Pastor's wife was treated as a 'sex slave' and frequently raped

Pastor's wife was treated as a 'sex slave' and frequently raped July 23, 2017

In a harrowing TV interview, Australian Joy Harris, 63, above, spoke for the first time this week about the horrific treatment she suffered for years at the hands of her abusive husband, an fanatical Baptist pastor who is currently serving a five year jail term for raping her.
Speaking in a 60 Minutes exclusive, the Cairns grandmother said she had been raped up to seven time a day by her husband, Pastor Larry Harris.
Joy Harris said that the most devastating aspect of her ordeal was being shunned by her own son – an Independent Baptist pastor like his father – because he blamed her for his dad’s actions.

I’m totally heartbroken. He hasn’t even let me see his children, because I have to repent first.

She said of her husband:

He thought the more times a day he could have it, the more of a man he was. He would get up to 6, 7 times a day and he didn’t care if it caused me pain.

Pastor Harris pleaded guilty to two counts of rape in Queensland in January. His wife, however, wants fresh charges to be brought against him in New South Wales, where most of the abuse allegedly occurred.

She said any sense of justice will be forever overshadowed because her son Kevin, above, who leads the Illawarra Community Baptist Church in Dapto, has turned his back on her for speaking out against the church.

[Kevin thinks] I’m just as guilty as a rapist, my rapist. I’m wrong; I’m displeasing God.

In an explosive interview with 60 Minutes, which saw Kevin Harris storm out, he admitted he believed there was:

Disobedience to the Lord on both parts. I believe my father is guilty, but he has expressed his remorse and his repentance.

It’s a stance that put Kevin Harris at odds not only with his mother, but also his own brother Jason, who quit the church in 2006 due to its fanatical beliefs.
Detective Sergeant Brendan Young led the investigation into Pastor Larry Harris and said he was appalled by what he uncovered.

It was sexual assault, it was rapes, it was deprivation of liberty, look it was disgusting to be honest.

Joy Harris said her estranged son’s views are widespread throughout the Independent Baptist movement and she’s determined to lend her voice to those unable to speak out against them, and expose the sinister doctrine being openly preached in small suburban churches scattered around Australia.

According to this report, Larry and Joy Harris moved to Australia from the United States in 1994 as missionaries on behalf of Valley Forge Baptist Church which has been likened by former members to a “cult”.
The pastor and  and his church were accused of exploiting a Bible verse to justify their abhorrent and systematic abuse of women. Ephesians 5:24 reads:

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Cali Ron

    More Christian love. How sick and deluded do you have to be to justify rape? Religion, justification for rape, murder, stealing, lying, genocide, imprisonment, it’s all good, their christians. I like how religion has really brought that family together with the lust of Jesus , opps, it should be love, but it isn’t.

  • L.Long

    That’s why I made sure NO MAN would take advantage of my daughter, by 12 she could beat the crap out of any male her size and and with a weapon could inflict enough pain to get away from most men. You cannot count on any help in many situations like this!!!

  • sailor1031

    Six or seven times a day?? Is this a case of Priapism.? The good pastor is possibly in need of heavy doses of therapy. His son, OTOH, is just disgusting

  • Paul

    I don’t normally comment on how people look but why oh why do these Christian fundamentalists always smile like they’re Jack Nicholson and are about to say”here’s Johnny”.

  • Broga

    ” I believe my father is guilty, but he has expressed his remorse and his repentance.”
    Indeed, indeed. That means his rapist father will readily get a job as a preacher when he comes out of the slammer. That’s the way the system often works.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: So true. The following article is now nearly four years old, but his strategy eventually appears to have worked!

  • 1859

    It is a reminder – if ever one was needed – of just how subconsciously poisoning religious belief can be. Because this woman silently suffered such traumatic humiliation and physical pain for so many, many years and yet could not see through the charade of indoctrination, lies and bullying. But even if she had it is doubtful she would have been able emotionally to find the courage to speak out . I do not write this as any sort of reproach of this poor woman, but simply to highlight how deep and pervasive the control over one’s life the cancer of religion can be. And I agree with Paul, her son’s grin makes him look like a Muppet – hideous fuckwit.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: O.J. Simpson will be a star of the TV evangelising preachers. He is perfect for the role. He will be a multi millionaire as the dollars role in.

  • Kez

    To read more of what Kevin Harris believes about his mother’s rape, child abuse, and domestic violence, read this: . It’s horrifying.

  • Paul

    You might know that marital rape has not long been criminalised in the UK. I recall some outcry when it was!

  • Italian Scallion

    I have more trust for a burglar than I do a pastor, priest or rabbi. Seems to me they are all evil. That’s what happens when people are controlled by a stupid book of fairy tales.

  • Evangelist

    Joy Harris has brought the Gospel into disrepute by whining to the coppers.

  • barriejohn

    Joy Harris has brought the Gospel into disrepute by whining to the coppers.
    I think we’ve found our “Comment of the Year” (unless “Evangelist” is just another name for a regular contributor who likes to wind us up sometimes!).

  • Daz

    Tisn’t me.
    “Whining to the coppers” is very much the kind of phrase Hob Button likes to employ, when attempting to show how he’s hep to the latest cool slang, Daddy-O.

  • barriejohn

    Daz: It is one of his words!

  • remigius

    barriejohn, Daz. It is one of his phrases. He uses it quite often. See here (4th paragraph)…

  • Broga

    “Joy Harris has brought the Gospel into disrepute by whining to the coppers.”
    I can think of a way of getting her rapist husband whining to the coppers. Some years ago my son had a friend who was an engineer by day and a club bouncer on some nights. He did martial arts as a hobby. His sister was beaten by her husband who broke her nose. She refused to go to the police as she was ashamed of what had happened to her.
    The club bouncer told my son that he was going round to see her husband to “reason with him, nothing personal.” His sister was never beaten again and was soon divorced. I know all the “must not take the law into your own hands etc…” But on the other hand there is something satisfying in seeing these thugs get what they dish out.

  • barriejohn

    Rem/Daz: Oddly enough, both Hutton and his idol Stephen Green (whom he has also defended against allegations of marital abuse) have it in for the police and other symbols of authority in society (social services, the judiciary, parliament, etc.). Strange when one considers what their Bible says about “the powers that be”, and what one would assume would be their attitude towards legitimate authority.

  • Cali Ron

    The gospel was in dispute long before she was even born and the book of fairy tales will always be in dispute.

  • remigius

    barriejohn. Times have changed. Back in’t good old days the boys in blue did a splendid job of arresting any gentleman found within four furlongs of a public convenience. Nowadays they spend all their time persecuting street preachers and purveyors of cakey comestibles.

  • Paul

    Hutton aka Evangatwat must be absolutely right because he is relying on a set of cobbled together letters stories and other plagarised crap often contradictory but dragged together by Greeks Romans and many others at a time when the wheelbarrow was an amazing invention.
    We on the other hand have reason humility decency civility truth logic a desire for equality and honour to consider rape of a wife is a crime. I’m sure we are still wrong.