Catholic comedian's big gay day out attracts criticism

Catholic comedian's big gay day out attracts criticism June 27, 2017

Yesterday, LifeSiteNews published a bunch of contact details for US comedian Jim Gaffigan, above.
To what end?
The right-wing site apparently wants its readers to let Gaffigan know – in a “respectful” manner, of course – that it’s not OK to attend a Gay Pride Parade with one’s family.
And Gaffigan, a popular Catholic entertainer, has a large family: five kids to be precise – and he and his wife Jeannie let it be known via social media that they all had a marvelous time attending New York’s Gay Pride Parade over the weekend.
He even tweeted on Sunday:

I’m so proud of my gay kids. Happy #pride2017 #pridenyc,

Writing for LifeSiteNews, Pete Baklinski, said that faithful Catholics who love laughing at Jim Gaffigan will be “disappointed” by the Gaffigans’ Pride attendance, and pointed out that:

Even Gaffigan’s wife Jeannie used social media to showcase her family watching the homosexual parade go by. ‘Mom? Is everyone in New York City gay?’ her kids asked her.

Baklinski added:

Gaffigan, a graduate of Jesuit-run Georgetown University, is often trotted out by the Catholic world as a comedian who ‘brings Catholicism to the masses’ through his gift of humor.
Best known for his family-friendly routines on bacon, McDonald’s fries, and bowling, Gaffigan will also get laughs for his jokes about being a Catholic parent with five kids.
Gaffigan, who is 51, has often been praised by Catholics for his frank adherence to Catholic teaching against contraception. 
But there is a side to Gaffigan’s Catholicism that does not square with Catholic teaching. And that’s his take on sexuality. 

What follows is a tired old rant about the Catholic Church’s teaching that homosexuality is an “act of grave depravity” and is “intrinsically disordered”.
Despite the Church’s hardline stance towards homosexuality, in 2015 Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie produced The Jim Gaffigan Show which featured “an active gay character”, played by Michael Ian Black, whose attraction to and sexual involvement with other men is portrayed as normal and healthy.

In the show, the gay character is constantly hitting on other men, often asking them out to lunch as he jokes about condoms and oral sex.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Jim Gaffigan by phone and email, asking him if he thinks Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality “should change, but did not receive a response by press time”.

No doubt in a bid to put pressure on Gaffigan to stop being so damned gay friendly, Baklinski gave out all the comedian’s contact details, including that of his manager.

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  • Some people are worried that Muslims are killing Christians in the Middle East. Sounds like this magazine has their priorities as well, and devoted their resources to scolding a family for going to a parade. What moral courage! What ethical insight! A slow clap of the hands.

  • Bart

    Five kids? Now thats plain disgraceful in terms of the stresses on the planet. But thereby the catholic church secures the fodder for procreation of its dogma. The only purpose of declaring protected sex, same sex relationships and masturbation sinful is to outbreed those of other religions and none. Doesn’t matter a toss if Aids is spread like wildfire, doesn’t matter a toss about overpopulation and poverty, doesn’t matter a toss as long as the catholic baby machine keeps squeezing out millions of future stupfied faithful catholic congregants. I mean how else can the oppulence and power of the vatican be guaranteed?

  • L.Long

    Catlicks…a group of bigots that declare mixed fabrics & Shrimp are OK, because jesus fulfilled the OT, but not for gays!!! Pure hypocrisy!!!

  • David Anderson

    Catholic comedian? Nothing is funny about the Catholic churh.
    (I know, I know.)

  • norman ravitch

    The Catholic church invented thought control. It is time for Catholics to revolt. I have revolted by leaving all those Catholic/Christian fairy tales, but for those not ready to chuck it all you can at least tell the priests that they are full of shit. They don’t belief the baloney they preach anyway.

  • 1859

    If this guy’s ‘jokes’ are as described above I find it quite nauseating the constant, boring association –>’LGBT people are all about sex, sex, sex – ain’t they?’ LGBT people are just people with every right to whatever fucking relationship they want – just like every other group of people on this planet. It’s called love and love has no gender. Only unevolved troglodytes still think love exists between well-defined barriers – limits set, of course, by some ancient religious bull shit.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    ” It is time for Catholics to revolt.”
    I think they’re revolting already !

  • Peter Sykes

    “It’s called love and love has no gender.”
    Very good, I’m pinching that for my quote file…

  • Cali Ron

    CostalMaineBird: BOOM! LOL

  • cult-free

    These uber-Catholics are intolerant and merciless when it comes to anyone straying from the rule book. I wonder if their lives and families could stand up under scrutiny. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • norman ravitch

    Traditionalist Catholics created Fascism and they are among the worst Fascists.