Christian cheats on wife, bangs on about 'traditional marriage'

Christian cheats on wife, bangs on about 'traditional marriage' October 11, 2017

Tory MP and evangelical Christian Steve Double, 50, has had the gall to criticise the government’s plans for LGBT sex and relationship education in schools after admitting having cheated on his wife.
The hypocrite, according to PinkNews, said the plans would undermine “the traditional family”.
The Member of Parliament for St Austell and Newquay is a co-signatory to an open letter which claims  LGBT-inclusive education “undermines freedom” by:

Introducing very young children to concepts such as homosexuality and transgenderism.

The letter claims that this would be a “coercive and unnecessary measure damaging the position of all parents in England”, and that “traditional marriage” will by undermined by:

Promoting to children alternative lifestyles against parents’ wishes.

When it comes to undermining traditional marriage, Double is somewhat of an expert.
Last year he issued a public apology after a tabloid reported that he allegedly cheated on his wife of 30 years with a married 26-year-old aide.
Double, a former pastor, insisted the affair was “only a few weeks” in response to the story.
He said at the time:

I was truly wrong and I deeply regret what I have done and the pain it has caused to those close to me. I’m working hard to rebuild that trust and respect.
I have behaved completely inappropriately and deeply regret the pain I have caused.
Anne and I are committed to being together and seeking to move forward in our marriage. I accept I have work to do to recover the trust and respect of those around me.
I would respectfully request that people give us the time and space we need at this time.

The letter was also signed by a rogue’s gallery of anti-LGBT lobbyists, including Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, who has publicly defended gay “cure” therapy.
Also signatories of the letter are Thomas Pascoe of the Coalition for Marriage, Colin Hart of the Christian Institute and Revd Andrew Symes of Anglican Mainstream – all strong opponents of LGBT equality laws.

Controversial newspaper columnist Rod Liddle, above, who has previously been found in breach of the press regulator’s code through his public bullying of a transgender politician, also signed the letter warning about “transgenderism”.
Liddle was rebuked by the press regulator in 2015 after he published a Sun column targeting a Labour Party candidate who is blind and transgender.
The regulator finding against him did little to tone down his outspoken columns, however, with Liddle last year claiming in a Spectator column that gay men’s need to use lube during sex is:

God’s way of telling you that what you’re about to do is unnatural and perverse.

The letter was spearheaded by unhinged Tory MP Philip Davies, above.
A long-time opponent of LGBT rights, Davies was last month re-elected to serve on the Parliamentary committee responsible for scrutinising the government’s equalities work.
The MP for Shipley is a strong opponent of LGBT rights, voting against the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations in 2007 and the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013.
He has previously complained that same-sex marriage law discriminates against straight people, and has branded inclusive sex education “tyranny”.
Davies is also an outspoken critic of the women’s rights movement, and previously faced questions over his ties to the so-called “Justice for Men and Boys party” – which issues awards for “lying feminist of the month”, and affirms on its website that:

Feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars.

Davies used the floor of the House of Commons to attack a secondary school in 2009, after it held an educational LGBT History Month production of Romeo and Julian.
Davies fumed:

It is better for pupils to learn about Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare, rather than politically correct Romeo and Julian.

Labour’s Harriet Harman helpfully reminded him:

As far as I can remember, in Shakespearean times boys would play girls and girls would play boys, and the whole point was trying to work out which was which.

He has previously called for the Women and Equalities Committee to the Equalities Committee to change its name to exclude “Women”.
Last year he filibustered an opposition bill to make inclusive sex and relationship education mandatory in schools.
In his controversial speech he claimed that “the culture of political correctness” led to sexual abuse, also linking sex education to a rise in teen pregnancies. He said:

One day everybody will have to conclude that what we need is less sex education, or even better, none… I hope this Bill goes absolutely nowhere.

The MP is also known for campaigning for recognition for an “International Men’s Day” and picking arguments with women’s rights campaigners – memorably clashing with feminist Labour MP Jess Philips on a number of occasions.
In one memorable clash with Phillips in 2015, Davies claimed to:

Always vote in favour of true equality.

When she asked him to clarify if he voted for gay marriage, he responded:

Look, I don’t agree with gay marriage, why would I vote for something I don’t agree with?

Hat tip: Gill Kerry

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  • Vanity Unfair

    Well, if he can’t lead a double life, who can?
    Now that’s out of the way I can get on with a reasoned reply.

  • Broga

    ” I’m working hard to rebuild that trust and respect.”
    A forlorn hope. It is like virginity. Once it is gone you can’t have it back.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: Absolutely, yet these brazen hypocrites seem to plough on as if nothing has happened. I don’t think they really feel any shame at all; they are just sorry that they were caught out .
    Liddle is a disgusting turd, and Richard Littlejohn is as bad. I don’t know how he actually gets away with writing some of the tendentious and insulting tripe that he does. It’s deliberate:

  • barriejohn

    More on Littlejohn and press harassment here:
    Richard Littlejohn, a columnist on the Mail, also wrote an article headlined: “He’s not only in the wrong body … he’s in the wrong job”, in which he asked whether anyone had thought of “the devastating effect” on the pupils of Meadows’s change in gender.
    He wrote: “Why should they be forced to deal with the news that a male teacher they have always known as Mr Upton will henceforth be a woman called Miss Meadows?”

    Because it was a fact, maybe?

  • 1859

    ‘Liddle & Double’ – who would trust lawyers with these names – oh, but wait! – they’re politicians! Ah well, then it all makes admirable sense. Hypocrisy rules.

  • Broga

    1859: A Tory MP and an evangelical Christian is a toxic mix.
    Do these bigots think someone changes sex except under the most overwhelming pressure. I happen to know something about this. My wife’s close friend has a son who is transgender and who has undergone surgery to change sex. She attempted suicide, she fled the country for a time and no one would do undergo what she has done except under the most severe compulsion. Fortunately she has supportive parents.
    But, I suppose, to expect understanding, or at least an open mind, from devout Christians is a stretch too far.

  • barriejohn

    @1859: More like “Fiddle & Trouble”, maybe!

  • H3r3tic

    Rod Liddle is simply Littlejohn with a few more CSEs. I’d forgotten what a complete arse he is until reading the quote above, which has prompted me to re-watch his toe-curlingly inept “documentary” The Trouble With Atheism. It seems to compress every already discredited argument against atheism, i.e. it’s a religion, the Stalinist purges were carried out in the name of atheism etc, into one concentrated hour of fuckwittery. Astonishing.

  • AgentCormac

    How ironic that those who are so bothered by the thought of homosexuality are in fact a bunch of arseholes.

  • Daz

    “also linking sex education to a rise in teen pregnancies…”

    … he made a complete arse of himself. The following is for England and Wales.
    Conception rate per 1,000 women in the under eighteen age group:
    1998 – 47.1
    1999 – 45.1
    2000 – 43.9
    2001 – 42.7
    2002 – 43.0
    2003 – 42.3
    2004 – 41.8
    2005 – 41.6
    2006 – 40.8
    2007 – 41.6
    2008 – 39.9
    2009 – 37.2
    2010 – 34.3
    2011 – 30.9
    2012 – 27.9
    2013 – 24.5
    2014 – 22.9
    2015 – 21.0
    I’m not sure how a fall of more than fifty percent in seventeen years qualifies as a rise. But let’s be generous. Maybe he meant underage pregnancies. These, for some reason, are given in three-year aggregates, and don’t go back as far. But still…
    Conception rate per 1,000 women in the under sixteen age group:
    2008 to 2010 – 7.2
    2009 to 2011 – 6.7
    2010 to 2012 – 6.1
    2011 to 2013 – 5.5
    2012 to 2014 – 4.9
    2013 to 2015 – 4.3
    So, nope. No rise. And over the 2008 to 2015 period, the fall is roughly the same; a tad under fifty percent.
    Still, he’s right about one thing. There is a link between sex-education and teen pregnancy. It’s just that he needs to learn what the term “inverse correlation” means. Ho hum.
    [Source: Office for National Statistics]

  • barriejohn

    Daz: See? Once again you “liberals” are clouding the issue with facts. Those of us who are in the right, and defending traditional values, prefer to depend upon The Truth – which is very different thing!
    And talking about liberals: Paul Dacre now has a real bee in his bonnet about liberals, and practically every front page of the Mail carries some headline denigrating such reprobates, and blaming every ill in society upon them. Today it’s the hypocrisy and cowardice of the liberal establishment who fawned over Weinstein. I don’t remember Baz Bamigboye (what a legend!) ever calling him out in the same paper, but maybe we all missed that.

  • Daz

    Ah, good old traditional values. How we loved small pox,rampant child-prostitution and smog!
    Liddle, Littlejohn and Dacre: the Holy Trinity of reactionary conservawankery. (Also starring Katie Hopkins as the virgin Mary.)

  • Stephen Mynett

    I remember a load of conservative religionist gits I know banging on about how immoral the Germans are, when I told one the age of consent was 15 she nearly threw up but at least that got a response, when I pointed out they had great sex education and there were very few unwanted teenage pregnancies in Germany she just turned away and refused to listen.
    The crazy thing being the birth-rate was getting worryingly low as German couples were waiting until they were sure they had the time and finances to bring up a family – how dreadfully immoral to the religious, who think it much better to force women to have more babies than their body can healthily cope with and not worry about over-population or children with parents who cannot afford to feed them.

  • It’s so sweet and touching when anti-feminists and homophobes discover all that unites them.

  • Piotr

    “I was truly wrong and I deeply regret what I have done and the pain it has caused to those close to me. I’m working hard to rebuild that trust and respect.”Better late than never.
    Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler had no remore. He was on duty.