Catholic priest resigns after Ganesh is paraded in a church

Catholic priest resigns after Ganesh is paraded in a church September 4, 2017

Catholic priest Juan José Mateos Castro has been forced to resign after he allowed the Hindu god Ganesh to enter a Catholic Church in Spain’s Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomous Spanish communities located on the coast of North Africa.
The Vicar General of the diocese that contains Our Lady of Africa welcomed a Hindu religious procession into the church last weekend. Catholics sang a Marian hymn while gazing the elephant-headed god, according to this report.

Juan José Mateos Castro pictured embracing a member of the Hindu community
The local bishop has apologised, saying the Church has to be “faithful to our Christian tradition,” and the priest has resigned.

Bishop Rafael Zorzona Boy, above, labeled the event as a “regrettable one” that shouldn’t have been allowed, and that it might have caused:

Pain, confusion or scandal in the Christian community.

The bishop also asked for forgiveness to all those who might have been scandalised by it.
A statement from the diocese said

We thank them [the Hindus] for their respect, and reiterate our satisfaction with the cordial relationship with them and the other religious confessions in Ceuta.

But the incident:

Forces us to be increasingly more faithful to our Christian tradition.

The statement also said that the vicar had been “admonished” for allowing these actions and that he’s presented his resignation, which was accepted.
Mateos, the statement said:

Acknowledges that it was a mistake to allow the entrance of these images and that he didn’t intend, at any moment, to venerate anything outside of our only and true God …
His intention was only to welcome the sign of respect that the Hindu community wanted to offer towards the Christian community and the Patroness of Ceuta.

The statement added that the Hindu community only intended to leave a floral offering outside the Catholic Church, and that they had no plans to conduct a joint inter-religious event.
However, Mateos made the grievious mistake of opening the the doors to the deity and its worshippers. A procession then carried Ganesh to the altar, where the priest welcomed it and it the Hindus.
One Hindu  then then grabbed the microphone and said:

Ceuta is the only place in the world where two different cultures, two different religions come together to pray to the god Ganesh and of course to our Patroness.

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  • Stephen Mynett

    So, fuck a child and the church will protect you, try to foster good relations with everyone in the community regardless of religion and you are kicked out.
    It is easy to see why religionists are so frightened of secularism, people might start getting along.

  • barriejohn

    Ganeshing of teeth , then.

  • Robert

    Try parading that stupid effigy within visible range of a mosque and watch the carefully nurtured mutual hatreds erupt into an orgy of blood soaked violence.

  • Broga

    Ganesh sounds interesting. Elephants need protection.
    Just heard an item on the news saying that in a recent survey 53% in the UK said they had no religion. Amongst the young – 18 – 24 – the figure was over 70%. The Bishop of Liverpool did his best to put a favourable spin on the news. He thought that it was preferable that people were prepared to admit that they did not belong to a religion.
    The Bishop’s comments implied to me that admitting no religion was something shameful. Any chance of the BBC allowing an atheist on Thought for the Day and laying of the deluge of religious propaganda on Sundays. Or would still be too dangerous as it might encourage the audience to think?

  • barriejohn

    Two episodes. Very moving.

  • Robert

    The fact is that violence between religious factions is just like the the violence one gets well one group of gangsters try to muscle in on the territory of a neighbouring gang of thugs. It’s all about the struggle for territorial control and extorting money from and exerting power over the people. I remember as a child the established Ice Cream Vendor picking a fight with an interloper who was running the route ahead of the established schedule. It was a violent bloody dirty scrap between two paunchy italian middle aged men … a nasty exhibition of primitive territorial behaviour. The violence is near the surface especially when the combatants have godly permission to kick the shit out of each other.

  • Stonyground

    It is not enough to believe in infantile nonsense, it has to be the correct infantile nonsense. Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe that adults are involved in this dispute? Their behaviour is like that of a bunch of six year olds fighting in the playground.

  • StephenJP

    Broga, the religious are already seizing on the admission of some of those surveyed that they are “spiritual”, and pretending that this means they are really people of faith after all. In fact all they do is meditate or engage in “mindfulness” – activities that are likely to get them banned from church halls all over the country!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: Thanks. Elephants have been treated abominably. Slaughtered for ivory and worked to death in appalling conditions. Much the same as other animals. How could a loving God place animals at the mercy of a killer ape with a grotesquely enlarged brain which it is currently using to wreck the planet, exterminate species and may well annihilate much of its own species?
    The “joke” is that this destructive pest has pronounced that it is the beloved of the Almighty. Of course, its version of God varies and those who have a different version are deserving of death. I agree with Madame de Staele: “The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.”
    Better restrain myself as, on this subject, the verbiage starts to flow.

  • Broga

    StephenJP: I have a religious relative who insists that despite my declared atheism I am really a Christian who has yet to “open your heart to Jesus.” This is the clincher for them: insist that all atheists are really Christians just waiting to “discover the truth.”

  • Vanity Unfair

    “Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomous Spanish communities located on the coast of North Africa.”
    should read:
    “Ceuta and Melilla, two places the Spanish never mention when discussing Gibraltar.”