FGM practitioners in Michigan face harsh new penalties

FGM practitioners in Michigan face harsh new penalties May 18, 2017

Following the arrest last month of Muslim Dr Jumana Nagarwala, accused of mutilating girls for religious reasons, the Michigan Senate yesterday approved legislation making FGM a state felony.
Doctors who perform the procedure and parents who transport a child to undergo the surgery now face jail sentences of up to 15 years.
A sponsor of the legislation, State Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Rick Jones, above, cited recent expert testimony before his panel describing Michigan as a “hotspot” for female genital mutilation due to its large community of immigrants from countries where such surgery is still routinely performed. He said:

It’s been hidden. But now that we’re aware, we want to make a very strong statement to the world – never again in Michigan.

Genital mutilation of girls, typically involving removal of all or part of the clitoris, is banned by several international treaties but remains a common cultural or religious practice in some African countries, including Somalia, Sudan and Egypt.

Aside from carrying tougher penalties than federal statute, Michigan’s legislation would allow arrests and prosecution by local law enforcement.
It also would close a federal loophole by outlawing transportation of girls under age 18 within state boundaries for purposes of undergoing genital surgery, Jones said. Parents or guardians who bring children to Michigan from abroad or are found to have taken them overseas for such procedures could likewise be charged.
The federal law, enacted in 1996, targets practitioners of female genital mutilation as well as individuals who carry a child across state lines to undergo the procedure.
Jones said female genital mutilation bans have been passed or were under consideration in several other states, including Minnesota and Texas, but he believed Michigan’s would be the toughest.
The World Health Organization has estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone genital mutilation, which can cause lasting health problems.

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  • Paul

    Why not for males as well?

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    We have pretty much the same laws here in the UK & the authorities reckon thousands of young females have this procedure carried out every year. How many prosecutions do you think there have been in the UK?

  • lonborghini

    Evidently mgm is quite acceptable in Michigan. Why no outrage over genital mutilation on defenseless male infants???

  • “large community of immigrants from countries where such surgery is still routinely performed.”
    Canada? France? I just couldn’t begin to guess.
    No, that’s a lie. It’s Muslim nations and everyone knows it is.

  • Laura Roberts

    Completely agree about MGM, but happy they didn’t go the opposite direction. In the current American political climate, I expect all manner of religious brutality to be enshrined in law.

  • L.Long

    When so many states are passing laws to force women to be poked and groped, and examined before a simple procedure, I am surprised they are doing this for the girls!

  • John the Drunkard

    American MGM is rooted in 19th century medical quackery. While Jewish groups will demand exemptions, the general run of routine circumcision is a self-perpetuating superstition, more the fault of John Harvey Kellog than Moses.

  • barriejohn

    I can’t imagine exactly who these immigrants are, either. The following appears on many internet sites, also critical of left wingers and feminists for defending “cultural practices”, and, as Germaine Greer says, “caricaturing Muslims”(!):

  • Lucy

    Huzzah for Michigan

  • Paul

    That’s a shocking news report but good for Ahmed to speak out and call out the shameful apologists. As to G greer and Badham when will these idiotic apologists learn to shut their mouths about Islam being a lovely religion. Their comments of don’t anyone dare say anything about Islam are particularly reprehensible. Give a lie 24 hours head start and it will take 100 years to overcome it.
    If Islam is such a great religion with the one true last prophet (if he existed – the paedophile genocidal maniac) and the one true gawd – how is it that the female clitorus etc needs to be cut off.

  • 1859

    It needs to be cut off because it is an object of terror! It just might turn out to be as important as a prepuce. And it makes women wild and uncontrollable – and what would the sky fairy say about having heaven full of red-tipped clitorises rampaging through the clouds – come on guys, get real!

  • Lucy

    Anyone seen ‘the book of Mormon’, the musical? It explains it all very well, with songs.

  • John

    If these jackasses believe the story of Adam and Eve then they should conclude – along with their “god” – that all born human beings are “good”.
    Why do they believe they have any authority to tamper with their own “god”‘s creation – as perceive it?
    Are they actually criticising the work of their “god”?
    Do they know better than him/her/it what is best?