Uganda's new Freethinker Library will help free kids minds

Uganda's new Freethinker Library will help free kids minds October 7, 2017

IT’S a lamentable fact that millions of children in Africa are exposed from an early age to Christian propaganda in the form of faith-based learning programmes and truckloads of religious tracts and books brought into the country by missionaries under the guise of ‘foreign aid’.
This from Wikipedia:

Critics question the mingling of economic, health, or other types of aid with the motivation of religious development groups, nearly all of which are Christian. They allege that staff and supporters of these organizations often seek conversions and threaten indigenous beliefs and cultural practices.
Defenders credit Christian development and missionary groups for reaching people like no other groups can, due to historical networks, such as Africa’s churches, and providing top quality services, often in health and education.
Some, however, consider faith-based foreign aid to be a modern-day extension of religious colonialism, with morality often dangerously mixed with critical development concerns, especially global health education, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, economic security and other issues.

One example of an organisation that promotes Christian superstition among Africans is called Love has Feet, and it says on its website, alongside the picture above:

Africa has the lowest literacy rate in the world. We are working on launching a literacy program aimed at teaching illiterate adults and children alike how to read proficiently. Based on Literacy and Evangelism International’s training module, this is a Bible-based literacy program whose end goal is instructing readers to read and understand the Word of God.

While conceding that literacy will raise the standard of living in non-religious ways, its makes clear that the primary aim of its programme is to indoctrinate children and adults:

Through improving literacy we will provide the ability to read the Bible while simultaneously improving the quality of live and income opportunities for the people.

In a small step to combat these nonsensical and frankly dangerous faith-based programmes, the Freethinker, working in partnership with the Brighter Brains Institute, has launched a campaign to provide Kanungu Humanist School with library books and other educational resources.
This impoverished school of 146 students in southwest Uganda has only a tiny collection of old books, as the photo indicates, and it is our aim to raise $600.00 (about £460.00) to equip The Freethinker Library.
This money will be used to provide:
• 48 text books
• Humanism books
• A black board set
• Shelves
• Two tables
• Two benches
• Posters
• Transport
If you would like to help fund this initiative which has the potential to expand dramatically please follow this link. Donations can be made in increments of $10.00.
Recently I brought readers’ attention to the Institute’s Tilapia Pond fundraiser, and am delighted to report that the target of $1,500.00 was exceeded by $50.00, thanks to those who gave so generously.

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  • Rob Andrews

    What can be said but…

  • Italian Scallion

    I personally think that “ALL” religion should be banned from the face of the Earth. Religion serves no useful purpose whatsoever but to impair people’s minds and make slaves of women. “ALL” religion is nothing but pure evil.

  • barriejohn

    Great news again.

  • 1859

    This is great news. But, you know what?As a soon to retire teacher, I have loads of maths books and materials I would love to donate. But does anyone know how I can do this from New Zealand without incurring huge postal costs?

  • Stephen Mynett

    1859, this is a long shot but possible. Some aid organisations will take goods locally as they have shipping agreements. They may also take stuff that is not their usual if it is worthwhile.
    I supply Healthcare4Africa with my unused medical kit and that is quite bulky. I have to post internally but the international shipping is done by them and in the past they have worked with other groups, so do not ship just medical kit.
    Perhaps you can find a group similar to them in NZ, although it may take a bit of searching. It took me a while to find Healthcare4Africa.

  • Barry Duke

    @1859. Offhand I don’t know if there is an economical way of donating material such as yours. I forward your query to the Brighter Brains Institute.
    A few years ago I received an email request from a mission in India for educational material.The pastor addressed me as “dear Barry Duke, my brother in Christ”. I parceled up bunch of old Freethinkers and sent it to him.
    Two months later the parcel was returned to me with a terse note saying “a terrible mistake was made when we contacted you. We will not be contacting you again.”

  • 1859

    Thanks guys, I’ll look into some local NZ charities that have international connections. Barry D, if you get a practical reply from the BBI let me know.Thanks.
    ‘My brother in Christ’ – how many ‘brothers’ can the Messiah have? And clearly there are no Freethinkers in heaven then!

  • Ate Berga

    The only sensible “religion” is the remembrance (wrongly called “worship” by the jebusloons) of your forefathers/mothers as practice in Africa.
    I cringe, when ever I hear missionaries telling of how they will invade an area and “improve” (read disrupt) the lives of locals.

  • Brian Jordan

    I gather a lot of people in Africa are bypassing traditional banking by using mobile phones. I don’t know what access the school will have to them but there are dirt-cheap ones from China, probably each costing no more than a new book.
    If they could equip their library with a few phones (no need to uses them as phones) there’s a gazillion of good books for free on the net that they could read on them. BTW Talking of bypassing traditional banking, I’d gladly donate if only they had a PayPal button.

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: That’s a great idea, though I do wonder whether charging might present problems in some areas. Charities are helping many in Africa to gain access to solar power now, so perhaps a bit of joined-up thinking would help there!
    Incidentally, atheists are helping in Puerto Rico, and I’m sure that they WON’T be sending Bibles:

  • barriejohn

    Meanwhile, nobody has done more for Puerto Rico then Donald Trump, and he’s not getting enough praise for it!!!

  • Stephen Mynett

    Brian Jordan, good idea and there is another option, although more difficult to ship. Most laptops become slow and outdated after a few years and practically worthless so some people are happy to donate them. Once they are cleaned and the fans dusted it takes a few minutes to put a lightweight Linux distro on them, these are distros designed to work on low RAM and weak CPU machines. They are pretty good and there are Open Source Freeware programs like Ocular that will read almost all formats of ebook and document, plus a myriad of useful other stuff.
    I have renovated old machines for a charity here in the past, it is not difficult or time consuming, all that is needed is someone to organise the collection and distribution of them, although that will be a difficult task.