Not on the menu: City of London dinner ditches grace

Not on the menu: City of London dinner ditches grace October 1, 2017

Rev Canon Roger Royle , above, chaplain to Lord Mayor of the City of London, is somewhat miffed that he was not asked to offer a prayer of thanksgiving last week at a dinner at the Mansion House.
Instead, guests at the Dragon Awards ceremony heard him give a secular message in the interests of “diversity”, according to this report.
The event, which celebrated the positive difference businesses are making in the local community, was held by the City of London Corporation.
Royle told the Sunday Times:

I had feedback from people who were very disappointed but that is the instruction I was given so that is what I did.

The City of London Corporation said:

We respect people of all religious beliefs and those who have none. The note of thanks felt most appropriate for our audience as a celebration of London’s diversity.

Royle grumpily countered:

I don’t see why we didn’t have a proper grace because the atmosphere of the evening was perfectly Christian and the message would be perfectly in keeping … I suppose it is partly this respect of the multi-faith world in which we live. In the City …  you’ve got to make sure that God does get a look in.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Tee

    A christian chaplain for a muslim Major? Hmmmmmmmm.

  • Italian Scallion

    People say grace before eating. So do I. I call Grace and she comes and we have a good time.

  • Broga

    “you’ve got to make sure that God does get a look in.”
    Really! Yet they insist that God is omnipotent. I wonder what the Chaplain to the Lord Mayor does? I suspect Roger is a spare part as he trails around doing not very much.
    Does Roger get paid for this role? The problem Roger has is that increasing numbers of people would be embarrassed by him mouthing some mumbo jumbo to thank God for a meal.

  • barriejohn

    That’s an old photo of Roger Royle, Barry – he’s 78. I honestly thought that he was dead! He used to write a column in one of my mother’s magazines years ago, and it was the most mind-numbingly awful platitudinous piffle. Looking at his Wikipedia entry he seems to be still at it (writing, that is):
    “Is it raining where you are? You know, when I look at the rain falling gently down I am often reminded how God in his wonderful love and mercy…”

  • Broga

    That quote. Definitely a bit special. I mean special in the sense of mushy drivel of a rare offensiveness. How can anyone any longer talk of God’s “wonderful love and mercy.?” The rain wasn’t falling “gently” when it caused floods to devastate thousands of homes recently in the USA.
    Is this man serious? This is so awful he must be an agent provocateur on behalf of the NSS. I think he is a Barry Duke undercover agent working to destroy the remnants of what is left of C. of E. credibility. And he is doing a brilliant job.

  • Barry Duke

    @ Tee.The Lord Mayor of the City of London is not the same as the Muslim Mayor of London. Roger Royle is chaplain to Andrew Parmley.
    @ BarrieJohn, sorry but that pic was the only decent one I could find of the silly old duffer, who stupidly described the late Sir Terry Wogan, a lifelong atheist, as “a man of spirituality and faith.”

  • barriejohn

    Broga: That was ME! I’ll take it as a compliment that you were so completely persuaded that the “quote” was genuine, as it’s just the sort of thing that you get on TFTD every morning.
    I was really looking for the “Calming Words” Epilogue, but I couldn’t find it!

  • barriejohn

    Here it is:
    Genius at work!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: Congratulations. We can no longer tell the difference. That photo of Roger is a brilliant example of the forced and phony jollity of the “happy Christian.”

  • Cali Ron

    “…the atmosphere of the evening was perfectly christian…” What in the cosmos is he talking about? We’re there angels flitting about? Did god finally reveal himself? Maybe I am aiming too high. Was he ‘laying on of hands ‘ with an altar boy?