Muslim Council of Britain chief condemns Manchester atrocity

Muslim Council of Britain chief condemns Manchester atrocity May 23, 2017

In the wake of last night’s terrorist attack which killed 22, including children, and injured 59,  Harun Khan, above, General Secretary of  the Muslim Council of Britain said:

May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next.

According to this report, at least 22 people, including children, were killed and 59 injured after fans were attacked leaving the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert last night.
The attack took place at the Manchester Arena last night at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. Grande is an American singer and actress. She abandoned her Catholic faith during Pope Ratzinger’s reign because of his homophobia and is now a dedicated gay rights campaigner.
While the identity of the attacker – who died in the blast – has not yet been made public, a top counter-terror expert says the attack was “absolutely jihadi” in nature.
Khan said today:

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
This is horrific, this is criminal. May the perpetrators face the full weight of justice both in this life and the next. I pay tribute to the police and emergency services who have worked valiantly to save lives last night.They were helped by civilians who rushed in to offer their support.
I urge all those in the region and around the country to pool together to support those affected.

No terror organisations have yet claimed responsibility for the atrocity.
Former MoD counter-terror boss Major General Chip Chapman told Sky News today:

The suicide bomb aspect shows that this is absolutely jihadi, Islamist terrorism.

Another expert, former National Counter Terrorism Office member Lee Dodderidge told Radio 5 Live the attack:

Appeared to have taken quite a considerable amount of planning.

Meanwhile, it’s reported here that Daily Mail journalist, Katie Hopkins, above, has been reported to police for calling for a “final solution” in a tweet following the attack.

The columnist swiftly deleted the tweet, which “echoed the Nazi term for the Holocaust”, amid widespread condemnation for the “despicable” post.
The tweet was deleted and replaced with one reading “true solution”, but critics are calling for Hopkins to be fired by Mail Online and LBC radio.
Hopkins has been reported to the Metropolitan Police over the tweet, which was part of a longer anti-Muslim tirade, but the force said it was too early to confirm whether an investigation would be launched.

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  • Jenna

    What a fool. Or maybe a specious guttersnipe. There is no next life. There is no paradise for martyrs, or evil shitehawk failures or anybody else. Islam promises FAST TRACK teleportation to paradise to those prepared to kill in the name of islamic jihad.
    The loon has put his finger right on the problem … the promise to failed looser sexually crippled jihadists of a life of debauchery and hedonistic pleasure is the detonator. That is the message of the death cult, the religion of peace, the foul dogma of mo ham head. I revile religions but I hold a special contemp for islam.

  • Gui

    And now just wait for the “this is not Islam related, it’s a religion of peace” crowd appear with their excuses.

  • Michael Glass

    Good on the Muslim Council of Britain for condemning this atrocity. So they should.

  • Great Satan

    Hollow words from the Muslim Council of Britain – we never wanted the adherents to this evil ideology in our country to begin with.

  • Angela_K

    “…prayers for the victims” what good is that – nothing. On Radio 4’s Today programme they dragged out the some Bishop to utter similar revolting and patronising platitudes. When will these idiots get the message that religion is at the heart of the problem. I agree with Hopkins about a final solution, not her suggestion, but the need to remove all of religions protections, privilege and interference in public life, no religious schools, no segregated schools and no halal or kosher.

  • Rob Andrews

    @Great Satan:
    Right! What else could he say. Just remaining silent would have gotten him a lot of criticism. Who knows what he really feels.
    This kind of thing has been going on for decades now–if you go back to 9/11. No body has any long term solutions to this at all.

  • Club Secretary

    The security services are about to give out the name of the suicide bomber.
    Why do we need to know his name, would it not be better to withhold it and hence deny him his “glory”.

  • Paul

    And it’s a ……
    No Let’s not jump to conclusions that’s he’s a mu…..
    Ahhhh and the terrorist is a muslim.

  • L.Long

    I wont hold my breath waiting for the LIAR4isLame to remove the ‘kill everyone’ out of their book o’BS!
    The main difference between this moderate hypocrite and the true believers is the true believer is ‘in your face violence’ rather then the ‘knife in your back’ this dude does!

    But of course it was praised by Muslims. But of course it was committed by a Muslim…
    But of course the problem is Islam. And for several thousand years, Islam has demonstrated itself incapable of cleaning its own house.
    I advocate reasoned debate and pointed mockery of Islam. The violence I leave to the experts.

  • Paul

    Yes and here it is / it must be true right ?
    That’s why he blew himself up and killed children and young teenagers / he is so full of love tolerance peace and respect.
    Fawaz Haffar said Abedi’s father used to perform the call for prayer at the mosque, and one of his brothers had been a volunteer there.
    “We make sure they preach the true Islam, the modern Islam, that preaches love to each other, peace and harmony,” he added.

  • RussellW

    No more bullshit about the ‘peaceful majority’, all it takes is one Muslim and one suicide vest.
    Yes, I’m waiting for the “Muslims fear backlash’ outbreak of verbal diarrhoea.

  • 1859

    I hope this suicide bomber’s 74 virgins each turn out to be a Medusa.
    I hate to say this but after these attacks I’m beginning to find the string of outraged, greasy platitudes from the politicians and commentators more and more stupid, more and more meaningless. I know they have to do it – express shock and horror etc., – but they never have the courage to say openly what is blatantly so, so obvious – that religion is an evil that has been used for thousands of years to justify bloodshed and is still doing so. You don’t need a religion to be a good person, but you sure as hell need a religion to execute evil.

  • tonye

    The usual, limp, arse covering response from the MCB.
    If he truly gave a fuck he will be condemning these acts constantly and not just in the aftermath.
    Cue appeasement by politicians.

  • Michael Glass

    The Bible says, “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.” Psalm 137:9
    Does the Koran say anything similar?

  • Dave

    Salman Abedi must have been a true Muslim. Before he detonated his bomb he would have prayed to Allah to cause as much death, injury and destruction as possible, and Allah clearly answered his prayers. Either that, or Allah doesn’t exist. Q.E.D.

  • Laura Roberts

    I realise the security services need a convenient term, but in general I wish people would stop calling these deluded little cowards “terrorists”.

  • barriejohn

    Be very afraid. The Daily Mail editorial today is blaming this atrocity on “liberal weakness” and “Nick Clegg’s hand-wringing over civil liberties”. “Tax avoiding social media giants” are in their line of fire as well (no threat to the Daily Mail & General Trust, of course), and none of this will be lost on Theresa May (being compared to Margaret Thatcher post 9/11 in the same editorial) and Conservative MPs!

  • John the Drunkard

    So glad that our ‘thoughts and prayers’ deficit has been corrected. With just as much effect as all the ‘thoughts and prayers’ he churned out before the killing.
    If we can’t address the evil heart of Islam, how can we rescue our civilization from the evils of right-wing Xtians?

  • Stonyground

    Michael Glass:
    “Does the Koran say anything similar?”
    Indeed it does Michael. It has reams and reams of hate filled rants condemning what it refers to as ‘The Unbelievers’ and instructing the true followers of Allah to either subjugate them, forcibly convert them or slaughter them on mass. It is a pretty revolting book, it is also tedious, repetitive, self contradicting and stupid.

  • 1859

    This murderous cretin was born in the UK, went to school in the UK and probably imbibed the culture to some degree, but he was ‘turned’ into someone prepared to commit indiscriminate murder. What chills me is that in the shadows are all those sick men who must have ‘turned’ this young man into the unthinking menial he became. They did not carry the bomb. They are still out there, unharmed, no doubt gloating over their success, keeping their heads down, covering their tracks…..until the next time they find a fool to shit on the world.