Bishop: 'gays are like drunks, you can't reason with them'

Bishop: 'gays are like drunks, you can't reason with them' September 12, 2017

Portsmouth Bishop Philip Egan, above, reckons that when they are challenged, homosexuals ‘lash out, full of rage’ as a way of justifying their lifestyles.
According to this report, he insisted:

Like with a drunk, you can’t reason with them.

Egan was commenting on angry reactions to comments made last Thursday on Good Morning Britain by pompous Catholic Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who told people watching the national TV programme that he took “seriously” Catholic teaching on homosexuality and abortion. (YouTube video here).
He said that marriage was a sacrament, that life was “sacrosanct”, and that he took the teachings of the Catholic Church “seriously”. He added that life begins at conception, that abortion was “morally indefensible” and he was personally opposed to it even in cases of rape and incest.

Rees-Mogg, right, with Brexshit loon Nigel Farage
Abortion supporters and gay marriage advocates jumped on the MP with charges of bigotry and extremism, saying he had abhorrent views.
Egan said it wasn’t surprising that Rees-Mogg was the target of backlash from those who despise Catholic sexual teaching.
He went on to describe how the rejection of sexual morality opens one up to “demonic” influence.

When on matters of sexual morality, people do not espouse chastity, they open themselves to deep-seated forces within. They can even unwittingly allow the Evil One to bind himself like a serpent tightly around their hearts.

The bishop added that often when this point is reached people miss out on the beauty of Church teaching and its path to human fulfillment.

Sadly, as a consequence, they never hear how much Christ and His Church loves them and wants to lift them up to nobler, more beautiful and more fulfilling way of life.

Shrewsbury Bishop Mark Davies also defended Rees-Mogg and praised his statements:

I think we should all be grateful for the integrity of politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg who fearlessly speak of those Christian convictions on which our society was built.

In a Guardian op-ed, Zoe Williams wrote:

The problem with people who bring religion to their politics is that they’re obsessed with sex. It’s never ‘I’m a devout Anglican, therefore I couldn’t possibly vote for a cap on social security payments (Acts 4:34).’ When a politician’s potted history starts ‘a committed Christian’, you can bet this isn’t a prelude to a CV full of redistributive tax policies. It’s all sodomy and foetuses …

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