Muslims in India riot over 'blasphemous' underpants

Muslims in India riot over 'blasphemous' underpants June 13, 2017

AT least nine people, including five policemen, were injured after violent protests erupted in different areas of Srinagar, India, when news spread through the city that the “sacred” Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem had been printed on underwear.
The structure on the garment turned out to be an historic cathedral in Italy.
Police said they have identified the culprits who spread the rumours, leading to widespread law and order problem in the city. The trouble started in Nowhatta market after some people spotted a brown-coloured sketch of a building covered by a huge dome on underwear.

The Srinagar report prompted us to digitally create this pair of ‘blasphemous’ briefs featuring the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the iconic Mobomb cartoon
Some people mistook the structure as that of the mosque. Soon the residents in Nowhatta and adjoining localities of the old city started gathering and protesting against the “blasphemous underwear”.
Pramfuls of protesters, according to this report, began rallying on the streets of old city – then used the opportunity to raise anti-Israel slogans.
Wailed one protester

This sketch is sacrilegious. We can’t tolerate such acts.

Then all hell broke loose when the protesters began rioting and throwing stones. Police men responded with canes and smoke canisters. Three people were injured as the clashes soon spread to other areas.
Srinagar police official, Javed Reyaz Bedar said:

There was no blasphemy. The underwear bored imprints of some building. The law and order problem was handiwork of rumour mongers. We have identified them.

According to a press statement issued by police in the evening:

The underwear garment in question was produced and examined. It was found that it carries sketches of various buildings on it which resemble places like Big Ben in London, St Paul’s Cathedral and other places.

No sketch has any likeness to any Muslim religious place or building. The attempt to create tension in the society is a deliberate move to disturb the situation by indulging in blasphemous rumors. The general public is advised to remain calm and caution against such elements.

Update: On June 12, 2017 – more than seven years after this item was published – the Freethinker received notification from an outfit based in Birmingham, England, ordering us to remove it as it was “blasphemous”. Treequlhaq said in an email:

Remove this Content From Your Website Because, This URL contains blasphemous Textual, Link and Porn cartoon against Holy Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon Him) and Islam.

The email was accompanied by this screenshot:

“Treacle Hack”, which was apparently set up to sniff out “blasphemous” content on the Internet, received the following response from me:

Thank you for drawing my attention to that link. Rather than remove it, I have merely updated it with a better headline and intro photo. As we neither recognise the concept of blasphemy nor the sacredness of mythical prophets or gods, we will not remove any posts that you regard as ‘blasphemous’.
Please do not bother us again with your ridiculous demands.

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  • I think it’s a fitting place for the image.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I want a pair of mobomb undies so that I can really shit on mohamed!
    These people need to grow up and stop getting so uptight about such nonsense.

  • Ah, Muslims, you can always count on them to go apeshit crazy if they even THINK something isn’t going their way. Still though, they have brought world attention to this and now… someone is going to take this idea and start making underwear with the Al Aqsa mosque on the bum.

  • Ivan

    “….sketch of a building covered by a huge dome on underwear.”
    On my underware, that would be a sketch of a building covering a huge dome.
    Big Ben indeed……
    *picks up coat and leaves*

  • AngieRS

    Hmm, no smoke without pyre, I always say. Got to watch these dammed westerners.

  • Broadsword

    Does this mean I can’t buy a souvenir tea towel depicting all the attractions if I’m ever brave enough to visit a muzzie country? There’s no point in going then.
    I’d like to modify Graham’s shitted underpants theme and suggest Al Aqsa, Mo or Mecca nappies. Not only will they get regularly soiled but will fly like flags on the line every washday.

  • Stuart H.

    Apologies for jumping this thread on another topic, but as I pick up the regional TV for Cumbria thought Freethinkers should know something about the Cumbria shootings, churches and bandwagon-jumping, especially if they’ve seen coverage which suggests local churches are playing a vital role with the consent of the victims and community.
    There’s a profile of all the known victims by BBC Cumbria at With the exception of one elderly couple, James and Jennifer Jackson, who were involved in their church parish council, not one victim is identified by their families or friends as regular church goers or people to whom religion was important.
    Furthermore, the family of at least one, Michael Pike, specifically said on both BBC and Border ITV interviews they intend to celebrate his life, not mourn his death, and have no use for or interest in the faith-based irrelevance now taking place as he would have found the whole idea of having his ‘soul’ prayed for ludicrous.
    In fact, Jude Talbot, his daughter, said to the Beeb: “That’s the sort of person he was, he was a humanist, he thoroughly believed that we should celebrate life, not rake over coals. So that’s what we are doing, we are focusing on my father and the happy times we’ve had with him.”
    She said something similar to Border, but it was cut to something less specific about him still being around, literally, through all the work he’d done on the family house and garden. An ex-shipbuilder who went on to work at Sellafield, trade-union organiser and mature Open Uni graduate, he sounded like a great guy to call friend or relative.
    Which is why the misapropriation of his identity and misrepresentation of his beliefs, along with those of all the other victims, for numerous ‘memorial services’ over the weekend and into this week, without(and in his specific case against) family wishes is another crime we should add to those chalked up by churches.

  • Broadsword

    @Stuart H
    Your point about about bandwagons is important. I thought those awful events in Cumbria were about one man’s mental illness, the people he killed and their grieving families. The BBC has allowed the church to elbow it’s way to the front of a news item where it has no place. The Xians are cynical, callous and calculating, thriving on other people’s grief. They’re adept at spotting a person at their lowest ebb when their more receptive to their god-bollocks. You see it when they “altruistically help” alkys and druggies.

  • Har Davids

    Shouldn’t we as Westerners feel insulted by depicting St Paul’s Cathedral on a pair of underpants? Even I, an atheist, feel the urge to riot about this slight for our cultural heritage. This building might have meant something to my ancestors, had they been British and C of E! What am I to do now?

  • barriejohn

    When I was at college in Lancashire in the 60s, and attended one of the local Brethren churches, we were regaled every Sunday morning with an account by one of the elders (a prominent local businessman – natch – but quite “thick”) of how he had been working early that morning amongst the “Droog Ad-ICTS” in Manchester, as if that had any relevance to the rest of us! I doubt whether any of them wanted anything more than a free cup of tea, and possibly some money for their next fix, but he was on a massive ego-trip over it all. As if he had anything in common with THEM! The media, too, just wallow in human tragedy. You can almost sense the newsreaders wetting their knickers whenever a story like these murders “breaks”. And as for the ostentatious show of “sensitivity” by cancelling practically your whole week’s planned programmes over it, well, words fail me. How long before we have a Twenty-Four Hour Silence in this country over all the tragedies that have taken place all over the globe? I would strongly advise any school leavers to go into the florist’s trade today if they want to make money. My friends used to watch Sky News when that Holly and Jessica business took place, and they reported on it pretty well continuously for weeks, with only a nod towards any real news that might crop up. I believe the reporter was the late James Forlong – a man who could talk for England – and, although his suicide was a tragedy, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to learn that he had been making things up!

  • barriejohn

    Getting back to the subject (now there’s a novelty!): I own some pretty blasphemous underwear myself. Better be careful who sees them or there might well be a riot!
    I shall endeavour to “remain calm”.

  • barriejohn

    Barry: I wonder what a roll of Mobomb toilet paper might look like? I’m sure it would be a popular line, and just the thing for explosive diarrhoea!

  • barriejohn
  • sailor1031

    I wonder how much time muslims spend practising for these spontaneous demonstrations – they’ve got it down to an art all over the world! Is that what they really do at the mosque on fridays? I didn’t see any pictures of protest boy though; maybe he’s on holiday this week?

  • AngieRS

    Good point, Stuart H, I was hoping to see something of that on these pages. Particularly the bit where some twat in pink said people have asked where god was during all this. His answer was he was there and is here now. Well, fuck me, that’s a relief to know that their god was there and did fuck all twice to help.

  • Broadsword

    I’m still stunned an everyday item, a pair of pants, is the cause of a citywide riot. What’ll it be next time? Teletubbies, water wings, dead cats or lawn mowers?
    I’ve seen the sort of toilet paper you describe printed with the faces of politians and there was a firm that would print off bespoke designs but I forget who they were. If MoRoll were produced it would amuse me if his likeness had its tongue sticking out.

  • Another reason for wearing the mormon magic underpants… 😉

  • gsw

    Any excuse for a riot – the more that the media/politicians/do-gooders believe that these poor misunderstood victims are ‘offended’ the more concessions they are willing to make.
    I too am willing to give a 3 y.o. a lollypop when it has hurt its knee. However, it is time that these people were told to just shut up and grow up.
    No matter who started the rumour – paint guns with indelible ink should be used by the police to mark every single rioter.
    Then fine every single one and enforce repairs and rebuilding as part of their community service. I also suggest the use of indelible ink in paint guns for the British constabulary. Perhaps in different colours? After the 3rd. arrest – deportation to a more ‘sensitive’ political system – like shari’ah – here they will not be so offended by freedom.

  • Kooky

    “There was no blasphemy. The underwear bored imprints of some building. The law and order problem was handiwork of rumour mongers. We have identified them.”
    Actually, the problem isn’t the so-called rumour mongers, the problem is the people who react with such violence to sheer nonsense. They need to have their heads examined.

  • Marcus

    It seems to me that when religion starts rotting your brian the first thing you forget is what the word ‘disproportionate’ means.

  • Broadsword

    Is there anything Westerners hate that causes amused disbelief in muzzies I wonder?

  • barriejohn

    Of course the religious get everything out of proportion, Marcus. When every little thing that you do, and even every little thought that you have, has “eternal consequences” how can you possibly keep a sense of proportion?

  • L.Long

    They show how ridiculous they can be when the try hard.
    The name of the town is interesting…Nowhatta…As in
    ‘No-What-a’ bunch of BS to be believed so easily by a bunch of thin-skins arses.
    St Pauls?? The flag??? Mom’s face???
    WHO THE PLUCK CARES??? it is an ink pattern on cotton!!! PERIOD!!!
    They have to much time on their hands to think about BS and get all upset!! The REAL problem is they are so poor-no jobs- nothing in their miserable lives to make life interesting, and blaming themselves and/or their crooked gov’mints will either get them no where or shot!
    So they are lashing out at everything else because they are too stupid to realize that cotton underwear is not the real problem in their lives.

  • Broadsword

    Kev added a comment in the previous article that I think was intended for this one. Very funny.

  • Kev

    Whoops! Try again, sorry.
    I have always worn religiously approved underwear. It says St Michael in the back of ‘em.

  • Broadsword

    Just for the record Kev, I thought your comment funny, not the mistake. I wanted people to enjoy it and I hope my message wasn’t misconstrued. Mind you, I’d say that was a stand alone joke you could put anywhere.

  • Kev

    No offence taken, Broadsword, knew what you were getting at. Dopey old sod my kids call me, no wonder!

  • terry

    The point is not (and will never be) that some free person spoke, or wrote, or illustrated in such a manner as to inflame the Muslim community. The point is that only the Muslim community is combustible in this way. Muslims appear to be far more concerned about perceived slights to their religion than about the atrocities committed daily in its name. they have a psychopathic skewing of priorities

  • That’s actually the Dome of the Rock you’ve shopped on the underpants there. It’s not the same as the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

  • Stonyground

    I have heard that there are knickers with C&A printed inside them so that women know which way round to put them on.

  • Marcus

    I know what you mean barriejohn. Sadly, it just shows you how indoctrination (and fear) can become all-pervading. But it does seem that the muzzies in particular are being programmed to react with ludicrous amounts of hysteria at anything they perceive as demeaning.
    By the way, presumably it was a muslim shopkeeper who was selling the aforesaid items?

  • barriejohn

    Marcus: When I was an evangelical Christian I, too, was in a state of perpetual paranoia lest I should do or say anything to offend The Almighty, or that was in some way in conflict with His Eternal Plan. Can you believe it?
    I have posted this hilarious story elsewhere, and some wag has commented: Don’t they get their knickers in a twist about nothing? Now why didn’t I think of that?

  • barriejohn

    I’m getting some good feedback, including this:
    A thong and dance about nothing
    And this!

  • Balstrome

    Reading here, I tired to imagine a world with Shia law with an atheism basis. Yes, that makes as much sense as the trinity. As a thought exercise, how would one code such as law system? Could it be an improvement on the current Shia law system, as most other atheist modifications to systems have improved them.

  • Their faith is so secure that a bad picture on some underpants causes them to go ballistic.
    Are these people anywhere near sane?

  • Barry Duke

    Well spotted, Smartass, caption’s been changed.

  • barriejohn

    Al-Aqsa Mosque my arse!

  • NeoWolfe

    (Chuckle) What does it say about devout Muslims that they can’t even recognize the “Dome of the Rock”? Imposters!!!!! I want a pair of whitey tighties with the real “Dome of the Rock” upside down with the spire pointed at my bung. I may lose the urge to wipe my ass between showers. I may put digital photographs of my skidmarks on facebook, not while wearing them, mind you, my ass disappeared during my last layoff. I’d be doing you all a disservice.

  • Martin Hatchuel

    I think this is fukken hilarious and really shows the true and ridiculous nature of religion. “The structure on the garment turned out to be an historic cathedral in Italy.”

  • Smartass

    Try again, Barry. It’s not a mosque.