High Court judge criticised for lenient euthanasia sentence

High Court judge criticised for lenient euthanasia sentence November 29, 2017

Earlier this month pharmacist Bipin Desai, above, was cleared of murdering his 85-year-old father, who ‘had a solid and firm wish to die.’
Mr Justice Green, according to this report, found that Desai had been “wrongly accused” of murder for killing his father with a lethal combination of morphine and insulin, and gave him a nine-month suspended sentence.
Delivering the sentence at Guildford Crown Court, the judge said:

Your acts of assistance were acts of pure compassion and mercy. Your father had a solid and firm wish to die. Being assisted to die would be fulfilling his wish of going to heaven to see his wife and being put out of his misery.

The court heard how Desai’s father had begged daily for help in ending his life after his wife and dog died.
Finally, the 59-year-old pharmacist put morphine stolen from his pharmacy into his father’s smoothie in August, 2015.
Bipin was also acquitted of two charges of theft for taking the insulin and morphine from his own practice. The judge described the stealing as “trivial”.

The judge now stands accused of making a “shocking” decision by Dr Anthony McCarthy, above, of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children:

Are we now to believe that the killing of an innocent and vulnerable human being who is ‘tired of life’ is not to be regarded as a serious crime?
What now of any respect for laws and investigations which seek to protect the ineliminable value of all human lives, regardless of feelings of sadness and loss on the victim’s part which may perhaps respond to loving care and professional help?

Former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe said she was:

Filled with unease about the precedent the case sets. Depression following bereavement is normal at any age but I need a lot of convincing that it is or ever should be a ground for euthanasia.

The law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland states that any person who intentionally encourages or assists the suicide or attempted suicide of another person can be sent to prison for a maximum of 14 years.
In 2015, a Bill to legalise assisted suicide was soundly defeated in the House of Commons.
Meanwhile, it’s reported here that Victoria has just become the first state in Australia to legalise assisted dying for the terminally ill, with MPs voting to give patients the right to request a lethal drug to end their lives from mid-2019.

After more than 100 hours of debate across both houses of Parliament and two demanding all-night sittings, Lower House MPs ratified the Andrews Government’s amended bill.
The bill will now go to the Governor for royal assent.
Premier Daniel Andrews, who came to support euthanasia after the death of his father last year, said it was an historic day.

This is a day of reform, a day of compassion, a day of giving control to those who are terminally ill.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Victoria report)

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  • AgentCormac

    McCarthy and Widdecombe can do what they want with their own lives, but they should keep their tiresome, priggish noses out the affairs of others.

  • Angela_K

    The religious love suffering, especially if it isn’t them, M Theresa [the Albanian fraud} being a prime example. I’m pleased this man was acquitted because he did a difficult but still noble thing by ending his father’s suffering, exactly the sort of thing we do to other animals.

  • L.Long

    And the idea that’s it is OK if the sick person pushes the needle in is also BS! As they may not be strong enough and in xtian cases it is a hell judgement for suicide so a good xtian should ‘kill’ the sick person as then the sick go to heaven and the ‘killer’ can be forgiven!

  • tonye

    As someone who watched both parents suffer from long term incurable diseases that made their last years hell, I firmly believe in euthanasia.

  • Broga

    @tonye: Same here. From close up experience with my mother.

  • Arnold

    The pious who push back against euthanasia are unspeakably cruel selfish and frankly stupid. How dare some second rate politician and rabid catholic, who found herself on the end of a thrashing from Hitchens and Fry, interfere with the end of life wishes of people who are suffering terribly and who only want a swift and painless and dignified end. How dare some busy body religiofacist guttersnipe condemn people for being compassionate and caring.
    And worse, the actions of these people hold up / prevent a highly promising branch of medical research that would offer cures for people with very debilitating, chronic and ultimately terminal conditions. I refer of course to Stem Cell Research. How I ache for such people to suffer from one of the conditions the cure for which they deny others. Shame there is no hell for them to burn in.

  • RussellW

    The Northern Territory legislated for voluntary euthanasia about 20 years ago. Because the NT is a territory and not a sovereign state the conservative federal government at the time overturned the legislation.
    I have a very personal interest in the legislation, welcome news, indeed.
    Agreed, I can’t think of any logical or ethical reason why people would object to euthanasia. The problem is of course is that for religiots our lives don’t belong to us but to some sky fairy.

  • Teresa

    Angela – “The religious love suffering, especially if it isn’t them”How dare you say such nonsence. Do you remember suffering of JP II and his holy death with dignity?
    Google fra Elia – Is he having breakfast now?

  • StephenJP

    Dear Teresa,
    According to Wikipedia, JP2 died of heart failure, following septic shock, following a urinary tract infection. Just like my dear old Dad. A very sad occasion, for me and my sisters; but hardly a holy martyrdom. Still less has it got anything to do with dignity.
    I have no idea what is wrong with the person you call Fra Elia; but he is clearly seriously disturbed, to say the least, and appears not to be receiving any proper medical attention. But, as Angela indicates, the RCC are more interested in bolstering their superstitions that relate to the dead (or the unborn) than in caring for the living.

  • Broga

    Teresa: I don’t remember the “suffering of JP ll” and I don’t believe that he, or anyone else , had a “holy” death whatever that is. Perhaps you could explain.
    What I do remember is a Vatican infested with hypocrites who preached against homosexuality while its priests skulked in Rome to indulge their sexual needs and pretended to be celibate. There was also a lot of money went missing from the Vatican treasury.
    And, of course, we have the shameful and often successful attempts of the Vatican to hide the vile behaviour of its many paedophile priests.
    The holiness is an obvious charade. Only the gullible will be persuaded by the ritual. Do you dare to comment on the paedophile priests and the appalling treatment of their child victims? Or do you prefer to immerse yourself in meaningless claims about a “holy” death.

  • Cali Ron

    I watched my father die from cancer at home under a hospice program. His final days were pure agony for him and those who loved him. To not support assisted death or euthanasia is barbaric. If you have any compassion for that person at all it is inhumane to not grant them that last wish. As usual the religious making people suffer needlessly for their imaginary god.

  • tonye

    To see my parents go from amazing vibrant people to being fully dependant on others was heartbreaking.
    People have to have dignity at the end.

  • Broga

    A proselyting Christian, like Teresa, appears here from time to time to give us their spiel. When their belief is challenged with facts and reason they disappear. And so, Teresa, eager to put us right, disappears from the scene. We may conclude, quite reasonably, she has no response my comments and her beliefs fail in view of all who post here. Christianity, when challenged, has little to offer.

  • ray metcalfe

    The sooner there is some compassion for those suffering from a terminal disease the better. If your religious belief compels you to suffer then that’s up to you but when the rational members of society want to change the law to aid those dying often in agony watched by their loved ones shut up no one is going to impose assisted dying on you if you object so Teresa and any other like minded religious bigot go back to your church and stop hindering those of us who are no longer afflicted with imaginary friends and would like to make the world a bit kinder

  • Teresa

    @Stephen and Broga Were you born yesterday or you two ought to consult your shrink ASAP.”The Vatican kept the late Pope John Paul II’s Parkinson’s disease a secret for 12 years, his personal physician has revealed. As for martyrs there have been thousands of them. For example Fr. Maximillian Kolbe who in August 14, 1941 lifted up his arm to receive a lethal injection of carbolic acid.(autshwitz concentration camp) Two weeks before he had volunteered to replace another prisoner Franciszek Gajownyczek. Kolbe relaxed as you would say for 14 days in a death chamber . Actually he was starved to death. Every seven minutes a Christian dies only because he/she believes in Christ.
    Yes, Brother Elia might have slipped on a banana peel in a kitchen full of ketchup. You are pathetic. ” challenged with facts” Your so called facts have nothing to do with reality. Were you brought up by KGB? They are specialists of such “facts”. Have you drunk anything today? You will make me log out soon.

  • Angela_K

    Teresa. Wow, such ignorance and you accuse me of posting nonsense, your catholic indoctrination has made you incapable of separating fact from fiction. You need to learn that just because you believe something, it doesn’t make it true, testable evidence is required to support claims and this where religion fails.

  • Broga

    Teresa: Well, we have upset you. Now calm down like a good Christian should and try not to panic when a few facts are pointed out to you. As usual with desperate Christians you lack the moral and intellectual courage to face the facts about your religion.
    No mention of the infestation of paedophile priests. And, of course, you don’t want to mention the hell inflicted on so many women and children by nuns who would not have been out of place in Belsen, Buchenwald and other Nazi run concentration camps.
    I suppose these monstrous nuns, sexually frustrated into perversion by their insane religious beliefs, couldn’t bear to see women having children outside marriage.
    I’m pleased we managed to disturb you from your smug religious beliefs and, as a result, perhaps let a little light into your darkness.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: Are you sure you have your facts right? According to St Teresa, nuns are selfless individuals, who, in the name of Jesus, sacrifice themselves for the good of others!

  • Broga

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    barriejohn: Oops, sorry about that. I must have been misinformed about all the babies these Irish nuns buried, and all the babies torn from their grieving mothers so that the nuns could have them adopted. And the vicious treatment handed out by the loving nuns in their laundries.

  • Broga

    barriejohn and others. Sorry I seem to have included my efforts to buy a tow truck for my grandson here.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: I hope he doesn’t get into any kind of mischief!
    (It was from a comedy programme, sad to say.)

  • Broga

    barriejohn: He is still only four and his great heroes are the Brighton Fire Brigade. They let him sit in the fire engine and gave him a badge. Pure delight which sadly disappears as we grow older never to be recaptured.
    Unless, allegedly, we have a religious transcendental experience. Unlikely, in my grandson’s case.

  • ray metcalfe

    Terassa do martyrs you speak of include all those Christians murdered by members of different churches when they fell out over some point of doctrine eg the inquisition. And all the other wars fought by differing brands of the same cult