Bishop: 'gays are like drunks, you can't reason with them'

Bishop: 'gays are like drunks, you can't reason with them' September 12, 2017

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan, above, reckons that when they are challenged, homosexuals ‘lash out, full of rage’ as a way of justifying their lifestyles.
According to this report, he insisted:

Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them.

Egan was commenting on angry reactions to comments made last Thursday on Good Morning Britain by pompous Catholic Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who told people watching the national TV programme that he took “seriously” Catholic teaching on homosexuality and abortion. (YouTube video here).

He said that marriage was a sacrament, that life was “sacrosanct”, and that he took the teachings of the Catholic Church “seriously”. He added that life begins at conception, that abortion was “morally indefensible” and he was personally opposed to it even in cases of rape and incest.
Rees-Mogg, right, with Brexshit loon Nigel Farage
Abortion supporters and gay marriage advocates jumped on the MP with charges of bigotry and extremism, saying he had abhorrent views.
Egan said it wasn’t surprising that Rees-Mogg was the target of backlash from those who despise Catholic sexual teaching.
He went on to describe how the rejection of sexual morality opens one up to “demonic” influence.

When on matters of sexual morality, people do not espouse chastity, they open themselves to deep-seated forces within. They can even unwittingly allow the Evil One to bind himself like a serpent tightly around their hearts.

The bishop added that often when this point is reached people miss out on the beauty of Church teaching and its path to human fulfillment.

Sadly, as a consequence, they never hear how much Christ and His Church loves them and wants to lift them up to nobler, more beautiful and more fulfilling way of life.

Shrewsbury Bishop Mark Davies also defended Rees-Mogg and praised his statements:

I think we should all be grateful for the integrity of politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg who fearlessly speak of those Christian convictions on which our society was built.

In a Guardian op-ed, Zoe Williams wrote:

The problem with people who bring religion to their politics is that they’re obsessed with sex. It’s never ‘I’m a devout Anglican, therefore I couldn’t possibly vote for a cap on social security payments (Acts 4:34).’ When a politician’s potted history starts ‘a committed Christian’, you can bet this isn’t a prelude to a CV full of redistributive tax policies. It’s all sodomy and foetuses …

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  • L.Long

    “He said that marriage was a sacrament, that life was “sacrosanct”, and that he took the teachings of the Catholic Church “seriously”. He added that life begins at conception, that abortion was “morally indefensible” and he was personally opposed to it even in cases of rape and incest.”
    Really? Except you making a statement with no proof, and is NOT supported by your own book o’BS, why should I give a shit what you say? All I see is an authoritarian ahole (who hates women) in a funny hat!

  • Stonyground

    Life doesn’t begin at conception, life is a continuous process. Conception is one stage on the cycle of life. Moggy’s beliefs are based on false information.

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: Those comments were part of Rees-Smog’s statement. He’s being touted as a future Prime Minister, but we’ve heard that sort of thing before about politicians who turned out to be no-hopers. Anyway, he’d have to have his nanny as deputy, and they’d never stand for that!

  • Broga

    Sickos. They have mental health problems brought on by belief in nonsense. This is not just an atheist rant from me. Consider the photo of Egan at the top of the article. He is wearing a ridiculous cap that would embarrass anyone with any sense of modesty and decorum. He is dressed in a gaudy frock (is he confused about his sexual identity?) and holding a heavy club that could be viewed as a dangerous weapon. That before I even consider his unbalanced opinions on which I pass.
    Egan should be considered as a figure of fun taking part in his imagined world which does not exist. He certainly cannot be taken seriously.
    I have had to face a sexual dilemma myself which I find troubling. Should I have my 15 months old black Labrador neutered? There are pros and cons and we have always decided that the pros outweigh the cons. I’m waiting for a phone call from the vet to hear hat he is OK so that I can collect him.

  • Lurker111

    I can reason with drunks a whole lot more easily than I can with the religiously deluded, thank you.

  • barriejohn

    Rees-Smug accused Sir Craig Oliver of “terminological inexactitude”on Question Time earlier this year, and David Dimbleby let him get away with it. Maybe Dimbleby didn’t know what it meant!

  • barriejohn

    More on Mogg’s ridiculous use of long words here:
    Until very recently he held the “record” for the longest word used on British televison, or something of the sort: ‘floccinaucinihilipilification. I bet he’s looking up an even longer one at this very moment.

  • barriejohn

    Life doesn’t begin at conception, life is a continuous process. Conception is one stage on the cycle of life. (Stonyground)
    Correct, but just take a look at this load of twaddle about “ensoulment”. if you will:
    Talk about “making it up as they go along”!

  • Laura Roberts

    “Sadly, as a consequence, they never hear how much Christ and His Church loves them and wants to lift them up to nobler, more beautiful and more fulfilling way of life.”
    Usually the only people who get to hear how much Christ and his church love them are young children as they’re being buggered by Catholic priests.

  • Broga

    barriejohn: I didn’t read much about ensoulment but I read enough to know that it was nonsense. No evidence for this twaddle although I suppose they regard Aquinas’ rabbiting on as evidence. Aquinas was a very smart guy but that was in the context of his time and he did not have access to current scientific findings. Today, if he were alive, he would probably be an atheist and contributing to this site.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: I think the same about other great “theologians” of the past, especially the humanists amongst them. They were obviously grappling with the “big questions”, but, as I’ve said before, to them the Bible was largely a reliable historical record (though they didn’t all take Genesis, etc, literally, as many think they did), so they had to form their ideas with that in mind.

  • AgentCormac

    What the deluded old fool means when he talks about trying to ‘reason’ with gays is that he’s trying to tell them they’re wrong and that his god despises them. So it is perhaps hardly surprising if his opinions aren’t exactly met with the warmest of responses.

  • Dave

    Many drunks will probably be sober the next day. A bishop will probably still be a deluded idiot for many more days to come.

  • Surely the use of ‘bishop’ and ‘reason’ in the same sentence is an oxymoron (with emphasis on the last two syllables).

  • Mark Skid

    Given that 70% of fertilised human eggs are naturally aborted within a couple of days of conception, then surely all (presumably married) sexually active christian women should save their sanitary waste for christian burial. How many such funerals does the church perform each year? If the answer isn’t hundreds of thousands, then they are guilty not only of gross hypocrisy but the mass desecration of human remains.

  • andym

    “Many drunks will probably be sober the next day. A bishop will probably still be a deluded idiot for many more days to come.”
    My first thoughts.
    The verb “to reason” is being used fallaciously. It suggests a debate where all points are considered , with the hope of clarifying an issue. Catholic bishops are not interested in this. They want unanalysed adherence to their pronouncements , literally ex-cathedra, which offer no reason and no evidence, apart from an ancient, contradictory, discredited book.

  • barriejohn

    I couldn’t agree more about his notion of “reasoning”. These pompous prelates are used to people hanging on their every utterance and exclaiming: “Oh, how wise and wonderful this man is.” They don’t expect their views to be challenged!

  • matt R

    Yes, Mogg is a religious loon. But Farage as “Brexshit loon”? As a working class, leftist, science fan, can I say how deeply offensive that is? I hate Farage for his hidden neo-liberal agenda, but Brexit is, sadly, the only conclusion for the normal people of the UK who have had decent wages and democracy ripped from them as a consequence of the political status quo. Or am I not allowed to say that as a non-member of the liberal, smug, South East, wealthy elite?

  • barriejohn

    Matt: Yes – I’ve noticed all the “democracy” emanating from Westminster recently!

  • matt R

    Barriejohn: And you think I’m unaware of that? The answer to our inadequate local politicians isn’t to surrender power to more remote and equally deaf ones.

  • Daz

    As a working-class, leftist, science fan, may I say that I’m completely happy with the term “brexshit loon.”
    “liberal, smug, South East, wealthy elite”?
    Well, liberal on some issues, socialist on most.
    Smug about what? About having won the referendum? Oh yes, that’ll be it. Um, except, well, we didn’t.
    Come to loverly Somerset, heart of the South East. Gor Blimey gov’nor, apples an’ pears! ekcetera.
    Currently unemployed, verging on “long-term.” But yeah, my wealth is the air in my pockets, my mansion is the open sky and erm… all the other crap we’re supposed to believe is great about being completely fuckin’ skint.
    As for “elite,” as far as I can see the term has ceased to have any useful meaning. Given that the voters it’s applied to comprised 48 percent of those who voted, it would appear that it is now merely a synonym for “about half,” or in other words “not elite.”

  • barriejohn

    Just take a look at Mogg’s outdated views on charity. How do goons like this get elected – or worse still, RE-ELECTED?
    “Couldn’t agree more, guv’nor. Fank you very kindly, guv’nor. Gawd bless yer, sir!”

  • Daz

    Bloody ‘ell. Jacob Rees-Mogg: the bastard love child of Maggie Thatcher and Milton Friedman.

  • Bob

    Not grog for them but prayer. Suffering will change their minds.

  • Daz

    Yes yes Bob, we already know you’re a heartless bastard who would starve people in order to use food as bait so you can preach at them. Kindly fuck off and stop wasting our oxygen, there’s a good chap.

  • Bruce

    Religious zealots are like drunks, say rational people, you just can’t reason with them.

  • barriejohn

    Prayer is SO effective; it actually changed the path of Hurricane Irma. Hallelujah!
    Laughing my fucking socks off!

  • Bob

    You have already proven yourself to be an empty vessel that simply spits insult for want of solid argument.
    Look at this
    Abortion and homosexuality will sooner or later cause the fall of UK and USA. The Fall of Roman Empire was caused by ‘contagion of homosexuality’

  • Daz

    “an empty vessel that simply spits”

    Not only a mixed metaphor, but an oxymoron, to boot. Well done!

    “The Fall of Roman Empire was caused by ‘contagion of homosexuality'”

    Yes, and the fall of the Hindenburg was caused by an army of radical anti-hydrogen field mice.

  • Broga

    “Suffering will change their minds.” says Bob that believer in gentle Jesus and an all loving God – both the same but you also have to throw in a ghost to get the entire mix.
    Mother Theresa, friend of dictators and lover of luxury travel, was an enthusiast for suffering. That of others of course. How does Bob believe the nonsense he unloads on the patient readers to this site? I don’t want him banned as he is one of the best reasons you can get, apart from reading the bible, for becoming an atheist. Of course, Bob’s drivelling may eventually push Barry’s tolerance too far.

  • Bob

    Oops, Seems I have stepped on his toe. Enough is enough.. I will ask Seff to appear again. I am off. Bye.
    PS: In one of the private revelations I found words of God Father”KL Auschwitz was one of my greatest fields of harvest”. The same refers to WWIII which is at hand.

  • Broga

    Bob: I find your PS incomprehensible. Has it anything to do with Marlon Brando who gave a superb portrayal of The Godfather.
    What do you mean by God? I have never met a Christian who is prepared – able? – to answer that. Step up to the Okkey (darts term, I’m a pleb) and make a name for yourself.

  • Daz

    I have to ask… are we sure this is Bob Hutton? I mean, the bloke’s an utter tit, but he’s usually comprehensible.

  • barriejohn

    Daz: I think it might be a fraud (Seff?). Bob doesn’t usually laud Catholics and visions of the “Virgin” Mary!

  • Barry Duke

    This “Bob” Daz is definitely Seff, sneaking in via the back door. The Polish fuckwit is not as clever as he likes to think.