Catholic diocese calls 'foul' over petition against bishop

Catholic diocese calls 'foul' over petition against bishop November 2, 2017

Earlier this month we carried a report that said Catholic priests in Wisconsin were warned to be wary of conducting funerals for homosexuals who were known to be in a same-sex marriages or civil partnerships.
Well, the shit’s hit the fan big time. According to this reportan online petition is accusing Bishop Robert Morlino,  above,  of the the Diocese of Madison, of  “hatred and discrimination” and “abuse of power”. Among its charges is that Morlino:

Is an open and practicing bigot whose attitudes and opinions about the LGBTQI members of his Diocese (and our beloved families) are nothing short of inhumane.

It further alleges:

He does not have the love in his heart nor the strength of character to stop his hate-filled fixation on the intimate lives of consensual and committed adults.

The petition, signed so far by almost 6,500 people, demands the sacking of Morlino by the Pope.
In its turn, the diocese is screaming “foul”, saying of the petition:

It is what it is – a successful PR stunt, because it has gotten altogether too much attention. However, this is certainly not how the Church works, and even the organizers know this. But it becomes the M O of such groups to use whatever means necessary to besmirch a good bishop’s name. Sadly, it works in our culture today. Not anything new or surprising about this and the premises for the petition are demonstrably false, for those who have any desire to see the truth of the matter, just as are the claims made in this recent affair.
Nor would it be something that faithful Catholics sign, not because of who the bishop is, but because everything he teaches (which is the reason for these various petitions over the years) is the consistent and universal truth, taught by the Church, since the time of Christ Himself.

Cue Catholic League President, the posturing nincompoop Bill Donohue who said the attack was:

Scurrilous. Catholics in the Diocese of Madison are very fortunate to have such a brilliant and courageous leader in Bishop Robert Morlino. He is currently under attack by dissident Catholics, ex-Catholics, and those who never were Catholic, for merely upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church. The uproar is wholly unjustified.

The row erupted after the burial guidelines were issued by the diocese’s Vicar General James Bartylla.
Donohue added:

The Vicar General’s comments were entirely measured. To begin with, he was not talking about the burial of homosexuals, per se; rather, he was addressing those instances where a homosexual was involved in a public union with his partner.
I know Bishop Morlino as a kind person who holds no animus against any person or group of persons. He deserves our support. Shame on those agenda-ridden activists who are out to smear him.

The diocese clarified in a statement last week that the communication attributed to Bishop Morlino was not official diocesan policy, though it did have his approval.

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  • Robster

    No animus eh? Except for gays, non and former Catholics, people in “deviant” relationships, women, atheists, non conformists, those who don’t really believe it’s magically prepared fresh Jesus they’re munching at the Sunday brunch and anybody smart enough to recognise the church and its doctrine for what it is, bigoted nonsense in silly hats.

  • Dale

    When a gay person speaks bigmouth catholic bigots have to shut up and listen.

  • Broga

    Morlino looks like a man who loves dressing up – and his food.

  • Laura Roberts

    “He is currently under attack …for merely upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church.”
    Yes, as anyone should be. Just as anyone should be excoriated for upholding the teachings of “Mein Kampf”.

  • barriejohn

    Laura: Well said. I get sick of “I’m only defending my beliefs”. What the fuck is THAT supposed to mean? If your beliefs are irrational, illogical or dangerous, then they need to be ditched.

  • barriejohn

    Just a short message to let people know that Terry Sanderson underwent surgery for cancer yesterday, and is now recovering. He is standing down as President of the NSS later this year. To some of us he has been a fucking inspiration over the years, so we all wish him a complete recovery, as he is still much needed!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: Sad news about Terry Sanderson but good news that he is recovering. He has indeed been an inspiration and such a stalwart over the years. I’m sure I join with many others in sending my heartfelt best wishes.

  • Brian Jordan

    So sorry to hear that, best wishes to Terry.

  • AgentCormac

    ‘… he was not talking about the burial of homosexuals, per se; rather, he was addressing those instances where a homosexual was involved in a public union with his partner.’
    Ah, so he only hates some LGBTQI people, then?

  • CoastalMaineBird

    @AgentCormac: he only hates the ones he can see.

  • L.Long

    Solve the problem by using natural burial….find a large area, wrap dead in mushroom shrouds, dig hole, put body into it, insert tree of choice, fill with dirt, grow new forest, help the carbon problem!!! Win-Win! The whole embalming BS is all religious crap about getting your body (who would want it) back in the end of days BS!

  • Broga

    L.Long : I have always done something similar and so far I have buried three bodies. They are at the foot of a large and fertile habitat pile – lots of nettles, small holly tree, willow tree at its edge and a carpet of wild flowers. The bodies are those of my Labradors.

  • peterat

    I see this as progress of a kind: at least now Catholics are waiting for homosexuals to die before burying them!

  • Dianne Leonard

    This lying and idiocy is why I left the catholic church at 11 years old, and bad-mouthed the bishop at my confirmation. (He told me, “Shut the fuck up, kid.” I’d never heard that word before.) Since 1963, I’ve been an atheist.

  • Cali Ron

    Peterat : Hilarious and tellingly true.