Anger expressed over church screening of 'satanic' movies

Anger expressed over church screening of 'satanic' movies July 7, 2017

Father Patrick McCafferty, parish priest for Corpus Christi Parish in west Belfast, ­has expressed anger over the fact that organisers of the 2017 Belfast Film Festival have chosen to to screen The Exorcist and The Omen in the disused Holy Rosary Church.
Describing it as a “cheap stunt”, the priest asked:

What is their motivation for showing those types of films in what was once a sacred building that will have such special memories of spiritual occasions for lots of people?
I think the organisers should reconsider their decision to show the films there.
Should they not be sensitive to the fact that many people in that area have fond associations and is sacred to the memories of many people that were baptised or married or buried there? They should look for somewhere more appropriate to screen it.

The fact that all tickets have been sold for The Exorcist and The Omen indicates that McCafferty, above, is well out of step with the public.
Belfast councillor Jim ­Rodgers called for the festival to cancel the horror film screenings, scheduled for August, and move to another venue.

It’s really disappointing the film festival have chosen an old Catholic church to screen two films about the devil. Holy Rosary is a beautiful, beautiful church that I’ve been in, and there’s no reason for it to be used for this event.

A spokesman for the festival defended their decision.

Belfast Film Festival is well known for its site-specific ­special events. The locations chosen add an extra dimension to the screening, and we think the stone cold surroundings of an abandoned church will make for a suitably chilling viewing experience for The Exorcist.

After laying empty for almost 40 years, the Catholic Holy Rosary Church on the Ormeau Road in south Belfast, above, was finally sold in February this year, and there are plans to turn it into a restaurant.
Back in 2014 parishioners expressed horror when they learned that a raunchy music video was filmed in their Belfast church.
The video for London DJ Wilkinson’s song Half Light depicts a young couple – played by Irish actors Joanna Nixon and Diarmuid Noyes – simulating a sex scene on the altar of Good Shepherd Catholic Church on south Belfast’s Ormeau Road.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn.

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  • barriejohn

    Holy Rosary Church: Ouch! or cry harshly.

  • andym

    Let me see. They sell the building, take the money, and still expect to have a say over what goes on in there. About right for the RCC.

  • L.Long

    Exactly! You sold it ahole so piss off! And yes we are being satanic in your mythical story building!! Again piss off!

  • barriejohn

    Good point, and we’ve mentioned this sort of thing here before, though they’d never have anything so crude on their precious Nor’n Ireland church buildings, I’m sure!

  • Angela_K

    The religious switch off their brains when they get god disease, they also switch off any sense of humour.
    I wonder what these cretins have to say about the large number of chapels and churches that are converted to private houses, business premises or Pubs?

  • andym
  • John the Drunkard

    What would they prefer? ‘Going My Way?’ or maybe ‘The Ten Commandments?’

  • ZombieHunter

    so out of touch that they’re complaining about the exorcist and the omen, in a couple of years time they’ll be complaining about the original texas chainsaw massacre.
    also I don’t see what their problem with the exorcist and it’s “devil bad jesus good” storyline, wasn’t there a correlation between that film coming out and people converting to the catholic church when it first came out.
    Gimmee dawn of the dead anyday 🙂

  • Henry

    What about the children who were abused and raped in there. Sacred …. paah. Its a building …. and one that was built for the pupose of exploiting and controlling people. My choice would be to razed it to the ground.

  • Paul

    Referring to the place as holy and sacred has about as much intelliegnce as an about to be sacrificed chicken has in voodoo.

  • Paul

    I would guess like many following little Bradley Lowry’s fight against cancer has been quite heart warming and confirms in the sane there is no gawd (if ‘it ‘ exists then it is an immensely cruel and evil one) but the little lad has passed away. A lot of emotional comments about him being with angels etc – but I shall not pass judgement on those, only on the cruel and evil who would ‘allow’ this form of death to a child.

  • Lucy

    Don’t start me on the poor Gard family (though their reaction to the terrible situation they are in is not, I hope, what my reaction would be) , and the interventions by the Vatican and Trump. What evil, cynical bedfellows.

  • barriejohn

    Lucy: I’ve already seen comments about doctors “playing God” by taking him off of life support, and one even said that “Nazi doctors” wanted to terminate his life. If it weren’t for the fucking doctors he would have been dead months ago!

  • The Roman Catholic church claims that demons are real and exorcism is a magic spell (which are also real) to make them go away. What, then, is the proper way to talk about exorcism?

  • Robster

    No worse I ‘spose than staffing those churches still functioning with clergy that are somewhat disposed to sexual misbehaviour with underagers.

  • tonye

    I’d give Father McCafferty what he wants.
    I would take him to the church and assure him he was going to see a religious film.
    Cue ‘The Magdalene Sisters’.
    And I’d whisper in his ear ‘Your church may think that people, in time, will forget what you did in Ireland. We won’t.’

  • 1859

    The RCC have the brazen cheek to complain that showing these films is ‘inappropriate’ in such a ‘sacred’ place! What about the priests masturbating in confessionals, the sexual misconduct with married women,the paedophilia that also went on in these so, so ‘sacred’ places – this was far, far more than ‘inappropriate’, it was downright criminal.

  • barriejohn

    ZombieHunter/Trevor Blake: I am confused as well. When I first saw that these complaints emanated from Northern Ireland I immediately assumed that we had another rabid protestant minister railing against Popery etc, but not so. One of MY objections to these films is that they present the “supernatural”, and exorcism, as having validity, whereas rationalists know that it’s a load of nonsense. Rosemary’s Baby (Ruth Gordon!) is much more my cup of tea, or, better still, The Bodysnatchers or Village of the Damned (The Midwich Cuckoos). What objection could he have to films that show the priesthood in such a favourable light, coming to the rescue of the victims of “satanic forces”, which is what they always claim to do?

  • Stuart H.

    Anyone who’s lived in Belfast can spot a couple of pertinent things about this story.
    First, the priest commenting is from West Belfast, where the clergy are traditionally populist rentagobs , forever spouting off to the media, the laziest of whom soon learn to contact them for a colourful shit-stirring quote whenever the general public’s attitude to a potential story is ‘whatever’.
    Second, the church is in South Belfast, on the edge of the university area. Back in my time there it was the only part of Belfast where Catholics and Prods grew up together and rubbed along OK, gays who’d grown up on the sectarian estates moved there to be safe, etc. The Catholics I knew round there would have pissed themselves laughing at this idea, and many would have been first in the queue for tickets.

  • Carl

    I’ve always wanted to buy an old church and turn it into a gay bath house.

  • Ian

    I put this video on the ‘Protect the Pope’ website and Deacon Donelly prefixed my post with advice that it was a joke. To avoid frightening the weak minded:

  • Cali Ron

    Ian: Awesome!