Malaysian woman slammed over video of her pet dog Bubu

Malaysian woman slammed over video of her pet dog Bubu July 14, 2017

Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman, above, has upset the Malaysian  Islamic Development Department (Jakim) by sharing a video showing her loving attachment to a rescue dog called Bubu.
Rahman created the video for  contest run by pet food company SmartHeart and shared it on her Facebook page. But she quickly removed it after she was warned by Jakim that the her entry was “un-Islamic”.

Jakim Director-General Othman Mustapha, above, issued a statement telling her to repent.

Jakim hopes that the individual will immediately stop what she has been doing and repent. What she is doing is trying to start a new culture that can lead to insulting Islam.

Othman said Muslims in Malaysia followed the Shafie school of thought, which prohibits Muslims deliberately touching dogs and keeping them as pets. He  added that the video has:

Created distress among Muslims and that it is forbidden in Islam to defile oneself without reason by touching dogs.

However, he did concede that in Islam Islam dogs are regarded as “God’s creatures” and that is against the religion to harm, kill or be cruel towards them.
Rahman, whose profile says that she studied communications at the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA), is an animal lover. Many of her Facebook posts and photos featured cats and dogs. She also shared postings about strays that needed rescuing, fostering and adoption.
Among the negative comments her Facebook post attracted was one from Yusof Hashim, who wrote:

I want to complain to the UIA (International Islamic University Malaysia). Shameful to UIA for having such a stupid student.

Islamic websites offer various reasons for Mohammed’s abhorrence of canines, but the one that appears to offer the strongest (and the funniest) justification for dog-hatred among Muslims rests on the absurd notion that a puppy fucked up a scheduled meeting between the Angel Gabriel and the “prophet”.
• See: Why do Muslims shun dogs?

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  • barriejohn

    The dog obviously has more intelligence than Othman. I know which one I would prefer as MY friend!

  • Sorry but

    Fucking primitive shitehawk halfwit guttersnipe thicko dumbass dunce Jakim. Piss on him and piss on mohamed and piss on. And then coat his nuts with gravy and let a pack of hungry slavering pit bulls have a dinner of his gonads. Then he can say what he likes about dogs but he must stop his absurd theocratic bullying of little girls.

  • L.Long

    I agree with you, you isLamic ahole dick, dogs are nothing but shit factories covered in fur!! BUT guess what I don’t have a dog! And no one is stopping you from NOT having one. But like my G’kids this girl likes dogs, so piss off and leave her alone!! OH! Right! I forgot being a dick headed bigoted ahole male is a requirement of isLame!

  • jono

    Dogs shit on the pavement and owners pick it up. Jakim Director-General Othman Mustapha shits all over the place, everywhere, and his acolytes lap it up … thats why they are full of shit.

  • L.Long

    jono!!!! Most excellent observation!!!!

  • John the Drunkard

    I think Naipaul includes a dog-hating explanation in ‘Among the Believers.’
    Supposedly, Zoroastrians, or perhaps Persians in general, had a strong tradition of affection/respect for dogs. Thus their Arab conquerors and occupiers made cruelty to dogs a public gesture with which to grind their heels in the faces of their inferiors.

  • Paul

    Shouldn’t the dog be in a tin?
    Oh no! That’s the caffflick Phillipines

  • I find it quite simple, natural and necessary to insult Islam yet I do not own a dog. If I owned a dog could I insult Islam more efficiently or forcefully? Perhaps I could learn to play backgammon as well. That also sends them into fits.
    “We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.” – H. L. Mencken

  • Italian Scallion

    Yes, we should respect another person’s religion, but Islam is not a religion. I have no respect at all for Islam, the terrorists known as Allah and Muhammed and other brain dead Muslims who punish women for something stupid. Islam is an extremely evil way of life.

  • 1859

    Which one is Bubu?

  • Paul

    I am totally lost as to why I have to respect religion.
    Why? (I refer to the main monotheistic religions).
    A belief system of fairy stories plagiarised, reworked and rebooted many many times when we were beginning in our human evolution which we now know aren’t true and aren’t real and state utterly stupid statements. The very few sensible points are human matters any one with half a brain would adopt, but sadly the control the evil far reaching monstrous points and statements made in these religions’ books and ‘writings’ make those few good points out of context and empty. I do not respect any or it.

  • Laura Roberts

    Mencken is too nice.
    I would never want anyone to “respect” my beliefs. Beliefs are merely guesses in formal attire. They are to be challenged, not coddled. If I hold a belief that doesn’t comport with reality, I want to know about it, not wallow in a fetid pool of my own ignorance.

  • Italian Scallion

    After some thought, I realized that I should not respect religion at all. It is nothing but fairy tales and garbage.

  • Cali Ron

    Laura Roberts : “…wallow in a fetid pool of my own ignorance. ” Nice, I may steal that.

  • Charles Burnham

    Islamic theologians are divided on the dog issue. A summary of the ruling on dogs can be best described with the following word:
    So she can keep her dog, citing other rulings by other Imams. Good for her, I hope she enjoys her life with Bubu.