Help feed orphans and promote secular humanism in Uganda

Help feed orphans and promote secular humanism in Uganda September 16, 2017

The Brighter Brains Institute, a California-based non-profit secular humanist organisation, has launched a funding campaign to establish a tilapia fish pond in Kanungu in Uganda, near the Congo border.
Tilapia is a native African fish that is easily farmed and reproduces quickly, and the plan is to cultivate the fish to provide both food and financial benefits for orphans at the Kanungu Humanist Primary School.

It’s a brilliant concept, and in just seven days the GoFundMe campaign has raised $1,315 of its $1,500 target.
The BBI is doing fantastic work in Uganda and has built two secular humanist orphanages in western Uganda – one in Muhokya/BiZoHa, the other in Kanyenze – and this latest initiative is well worth your support.
Fried tilapia, tilapia soup, and chopped tilapia with groundnuts will be regularly fed to the orphans.
The pond will be 30 meters by 60 meters; tilapia will fed on greens, corn bran, soybeans and groundnuts; No chemicals will be used.
The Institute’s mission is to provide education and economic sustainability to the growing number of secular humanist communities in Uganda.
The Kanungu tilapia pond will generate funds to uplift the entire village.
All donors receive a tax deductible receipt (BBI is a 501c3) and regular updates – with photos – on the construction progress and economic benefits of the pond.
Donating $65 or more earns you a “Tilapia for Orphans” t-shirt. Just provide your address.
If you would like to make a donation, follow this link.
•  The BBI appeal reminded me of this brilliant observation:

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.

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  • Thank you for bringing this campaign to the public’s attention. Deeply grateful

  • barriejohn


  • Eliaj

    This seems to be rotary club intitiative. They tend to be good samaritans while spending millions of dollards on abortion. Yes, save 5 persons kill 5 million of them. Very good policy.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Brilliant is a good response to this which is typical of a Humanist response to a problem, ie do something tangible and with long lasting potential.
    I am not sure if any are running at the moment but will post if I find one. A while back there was a “Save your old laptop”, the save was a deliberate play on the evangelical claptrap but this was a great scheme. A lot of people just ditch old computers because they get slow and are unable to run modern programs, usually games and the machines are worth very little in terms of money yet it takes an hour or less to make an old machine very good again. A good clean of the heatsinks and fans, plus re-pasting the CPU followed by the installation of a lightweight Linux distro, the latter, unlike Windows, will not be full of bloatware and is designed to run on low power machines with very little RAM.
    Once done these machines can be donated to wherever they can help, usually for education but also other uses and because they are running open source freeware are easily maintained and adapted.
    The trouble is, like the fish, it takes a little effort and/or money to do it, while any religionist shithead can mumble mumbo jumbo and claim they have helped and it will have cost them nothing.

  • barriejohn

    I well remember listening to missionaries, and reading their “reports”, when I was younger, and learning how they insisted that people desiring treatment at their clinics had to turn up early in the morning and listen to a “Gospel presentation” first, otherwise they were turned away. That’s the way that the religious dispense “charity”, and it stinks.

  • Barry Duke

    An illiterate and stupid response “Eliaj”. Or should that be Bob Hutton?

  • Angela_K

    This is good news, helping people without the strings of religion attached.I have an American friend [atheist of course] who spends several months a year drilling bore holes, free of charge, for water in various paces in Africa, somewhat more useful than churches and bibles.

  • Stephen Mynett

    “. . . spending millions of dollards . . . ”
    I am unsure of this currency, I guess a dollard is the money used by a dullard.

  • Barry Duke

    A dullard, indeed, Stephen Mynett. It’s the pitiful Pole “Seff”, who, like Hutton, is determined to troll this site in a variety of guises.

  • barriejohn

    “I am a master of disguise.”And who’s Eliaj when he’s about? Does he mean Elijah, perhaps?
    Wise words on abortion:
    There’s nothing Christ-like about elevating fetuses over already-born children who are denied treatment for cancer because their parents can’t afford it.
    Common sense – something that’s in very short supply where the religious are concerned.