Malaysian woman slammed over video of her pet dog Bubu

Malaysian woman slammed over video of her pet dog Bubu July 14, 2017

Nurhanizah Abdul Rahman, above, has upset the Malaysian  Islamic Development Department (Jakim) by sharing a video showing her loving attachment to a rescue dog called Bubu.
Rahman created the video for  contest run by pet food company SmartHeart and shared it on her Facebook page. But she quickly removed it after she was warned by Jakim that the her entry was “un-Islamic”.

Jakim Director-General Othman Mustapha, above, issued a statement telling her to repent.

Jakim hopes that the individual will immediately stop what she has been doing and repent. What she is doing is trying to start a new culture that can lead to insulting Islam.

Othman said Muslims in Malaysia followed the Shafie school of thought, which prohibits Muslims deliberately touching dogs and keeping them as pets. He  added that the video has:

Created distress among Muslims and that it is forbidden in Islam to defile oneself without reason by touching dogs.

However, he did concede that in Islam Islam dogs are regarded as “God’s creatures” and that is against the religion to harm, kill or be cruel towards them.
Rahman, whose profile says that she studied communications at the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIA), is an animal lover. Many of her Facebook posts and photos featured cats and dogs. She also shared postings about strays that needed rescuing, fostering and adoption.
Among the negative comments her Facebook post attracted was one from Yusof Hashim, who wrote:

I want to complain to the UIA (International Islamic University Malaysia). Shameful to UIA for having such a stupid student.

Islamic websites offer various reasons for Mohammed’s abhorrence of canines, but the one that appears to offer the strongest (and the funniest) justification for dog-hatred among Muslims rests on the absurd notion that a puppy fucked up a scheduled meeting between the Angel Gabriel and the “prophet”.
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