Jesus turns wine into water – Catholics in India are appalled

Jesus turns wine into water – Catholics in India are appalled September 12, 2017

An amusing ad for Australian meat was attacked today by the the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in India for, among other things, showing Jesus turning wine into water for a ‘designated driver’ attending a dinner party.
According to this report, the Australian advertising campaign launched by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) features “revered” mythical figures to promote its meat products, and has also annoyed Hindus.

CSF Founder-General Secretary Joseph Dias said the ad is “bad in taste and offensive to all” and demanded a boycott of MLA and a ban of their products.
The advertisement features the elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Thor, Zeus and others seated at a table enjoying what is a sumptuous non-vegetarian feast.
An oblique reference is made to the “prophet” Mohammed, who is not pictured but is heard excusing himself from the party through a mobile phone call, explaining he has to pick-up a child from daycare.
What has apparently hurt Christians most is Jesus Christ performing what is termed as a “reverse miracle” by turning wine into water so a Grecian goddess, who is a “designated driver” can drive home safely.
Dias said:

We have written to Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj to take note of these insensitive advertisements and raise the issue with the top authorities in Australia immediately.
We also demand that MLA Chairman Michele Allan and MD Richard Norton withdraw the ads and tender an apology

Besides writing to Sushma Swaraj, the CSF has shot off emails to Australian Deputy High Commissioner in Mumbai Martin Huber, Indian High Commissioner to Australia Harinder Sidhu and other top officials raising serious objections to the MLA campaign.

The CSF has always protested against commercial exploitation of religious figures for profit, irrespective of which religion the figures belong to. The MLA ads have hurt not only followers of different faiths, but atheists and agnostics all over.

He termed the campaign as “culturally insensitive” to vegans and communities like Hindus, Jains or Buddhists and said Lord Ganesha is a vegetarian and meat is never offered to him, as depicted in the MLA ads.
Dias warned that unless MLA yanks off the offensive ad campaign and apologises, the global Catholic community would be compelled to boycott its products as:

There are many alternatives available worldwide.

In this report, MLA spokesman Andrew Howie defended the advert, saying the various deities were depicted in “a clearly fantastic nature”.
It is understood that the advertisement has been referred to Ausralia’s Advertising Standards Board (ASB) for review.

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  • Daz

    “The MLA ads have hurt not only followers of different faiths, but atheists and agnostics all over.”

    Umm. Nope! I thought twas quite amusing.

  • L.Long

    1st 3 cheers for MLA! Its a great commercial! 2nd you will probably buckle under the pressure and apologize to the hate filled bigots, as business is important.
    The delicate egos of the religious delusionals does not allow them to accept the fact that their beliefs are nothing but a joke!

  • Broga

    “Have hurt atheists”. I doubt that. But then when it serves their purpose they are ready to lie about our feelings.

  • Dianne Leonard

    I saw this ad a few days ago, and laughed til my stomach hurt. Then emailed it to others. They got a kick out of it too. Why don’t TV companies in the US have great ads like this? (Yeah, I know: they are afraid of offending the binge watchers of Fox “news” et al.)

  • AgentCormac

    That is actually a really clever ad. Very well written, directed and acted, and does a great selling job by identifying a wonderful positioning for lamb producers – ie here is a product everyone can enjoy, whatever their beliefs (dumb as they may be). I love the fact that they’ve got Ron Hubbard in there, just to show how low the bar goes (‘I gave up dinner with Tom Cruise for this.’ Haha!). And the fact that the Japanese geisha goddess using Facebook is said to have more followers than all the deities around the table put together is priceless. Wish I’d written it.

  • StephenJP

    And now it doesn’t matter if the ad is forced to be pulled. It is out there, it is very funny, and the more the religious frumps fulminate about it, the more people will seek it out and find it funny as well. And in turn some of them might acquire not only a taste for Australian lamb, but also for irreverence towards all established dogmas, especially religion.

  • Robster

    I don’t think “stay away” Mo, picking up the divine offspring is actually heard in the commercial,he’s on the phone with one of the other deities explaining his non appearance which said deity explains Mo’s reason for failing to show.

  • Laura Roberts

    Cute! I have to admit, at first I thought it was a gentle advert promoting atheism until that very last bit about sharing lamb. As @StephenJP notes, it’s out there now, no getting rid of it no matter how many toddlers threaten to hold their breath.

  • Dan

    What the pious don’t like is having people laugh at them. It’s not a sin to laugh. The pious can call me, an atheist, not fully human but they can’t stop me laughing at them and they hate that. They hate being the butt of humour and so they try to close it down. But in this time of Internet connectivity closing stuff down has the reverse effect. I would never have seen this ad unless someone had whinged about it. Now I will ensure many more people will see it.

  • barriejohn

    Wine into water;
    It’s what he oughta
    Do, though it’s voodoo.
    The demon drink – it makes you think – is really a bit of a hoodoo.

  • Lucy

    Jesus was shown doing something kind and thoughtful…and they object?

  • sailor1031

    i’m incensed, nay appalled – nay outraaaaged that they show Siddhartha Gautama Sakyamuni Lord Buddha wasting his time with mythical deities and eating lamb! Any fule kno this is sacreligious. I may have to boycott the catholic church for bringing this to my attention.
    If the makers of this commercial were here right now I would strike them with this (faded) lotus flower I have here……non-violently of course.

  • Broga

    sailor1031: There is much in Buddhism I like – particularly Zen. There is a small Buddhist refuge near me. I often meet someone from there and never once have they mentioned Buddhism.
    I note that Jesus remains white, handsome and with a nicely trimmed beard.

  • David Anderson

    What do Catlicks want with lamb anyway. Don’t they have a tasty snack of meat and blood in a handy cracker?

  • sailor1031

    Broga: at least the followers of Zen don’t fill their heads and yours with twaddle about some magic-man who lives in the clouds (although an old fraud like the dalai lama may well do so – tibetan buddhism being what it is). They concentrate on seeing more clearly through zazen. Spent a lot of time there myself. The trouble as I see it is that when you achieve enlightenment and see your situation clearly you are still surrounded by idiots in an idiotic world but now see that perfectly clearly. Jack Kornfeld wrote a book “After the ecstasy the laundry” which describes some of the problems that follow enlightenment. All in all I prefer atheism, you get to the same place at the end but without all the BS that many buddhists never get free of.

  • Broga

    sailor1031: Like you I am an atheist but I pick up whatever I can if it works for me in practice. Christianity serves up a very thin gruel and I was brought up on that. Getting a bit OT here but I find rich pickings in the ancient Stoics – particularly Epictetus.

  • sailor1031

    Broga: we have much in common in tastes, beliefs (or lack thereof) and attitudes. I was also brought up on christianity of a sort. I got better when I was about 14 YO.

  • Broga

    sailor1031: My Presbyterian Christian indoctrination was very slack. The revelation for me also came when I was 14 or 15. I was very excited when I discovered atheism. I took a bit of verbal hammer from my extended family but none of them offered any answers to my questions.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Fairly similar Broga, although I do not think I ever believed as it all seemed so daft. I attended Sunday School when young because all the family were dragged to church but the “teaching” was useless and the materials a joke. There were a lot of comic type leaflets telling bible stories but to me they just looked like the Beano or the Dandy, except the stories were not as good or funny – I know realise that the likes of Biffo, Minnie the Minx and Billy Whizz probably had a better educational effect than the Christian claptrap as Mum had no problem teaching me to read with stuff I liked and I was reading well by four and a half.
    Likewise a bit of discontent from some relatives but they were unable to answer questions because no one ever questioned religion in those days. The old “respect a man of the cloth” was trotted out ad infinitum. These days if I mention it to any of those still living I point out that this blanket respect of their era was empowering the abusers, it was no wonder priests, vicar, nuns etc could do what they did as the victim was never believed and often punished for being disrespectful.