African 'doctor', trained by angels, brutally killed in US

African 'doctor', trained by angels, brutally killed in US September 27, 2017

Pastor Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo, 53 – pictured above with his wife Jennifer – died in Maryland, Baltimore, last Saturday after being hit by a car then stabbed several times.
According to this report, the pastor claimed he was sent to the US by God in 2012, and that he had been he trained by angels as a doctor in “spiritual sciences” in order to cure cancers caused by occult forces.
The suspect, identified as Daniel Patrick Degoto, 41, surrendered himself to police. He was later charged with first-degree murder after the pastor – of Rahamis Ministry International Church – died hours later at a local hospital.
Baltimore County Police said in a release:

Detectives determined that the suspect dropped off his wife in the parking lot of the location (church) and saw the victim getting out of his car, while the victim’s wife was seated in his car. The suspect rammed his car into the victim and the victim’s car. The victim’s wife was not injured in the collision.
The suspect then stabbed the victim numerous times. The suspect drove from the area and afterwards turned himself into authorities at the Howard County Detention Center.

Police said that they were unable to release a motive for the murder as the case was still being investigated.
In a 2014 Indiegogo campaign, which raised $25 of a $6 million goal, the pastor, a father of two, suggested his life and the life of his family was in danger from witch doctors who didn’t want him exposing their cancer-causing activities. He said:

We know about them in Africa, but America has its own set, much more organised, subtle, demonically wicked and dangerous, they follow an organised and planned agenda, meet periodically in the state of North Carolina and prey on innocent victims everywhere in the USA. Because they act from the spiritual realm, many cancers have no pathological reason or explanations
When these occult workers saw that I have discovered their activities, they warned me not to reveal anything about my discovery to anyone and since then, my life and that of my relatives have been on the verge.

He added that he had come to “fight this evil” and to write a book called Fake Cancer in the USA, the Case of Hamlet NC and said:

I graduated in 2005 from the spiritual realm as a doctor in spiritual sciences. As a minister, I deal with cases of ‘Fake Cancer’ and others sicknesses from the occult the past 22 years. I’m very well acquainted with the occult realm and their operations and came to the US … to investigate about cancer mandated by the creator of heaven and earth.

In his most recent fundraising campaign to raise $20,000 for his ministry in July, Ikenwilo appears with his wife and talks about a mission to heal Africa and the world. He raised $50 of his goal.
The man was clearly bonkers, but certainly did not deserve to come to such a sticky end.

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  • Broga

    Bloody hell? How much weirder can we get?

  • Barry Duke

    As far as I know, Broga, there are no recorded cases of Freethinker editors losing their marbles after spending all their waking hours reporting on the sheer lunacy of religious belief. All I can say is that it’s a bloody miracle.

  • RussellW

    There’s apparently is a limit to the gullibility of believers since the pastor only raised a total of $75 from two of his….’campaigns’.

  • L.Long

    Would have done better if the angels taught self defense.

  • 1859

    As a kid growing up I was told at my cat-lick primary school that I had my very own ‘guardian angel’ watching over me at all times, and for a while I thought it was true. But as I couldn’t see anything, hear or touch anything vaguely angelic I just put it down to another ghost story. But shocked me more than anything else was the TOTAL way the other kids swallowed this crap.

  • solomon idris

    A life had been lost instead of offering sympathy one freethinker of a shit was mocking “the angel should have taught him self defence” What a stupidity !

  • L.Long

    Well solomon I was poking fun at ANGELS and the BS people believe!!! My sympathy for his death is worthless, as he is dead!!! He does not care!!