Abuse: 'Everything in God's kingdom happens for a reason'

Abuse: 'Everything in God's kingdom happens for a reason' August 10, 2017

The headmaster of a Christian school in Nashville alleged told a 12-year-old boy who had suffered repeated sexual assaults to ‘turn the other cheek’ and that ‘everything in God’s kingdom happens for a reason.’
Brentwood Academy, its head Curtis G Masters, above, and other school personnel are now being sued for $30-million by the boy’s parents and the young victim, according to The Tennessean.
Masters, who comes from a missionary family, is described on the school’s website as:

A godly leader. Mr Masters has also gained notoriety for coining a phrase that he delivers frequently with energy and enthusiasm at BA events: ‘It’s another GREAT day at BA!’

The lawsuit, filed last Friday in Williamson County Circuit Court, accuses four eighth-grade students of repeatedly raping and sexually assaulting the sixth-grade student during the 2014-15 academic year.
The assaults at the academy are described in graphic detail in the lawsuit. On five separate dates in 2014/15, four eighth-grade male students abused John Doe.
The first incident occurred at an after-school football game party, the lawsuit says. Students at the party restrained John Doe, placing their buttocks on his face and their scrotums on or in his mouth, the lawsuit says.
On four other dates, four male students and others:

Conspired to engage in male on male sexual harassment, sexual assault and/or rape upon John Doe in the locker room not supervised by an adult.

In January and February of 2015, one of the boys would call out the 12-year-old boy’s name in the locker room before the attacks, the lawsuit states. The lawsuit says there were additional males in the locker room witnessing the event. On each date, two of the boys held closed the doors to the male locker room, preventing anyone from entering or leaving.
One of the boys proceeded to rape John Doe.

(The boy) would place his penis before John Doe and forcibly penetrated it into the mouth of Plaintiff John Doe without consenting claiming ‘eat it, eat it, eat it, open your mouth, accept it’.

The same boy reportedly told others around the basketball team that he:

Fucked that boy up the ass and stuck a Gatorade bottle in him.

Multiple students reportedly told their parents of the alleged abuse. In April 2015, the mother of a sixth-grade student told John Doe’s mother – Jane Doe – about the assaults. She then approached counselor Chris Roberts, an employee of Christian counseling ministry Daystar Counseling (motto: “One life touching another”).
Roberts is accused of not reporting the assault accusations to authorities, later telling Jane Doe reporting is not how “Christian institutions handle these things.” Roberts is a former Brentwood Academy employee, the lawsuit says.
Jane Doe took her son to a pediatrician, who stated:

If Daystar Counseling failed to contact Department of Children Services immediately then he would do so.

Tennessee law requires counselors and school officials report suspected child abuse or neglect.
Later, the boy’s parents were told by Masters that:

Boys being boys he could not investigate each of those and run a school.

Masters responded to a request for comment with an emailed statement that said:

Our highest priority is the safety and protection of our students. We take any allegation involving our students very seriously. We responded immediately and fully cooperated with authorities when we became aware of concerns in 2015. We are obligated to maintain confidentiality in any legal matter. Out of respect for all parties involved, and based on the advice of our legal counsel, we are unable to discuss details at this time.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Roland Mumford, said the lawsuit shows a sad situation that could have been prevented.

These allegations are still under investigation by the Brentwood Police Department and the District Attorney’s office. We hope this will help protect children in private school where Title IX does not apply and citizens will become more aware of Tennessee’s Mandatory Report Statute that requires everyone to report child abuse.

John Doe and his mother accuse the school and its leaders of failing to stop the attacks even after having knowledge of:

The hostile and/or unsafe educational environment.

The negligence of Brentwood Academy employees led to the attacks on the boy, and these:

Inflicted anxiety, stress, depression, emotional harm, post-traumatic stress disorder and physical harm.

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  • L.Long

    Yes! Everything happens for a reason!
    Usually because you are stoopid!

  • Lurker111

    Assuming this is generally true as reported, this poor kid needs an Uncle Vinny with a broken nose and a bad attitude. Or at least needs to borrow one. >:(
    Seriously, something like this happening to one of my kids could bring me to violence.
    Hope this “school” is sued out of existence.

  • Broga

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire.
    It is difficult not to be lookist when you look at that man’s photo. Let’s hope he gets hammered by the courts and never has charge of a child again.

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  • Angela_K

    I expect the usual religious apologists will support this vile man and claim the boy “tempted” him or Satan made him do it. I hope the school is forced into bankruptcy and is forced to close.

  • John the Drunkard

    Gosh, think how they’d react if 4 8th grade boys turned out to be ‘homosexual!’
    Of course, raping a low status male doesn’t make you Kweer. Because Jesus…

  • StephenJP

    I don’t understand the status of this school. Is it “private”, and so excused having to conform to (some of) the standards required of publicly-funded schools? What are they able to get away with?
    Actually, that doesn’t really matter. This man is clearly a grade-A arsehole who shouldn’t be allowed in charge of a hamster cage, let alone a school .

  • barriejohn

    It’s Christian logic, and non-believers will never understand it. Just take a look at the following:
    The mother of a 19-year-old Christian girl killed just one day after getting married last Friday has spoken of the comfort she takes in knowing they are together in Heaven with Jesus.
    I often wonder what I would say to such a person, as I now know that they are seriously deluded. I wouldn’t want to be the one to shatter her illusions (she wouldn’t listen anyway), but at the same time I know from my own experience just how painful it can be when one is eventually forced to face up to reality. Look at what she wrote before her daughter died, and compare it to what is stated above:
    My heart is broken and shattered. Last night our Rebekah Christina and her husband of one day, Austin Wesson, were in a terrible car accident. The Lord, in His sovereignty, took Austin home. Bekah remains in very serious and very critical condition. Please pray for Bekah, for Austin’s family, and for ours as we walk through the “valley of the shadow of death.”
    There is a long list of songs that speak to me right now, but I think the top one is “What’ere My God Ordains is Right”.

    I know that religion brings comfort to many people, and that there is a lot to be said for finding positives in every experience, but this drivel about “God’s will” and “His eternal plan” can be extremely dangerous stuff when divorced from reality.