Idiots of the week: Matt Archbold and Andy Burnham

Idiots of the week: Matt Archbold and Andy Burnham May 25, 2017

Archbold, a Catholic commentator, and Burnham, the Mayor of Manchester, qualify for this spot for observations made about atheism and Islam.
Archbold, writing for the National Catholic Register at the weekend, boldly declared:

Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever, and I Can Prove It.

Among this twerp’s “8 Reasons Christianity is Cooler than Atheism” is that:

Religious people live longer, happier lives, according to numerous scientific studies. 


Atheists have less children and that probably means … well you probably know what that means since you’re all about SCIENCE! Once again, to sum up, you’ll be miserable, have a shorter life, and quite likely less sex than your religious counterparts. And you thought atheism was cool? Reconsider and repent ye fools. Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life.
Left unsaid, is that He’s totally cooler than Richard Dawkins!

Archbold then juxtaposes an unflattering photo of Dawkins (“This is an extreme atheist”)  with a sweet shot of the despicable Mother Teresa with an infant  (“This is an extreme Christian”.)
Burnham makes this spot for saying that Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi was “not a Muslim“.
Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, he said:

The message that I would want to get over – and this is how the vast majority of people feel – this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake (Burnham report).

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  • RussellW

    Salman Abedi was a Muslim terrorist. Mohammed would have approved.
    I wonder if politicians actually believe such verbal diarrhoea or that they’re being sensitive to ‘community relations’. The political elites in Western democracies can’t really admit to the public that violence is inherent in Islam and that the ideology has been spread by the sword since its invention in the 7th century.

  • 1859

    This is Orwell’s ‘doublespeak’ – ‘Love is hate’ etc. To claim Abedi was not a muslim is so self-deluded it raises serious questions about Mr. Burnham ‘s intelligence. Of course, we can see straight through his sickening act of deception – ‘No, he was not a muslim because islam is the religion of peace and all muslims believe in peace and tolerance, so he can’t have been a ‘real’ muslim’. Wrong Mr. Burnham , Abedi was without doubt a muslim and was probably brainwashed and pushed far inside the black box of rigid fundamentalism to become a muslim terrorist. In stating otherwise you are simply volunteering for self-imposed blindness.

  • Gui

    RusselW: sums to this absurd the fact that you have muslims theocracies occupying Human Rights organs in the UN and some of them being awqard deemed as allies against the same terror it aids to foster.

  • Robster

    Both these very silly people, as adult men are quite pleased to believe in a magic sky fairy and by default a naughty ground fairy too. This means their thoughts on anything, from their edible deity to matters of morality are irrelevant, silly, almost evil and best filed under Utterances best ignored.

  • Mayor Burnham is likely correct. Any number of young suicide bombers who attend mosques and memorize the Quran are actually Shinto, or Jews, or Presbyterian, or what have you.
    Or perhaps Mayor Burnham was misquoted. Or he said something that was… mistaken.
    I know where I’d put my money.

  • Diesel Balaam

    Andy Burhham is a socialist politician and therefore he is bound to try and smooth over the fact that it was the disastrous immigration and asylum policies of the last 20 years, by governments he served in, that allowed filth like the Abedi family to settle here in such vast numbers. Not that the Conservatives have done much to stem the tide of unwelcome Muslim migrants. Personally, I agree with Colonel Kemp – round up the 3000 known jihadi’s on our streets, let senior judges assess the evidence against them, then deport non-UK nationals, impose internment for those who have wangled themselves UK citizenship or who were born here, ban any further Sunni Muslim immigration into our country. As for the mascara-wearing Andy Burnham and the whining cowardly Corbyn, let’s make sure they and all the socialists get a good electoral kicking on June 8th.

  • barriejohn

    You can make any religion say just what you want it to say, and no one can contradict you, because there are no gods, no “absolutes”, and no infallible, inspired “revelations”.
    The people who figure in the following link are no doubt very sincere, but totally misguided. If they are free to rewrite the Koran so that it reflects enlightened, liberal, twenty-first century values, can’t they see that there is therefore no reason why the fanatics shouldn’t use the same collection of writings to justify their own warped view of the world, and of western society in particular?
    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

  • Paul

    This BBC news report shows how big is the problem of apologising for Islam and making out it’s all a nice wolly safe religion.
    This man says he was given a leaflet at the same mosque the evil murder was at, and the leaflet states clearly that British culture is at odds with Islam, unsurprisingly the headscarf woman says she has been at this mosque for years and the leaflet isn’t official. Dimblebore the moron shuts him down and people applaud this foul mouthed woman.its a FACT the man was given that at the mosque and they ignore him and seem to me to agree with her more / what the f*** is wrong with people. Islam is a polarising and dangerous religion and we agree with their stupidity st our peril.
    I feel for the man / being ignored.

  • denis.craik

    … how many children did Mother Teresa have?

  • barriejohn

    You’ve got to laugh at that poor woman claiming that the Didsbury Mosque “welcomes women” every week; only if they wear a hood, and use a separate prayer hall and ablution area to the men.
    Take a look at their Imam:
    He’s memorized the fucking Koran!

  • barriejohn

    @denis.craik: I’m not too sure about that, but the RC priests have had thousands of them.

  • andym
    Not actually Cohen’s best writing, but even below-par Cohen is worth reading.

  • Stephen Mynett

    None herself but she and her kind are responsible for millions of children who die of disease and malnutrition because they refuse to educate their parents.

  • Paul

    Absolutely correct.
    She didn’t say she was an official at the mosque but stated the leaflet given to the chap at the mosque wasn’t official / how does she know ? She doesn’t. And Dimblebore immediately repeated her statement and he has no clue whatsoever / absolutely disgraceful of him. What a moron.
    Moreover as a woman she has no place at that mosque because she’s a woman.
    Does she pray with men? If it why not?
    Does she mingle at the mosque with men – I doubt that.

  • Brian Jordan

    I think we can be pretty sure that Salman Abedi was no True Scotsman either.

  • Jenna

    This specious claim is wrong wrong wrong.
    “The message that I would want to get over – and this is how the vast majority of people feel – this man was a terrorist, not a Muslim”.
    The vast majority of people don’t think that at all. In fact the vast majority of people actually KNOW the exact opposite.
    And before the fact was confirmed everyone was conviced that he was a muslim.
    And how dare Burham assume he can speak for everyone else. He is not qualified to do so either morally, intellectually or from authority. He is a mere politician and that means he will say whatever is convenient for him at any given time.
    The murderous shitehawk was a muslim. There is no doubt about that. It is a confirmed fact. He was a muslim. He was a footsoldier of islam.
    And a huge amount of muslims claim him as their own great martyred slayer of kuffars. They claim him as a model of a good muslim doing what he was inspired to do by islamic dogma and egged on to do by islamofacist slime balls lurking in mosques, hiding behind internet firewalls, covering their tracks with encrypted messages on social media and brazenly walking the streets in plain view posing as victims of islamophobics.
    And he was doing what is written in his filthy book of hate and repression. He was doing what many imams and their acolytes told him to do. Kill infidels and get a fast track to an eternal life of well earned debauchery and hedonistic pleasure that is forbidden in this miserable existence.
    Everyone knows that religion dangerous and divisive … but many will not admit it. And islam is the most dangerous and divisive because it gives its adherents license to kill on a whim as a direct instuction written in their hateful book. And our politicians are too scared to say so.
    Muslims cannot get their religion sorted out. If they have tried they have failed. But I am not convinced they have even tried. Many muslims, like the ones who sit by you on the bus, who study in the same college as you, who shop in tesco and adsa and sainbury as you do, who live in the same street as you ache, they ache, for the day that the world is wholly islamified. They ache for kuffars to bend the knee to allah. To submit to the will of allah.
    I agree with Corbyn, and this is the only point of agreement I have with him, that it was a big mistake to interfere in Middle Eastern and Northern Africa affairs. The only glue that held places like Iraq and Libya together was extreme dictatorships of Sadam and Gadaffi. The populations only respected the fact that they had tow the line and do what they are told. Could those places be in any worse state than they are now with bands of conflicting warlords and mobsters roaming the ruined piles of broken brick and concrete?
    I say keep out and let the islamic world fight it out between themselves … let Shite murder Shia … murder followers of whatever other fucking strain of evil exists in those regions. And when everything is busted up broken and shattered and the remaining people are reduced to total despair will they come to the conclusion that the struggle is not worth it. Only then will peace come to them and to the civilised world.

  • Bart

    Burham is wrong. Actually, he lied, out of convenience.

  • Paul

    I would recommend a listen to the radio where burnham makes that claim. It’s very interesting for his immediate suspicious ‘this is not a muslim’ point and by it he is openly specious, devious and facile.
    The presenter quite rightly points out he didn’t make any reference to ‘Muslim’ in his question, and burnham shoes what a decidedly decitful person he is, because he then states that the man that murdered Joe Cox no more represents the white Christian community, a cheap shot actually, because every single Muslim atrocity has one overidng factor behind it – that these people act the way they do for and because of islam.

  • John the Drunkard

    What would happen if the apologists spent even 10% of their efforts trying to convince actual Muslims of the notion of a ‘religion of peace?’
    A) they might have some tiny influence for the good
    B) they’d end up with their throats cut, or tossed off of buildings.
    So its much safer trying to convince the rest of us to shut up and obey the caliphate.

  • Stuart H.

    I don’t get it. Is he suggesting that Mother Theresa had an active sex life?
    And using Burnham’s logic should we now just say that the aforementioned Poison Dwarf was a moneygrubbing sadist, not a Christian?