Women arrested for procuring young girls for S African pastor

Women arrested for procuring young girls for S African pastor November 23, 2017

Two women were arrested this week in South Africa for allegedly procuring sex partners, some as young 13, for Nigerian-born pastor Timothy Omotoso, above.
According to this report, the televangelist and senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International Church in Durban, was arrested in April this year and faces charges of having sex with at least 30 members of his congregation. He is being held in custody.
Yesterday it was reported here that the women in custody, aged 28 and 36, are believed to have recruited young sex partners for Omotoso, who faces charges of human trafficking and rape.
A second case, relating to his immigration status and an alleged fraudulent work visa from 2000, is also being investigated.
Captain Anelise Feni, of the Port Elizabeth Hawks Trafficking in Persons unit, said:

It is alleged that the women recruited young girls all over the country and monitored their movements in the houses where they were kept.

During Omotoso’s first bail hearing, Hawks chief investigating officer Peter Plaatjies said the pastor had a modus operandi similar to that of a skilled sex offender who preyed on young girls.

Plaatjies told the court how Omotoso, 59, used older women to identify and recruit young women to join his circle of “sexual entertainers”.
Omotoso pictured in a 2015 poster announcing his programme on a South African TV channel
They were allegedly identified at church crusades and church services, and it is alleged that recruiters would target vulnerable women from poor homes where there were no father figures.
Plaatjies said that they were paraded, and travel tickets to Durban were bought for those who fitted the desired profile to go and meet Omotoso.
Once in Durban, they were allegedly pampered, given luxuries and cash and groomed for sexual encounters with the pastor.
Allegations included that Omotoso had the young women give him full body massages and made them lie next to him while he masturbated before they were sexually penetrated.
Feni said more arrests were expected to be made and added that both women were expected to appear in the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth on Friday.
Meanwhile, Omotoso is expected to appear in the same court today (Thursday) to appeal the refusal of his second bail application.
Hat tip: Ate Berga

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  • Broga

    Omotosa “Just as I am”. That is the problem you pretentious twat.

  • Italian Scallion

    The so called pastor looks more like a pimp than anything else. Just goes to show how sick and perverted these pastors and priests really are.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Ecclesiastical bling just does not seem to translate to the language of the western business suit.

  • barriejohn

    His lawyer is adamant that the charges are bogus. Whatever the case, I have no idea what is going on here:
    I believe his tailor committed hara kiri!

  • barriejohn

    Timothy Omotoso = O my! It smooth, too.

  • AgentCormac

    The trouble with Omotoso is that he thinks he is god. But then again, don’t all these perverts who masquerade as ‘good and holy people’? Just like Caldey Island predator Father Thaddeus Kotik, I guess, who it seems was allowed to get away with being a kiddie fiddler for years.
    Not to worry, though. Daniel van Santvoort, abbot at the abbey on Caldey Island, has said he’s ‘truly sorry’ that allegations made against Father Kotik somehow didn’t get reported to the authorities. So, that makes it all all right then, eh, Daniel? You despicable c**t. (Sorry. This stuff just makes my blood boil.)

  • Robster

    One day, in an unexpected move, a cleric of some sort will be identified as being what’s commonly called “good”. This is where they behave lawfully, don’t rape children and tell fewer lies than would normally be expected. Don’t hold your breath.

  • sowa

    I am sick and tired of people pointing out supposedly good priests to justify existence of entire class leeching off societies and exercising their privileged position however they like, often targeting entire groups of people. For every “decent” priest there are at least ten-twenty pricks like Omotoso so it’s easier to just throw out entire basket of apples, instead of picking those few unrotten who will be eventually replaced with rotting ones anyways. Otherwise this vicious circle will continue because special position of clergy always attracts scum. But that would require some politicians with spine and principles who could cut them off the profits, instead of marrying throne with altar for their own convenience. Sorry for ranting, it’s just so obvious what those people are after. Politicians at least pretend they do something important. Clergy as a whole abandoned all pretense at decency, morality or humility.

  • barriejohn

    @sowa: I am sure that their are thousands of “good” priests throughout the world, selflessly seeking to bring comfort and aid to those in need, but the trouble is that you can’t trust ANY of them. Those who are not wicked or just plain incompetent (and so many church agencies are totally amateurish in their operations), often act only with the ulterior motive of “bringing people to Christ”. The following story was in the news yesterday, and I don’t know enough to pass judgment on the motives of Greyfriars Ministries. All I do know is that Greyfriars is “a lively Anglican church , gathering people from all walks of life”, where “we value good Bible teaching and living out the message of the Bible.” Why don’t they just stick to that then, instead of trying to run children’s nurseries?

  • sowa

    @barriejohn: Catholic Church (and I assume many other churches as well) quickly understood the value of PR so beside being recruiting tool, it’s also about building their brand worldwide. Europe is slowly slipping away so RCC is seeking new “markets” in Africa and S. America. I mean it’s not a coincidence they picked Bergoglio as their frontman. It worked before with Wojty?a, who’s still revered in Poland as the bestest Pope in existence and who has streets and monuments named after him in basically every town and city. Personally I don’t see this “charity” as any different than big bad corporation throwing money at charities every now and then. Winning hearts and minds is the goal here, helping poor is just a by-product. Besides it’s just ad-hoc help, not meant to improve their quality of life in long term. After all religion feeds on misery when people are the most vulnerable.