Deranged NY rabbi weighs in to support judge Roy Moore

Deranged NY rabbi weighs in to support judge Roy Moore November 18, 2017

On Thursday, a conference of crazies took place in Alabama in support of beleaguered judge Roy Moore. Among them was Rabbi Noson Shmuel Leiter, head of Jews for Decency, who is pictured above with the infamous Gordon Klingenschmitt, right.
According to this report, the New York rabbi was among about 20 faith and “pro-family” leaders who spoke at a press conference in support of the US Senate candidate as he battles allegations of sexual impropriety toward minors in the late 1970s.
Leiter, who is also Executive Director of Help Rescue Our Children, praised Moore’s:

Proven track record of fighting for public policy based on Biblical values and not perversion, and that is why he is a target.

The press conference was hosted by Faith2Action President Janet Porter and Dr Steven Hotze, CEO of Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC. It came a week after the Washington Post reported on four women who stated they were pursued by Moore when he was in his early 30s and they were in their teens.
Many of the speakers focused on abortion and homosexuality, stating that Moore’s outspoken views against both have made him a target. For them, an unthinkable act would be electing a Democrat who, in the words of blogger “The Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston:

Stands for the destruction of human life through abortion and the destruction of the natural family through same-sex marriage.

For many speakers, the term “Democrat” was always paired with “Communist”.
Leiter said Moore combats:

Those who seek to victimise children and adults through transgender bathroom bills, LGBT indoctrination in schools and much more.

And the imbecile cited a midrash that states:

The great flood that annihilated civilisation in the days of Noah was triggered by societal recognition of same-sex so-called marriage.

Leiter also spoke of the “open rebellion” of so many Americans:

Murdering tens of millions of babies. We all – and especially those of us in Orthodox Jewish communities nationwide – need Judge Moore in the Senate, now more than ever.

He also condemned the Republican leadership for not pushing a bill to protect photographers or bakers from:

Homosexualist gay terrorism of blackmail.

After telling Moore “you never know how many people you inspire by standing strong,” he concluded with:

May the ultimate judge speedily pour out his heavenly wrath against our enemies and mercifully save us all.

In 2013, he stated that the ban on homosexuals in the Boy Scouts must remain because allowing them in will “expose children to grave danger” and the idea of admitting them:

Is not being liberal – it’s being barbaric.

After Hurricane Sandy, Leiter stated that Sandy’s flooding was an allusion to the Biblical flood and was a divine warning about the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New York.

The good people have to learn that the Lord does watch what we do. And If we don’t shape up, he will deliver divine justice.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo condemned Leiter’s remarks, saying that:

They are as offensive as they are ignorant … This kind of hateful rhetoric has no place in our public discourse, and is particularly distasteful in times of tragedy.

Rabbi Moshe Rube, who heads Alabama’s only Orthodox congregation, Knesseth Israel in Birmingham, said he had never heard of Leiter.

Porter dismissed the abuse reports as “unsubstantiated claims that have no evidence,” while Hotze referred to it as a “media assassination.” The speakers repeatedly dismissed the veracity of the allegations, questioning the timing and motives of the women, or of whoever they thought was behind the allegations coming out.
Porter told the reporters in the room that there would be no questions about the allegations, only about issues. When the first question was for a simple yes or no as to whether Moore had touched any of the women, Porter began to argue with the reporter, and some Moore supporters shouted at the reporter.
Going to a second reporter, Porter reiterated the rule about sticking to issues, and was told that this was the biggest issue. As both reporters were frustrated that Porter and not Moore tried to tamp down the questions, Moore and his wife left the room, followed by many of the faith leaders, and numerous reporters rushed out to follow.
Several of the speakers castigated the national news media for going after Moore, and a shouting match broke out in the hallway afterward as several of the Moore supporters lambasted the reporters, likening them to a mob.

This is not the first time a New York rabbi has come to Alabama to stand with Moore. In 2003, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, above, spoke at a rally when Moore was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and was defying a court order to remove his 5,280-pound granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the state Supreme Court building.
In 1997, Levin urged Congress to withhold funds for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum because it included information about homosexuals who were victims of the Nazis.
In 2015, he wrote an appeal to Pope Francis to help fight:

The spiritual Holocaust of gay unions.

Three weeks before Levin attended the Montgomery rally, the New York Jewish Week reported that Levin was involved in a racial dispute.
Levin had opened his congregation to Young Israel of Vandeveer Park in Brooklyn during the summer on the “strict” condition that three of their members — all of whom were black — not attend, supposedly because :

The presence of weird-looking Jews in Afro-centric clothing would not be tolerated by some members.

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  • Lurker111

    “New York rabbi was among about 20 faith and “pro-family” leaders”
    … 19 of which firmly believe the good rabbi will fry forever in Hell.
    With so much stupid in the room, I’m surprised it didn’t create some kind of existential singularity.

  • Broga

    That is as choice a cluster of religious nutters as I have seen in a long time. Just look at them. The catatonic stares that say they are shocked and stunned that anyone should doubt dear Roy.

  • barriejohn

    I knew they reminded me of something:
    On second thoughts, the puppets seem to have more life in them.
    (I hope I’m not being too flippant!)

  • AgentCormac

    There must be a collective noun for fuckwits like this lot. A confusion of whackos? A bewilderment of religiots? A delusion of crazies?

  • Broga

    a moron of nutters.

  • Barry Duke

    A cacaphony of crazies? A loco of lunatics? An aberrancy of evangelicals? A delirium of dimwits? A Hutton of half-wits?

  • barriejohn

    Barry: Very good.
    A Birdshit of bozos.

  • sailor1031

    It appears that these loons only have room for one idea at a time in their heads. That the very next idea to be loaded into their brains is in direct contradiction to the previous idea never seems to register. It puts the rational person at a severe disadvantage.

  • L.Long

    Never underestimate the depth of human stoopidity when it comes to religious evil!!! And the preachers are all liars, as NO BABIES were ever killed thru abortions!!!!

  • Broga

    @L.Long: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein.

  • AgentCormac

    Liking the Hutton of half-wits, Barry!
    Just to keep the ball rolling, how about a Birdshit of believers. A discombobulation of Bobs? Or, to bring this back to the main thrust of the thread, a retard of Roys?

  • CoastalMaineBird

    A Bible of bombast.

  • Laura Roberts

    “Proven track record of fighting for public policy based on Biblical values and not perversion…”
    Surely he meant to say “Biblical values and other perversions”?

  • barriejohn

    Laura: And who’s to say what a “perversion” is? Oh, they are, of course. I wonder whether that would include incest, or polygamy, for instance, as their Bible is stuffed full of that. Of course, according to them Moore just shows a healthy, “normal” sexual appetite, no doubt, so well done that man for standing up for “traditional values”.

  • Arnold

    Meanwhile the BBC News Website continues its infatuation with the RCC. Sometimes the BBC seems full of RCC apologists. The linked below is larded with propaganda for the appalling global crime syndicate

  • Broga

    Arnold: ” simple caring person and a sophisticated international traveller.” That means the simple caring person travelled in luxury and salted away £millions (still missing) while denying suffering women pain killing drugs.

  • Broga

    OT: “Songs of Praise host Aled Jones has been suspended by the BBC over claims he sexually harassed a female colleague.”
    Oh dear. Quite ruined my Sunday.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: The reason that Mother Teresa was a “sophisticated international traveller” was that she criss-crossed the globe seeking the sort of medical attention that she so assiduously denied the poor entrusted to her care.
    Re Addled Jones:
    From today’s paper, I kid you not!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: This is the kind of stuff that feeds the mawkish needs of his fans. Amazing. Rich fodder for the Daily Mash and the Daily Thump.

  • 1859

    American religion + American politics = prophets of doom + mass irrationality.
    The separation of the Church from the State? If this is not strictly enforced the US will end up as a nuclear-armed theocracy, which does not bare thinking about.