiment.
    In your imagination strip away the priestly finery, and all the layers of fancy undergarments. Go on strip that overdressed ponce at the head of the article down to his naked, flaccid, overweight, flabby, fish belly white, hairy, fat rolled ugliness.Just imagine the billowing wobbling acreage of his bare buttocks as he waddles up to the altar. Imagine the pendulous man tits, the bulging overhang of his fat gut and the chaffed hairless inner thighs. Then imagine the sweaty unvisitied crevices between the rolls of blubber. Its not nice is it. But thats the real man beneath the carapace of the opulence. And think on this … apparently god created man in his image. What a great design.

  • Alan Crowe

    Who dresses these fucking fruitcakes? Vivian Westwood?

  • 1859

    Religion is spiritual fascism. And spiritual fascism is fundamentally emotional fascism – all expressions of our tribal past.

  • Cali Ron

    Us vs Them mentality. It’s human nature and it’s ugly. Some humans use their higher reasoning power to overcome these baser inclinations while the religious embrace them. You need an enemy, a “them” to instill fear to control “us”.

  • you all got it wrong.
    the anti-gay issue has noting to do with a religion per se.
    those power hierarchies (the church is an example) often UTILIZE homosexuality for the in-group bonding, thus they oppose the out-group homosexual activity as a breach of their privilege, their monopoly on homosex if you wish. When something is outlawed for the general public and then exceptionally allowed for some very privileged people in the Inner Party — that what makes political power delicious.