OMG! Poundland's promotional sticker upsets devout Christian

OMG! Poundland's promotional sticker upsets devout Christian May 7, 2017

Committed Christian Lizette Franklin, inset above, went into a state of shock when she clapped eyes on a ‘revolting’ OMG! promotion at her local branch of Poundland  – and has vowed never patronise the store again until the the signs are removed.
According to this report, Franklin, a South African now living in Kinross, Scotland, was “absolutely disgusted and appalled” when she headed into Poundland’s Dunfermline branch, and assumed that OMG! was short for “Oh My God!”
However, the retail giant stressed the campaign was in fact an acronym for “Oh My Goodness!” A spokesperson for Poundland said:

We can assure her we have no intention to cause any upset with our ‘Oh My Goodness’ signage. While we know ‘OMG’ is in common use – especially online –  and people differ on what it stands for, our overall intention is to surprise and delight customers with the amazing value we offer.

Franklin isn’t buying it. She said:

To me it expresses the name of the Lord and can be taken as disrespectful. If it was to mean Oh My Goodness they should have written it out.

She said she will boycott what is still one of her favourite shops until the offending campaign ends. She estimated she has spent a minimum of £100 every month for the last three years at the branch.

I am an absolute fan of the store. But when I saw this I was really in shock. It was as if the name of the Lord has been made fun of and disrespected all over the store. It is as if the name of the Lord was being used in vain to promote prices and this is revolting to say the least.
This is disrespectful to us as Christians and should be removed at once.

A while back got her pretty little Christian knickers in a twist when she saw a man strip naked on a beach before donning a diving suit. She recounted her experience on her Facebook page in June 2014. When a friend pointed out that Brighton, on the south coast of England, had a nudist beach, she replied:

Dont think we wil go there,,, little white soft winkies isnt really my idea of attraction. ….hahaha.

Having been an regular at the beach every summer for the eight years I lived in Brighton I can assure Ms Franklin that the “winkies” on display weren’t all white – and certainly not all “little”.
Speaking of offended South African Christians, back in 2011, a deodorant ad featuring angels ran into trouble with the country’s Advertising Standards Authority, which banned it.
The advertisement for Axe deodorant (known as Lynx in Britain) features winged, attractive women crashing to earth in an Italian town.
The scantily-clad women are then drawn towards a seemingly unremarkable man preparing to get on a moped. They regard their quarry lasciviously while sniffing the air before one by one smashing their halos and advancing towards him.

A voice-over says:

Excite, the new fragrance from Axe. Even angels will fall.

A viewer who complained to the ASA) said the suggestion that God’s messengers would literally fall for a mortal because of a deodorant was incompatible with his belief as a Christian.

The ASA agreed, and ordered Unilever SA, which sells the product, to withdraw the TV commercial.
The ASA said that the angels themselves were not a problem, but:

They are seen to forfeit, or perhaps forego their heavenly status for mortal desires. This is something that would likely offend Christians in the same manner as it offended the complainant.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Poundland report)

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