Orthodox Church flexes its muscles in Russian Parliament

Orthodox Church flexes its muscles in Russian Parliament May 22, 2017

It’s become increasingly obvious over the past few years that the Orthodox Church has been driving Russia towards a virulent form of Christian fundamentalism.
Now it even has a presence in the lower house of the Russian Parliament – the Duma – in the form of the Commission for the Protection of Christian Values that last week called for a total ban on abortion.
Archimandrite Theothilactes, attending the first session of the Commission in the newly-elected State Duma, said that certain Russian laws needed urgent changes.
First, abortion. This, he demanded:

Must be made equal to murder.

Second, child cruelty. The cleric lamented the fact that Russia has a law that forbids parents to use violence against their children. This, he insisted, contradicts Holy Scripture.

We should not allow any bans on traditional upbringing in a Christian family, any attempts to make children equal to parents. We need to introduce amendments to this law.

The lower house working group for the protection of Christian values unites 46 MPs from various parliamentary factions. Its main purpose is to evaluate current Russian laws in the context of “Christian values”, and to initiate new bills to serve this purpose.
Abortion is currently fully legal in Russia, but in recent years conservative politicians, together with religious figures, have made repeated attempts to change this.
In May 2015, MPs representing the parliamentary majority United Russia party and the center-left opposition Fair Russia party drafted a bill that would limit state insurance payments for abortions, ban private clinics from performing them, and allow women to buy morning-after pills only on prescription after an obligatory health check.
The lawmakers also proposed that any woman seeking an abortion should undergo an ultrasound scan of her womb, because:

According to statistics, up to 80 percent of them refuse to have the abortion when they see their child on the screen.

Kirill addressing the State Duma
In January 2015, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, delivered his first-ever address to the State Duma, in which he called on MPs to begin a campaign against abortion, with a view to a total nationwide ban. He also criticised surrogacy and urged lawmakers to take steps to replace it with adoption.
In January this year, the State Duma passed a controversial bill on domestic altercations that some in the media described as the “legalisation of domestic violence.
The bill reduced responsibility for first-time domestic violence to an administrative offence (punished with fines or up to 15 days in custody), but still allows for repeated cases or violence that leads to bodily harm to be prosecuted under the Criminal Code.

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  • barriejohn

    Archimandrite Theothilactes = I am the cloth-eared Antichrist!

  • Jenna

    And he look like a prick too.

  • this is minor relative to the achievements of the church in criminal courts! google “SOKOLOVSKY” — the guy was convicted (quote): “he denied the existence of Christ and Mohammed thus violated the article 148 of the russian criminal code”

  • L.Long

    The only values xtians have, are the ones that need to be thrown out!!!! And ignored!

  • Paul

    Is he wearing his £100,000 watch, or has he hidden it with his sleeve, or is it airbrushed out?

  • He went on to say that the church would adopt every child without parents.
    No, no he didn’t. He altruistically volunteered other people and the state to do his good deeds for him.

  • Cali Ron

    The condom on his head seems to have a french tickler on the end. Putey is going to be pissed off about that. No self respecting Russian would be caught dead with a french tickler on his head. Russian men are so virile they don’t wear shirts (and it’s cold in Russia) and they don’t need France’s help raping their women. They have the clergy for that.

  • Paul

    Any news yet on the name of the evil ATHIEST that carried out the atrocity on children in Manchester ?
    Shame. How sad.

  • > He went on to say that the church would adopt every child without parents.
    he very likely could, and there would be no other interpretation but the most sinister a man can imagine.
    let’s diverge a little:
    not so long ago the russian church “passed” the law that prohibits exhumation on the church owned burial grounds.
    then they made a highly charitable move: they allow burial of homeless children on the church owned burial grounds “free of charge”
    and now they push for the abortion prohibition that will inevitably drive the children price down.
    are you capable of putting this puzzle together?

  • barriejohn

    Eugene Panferov: Barry did cover that shocking story (“SOKOLOVSKY”) on a couple of earlier threads.

  • StephenJP

    Kirill already has plenty of blood on his hands through his support for Putin over Chechnya etc. Yet the CofE thought it a good idea to invite him to the UK last year to celebrate some mythical faith-based connection. They even forced the Queen to shake hands with him (I hope she was wearing gloves). And he had the bad manners to criticise his hosts for their attitude to gays (not that the CofE is exactly a shining beacon of liberalism itself). Yet you can bet that the CofE won’t have a bad thing to say about him. He’s another person of faith, you see, and that’s all that matters.

  • 1859

    A man who walks around with a lightening conductor on his head surely has a death wish, or at the very least mental health issues.
    Theocracies practice religious fascism – the idea that they ‘liberate’ people is dumb.