Employment tribunal rules in favour sacked Jewish teacher

Employment tribunal rules in favour sacked Jewish teacher December 6, 2017

Zelda de Groen, 24, who lost her job in 2016 at a Jewish nursery school in London after school authorities found she was ‘living in sin’ with her boyfriend, has won her case of religious and sexual discrimination.
An Employment Tribunal in Watford found the way she was treated by the ultra-Orthodox Gan Menachem Nursery in Hendon was “undoubtedly humiliating, degrading and offensive.”

It dismissed the school’s claims that it was justified in firing her.
The tribunal will hold an additional hearing at an undetermined date to discuss compensation. In her lawsuit, de Groen had asked for more than £19,000.
De Groen grew up in a haredi Orthodox home in Stamford Hill in London, but left “after many years of significant discontent”. She moved in with her boyfriend Oz Waknin in April 2016. The couple married in July of this year.
In May 2016, they were guests at a barbecue along with some school trustees and parents of pupils. During the event, it became known that the unmarried couple was living together. Some parents spoke to the school about their objections to de Groen’s living situation afterward.
De Groen told the tribunal that school managers subjected her to a “humiliating” hourlong interview in which they said it was time for her to get married. She also described their tone as “threatening”.

I was told that having kids outside of marriage is wrong and will not be tolerated. Their comments, and the personal nature of the meeting, were humiliating.

De Groen told the tribunal that the nursery told her one solution to the issue would be for her to lie about her living situation.

Two days after the meeting, de Groen asked her managers for an apology but instead was given a letter notifying her of disciplinary proceedings. She was fired a month later.
According to this report, Employment Judge Andrew Clarke said that there was “no dispute” that many Orthodox Jews regarded cohabitation before marriage as contrary to the faith.
But the nursery, which follows Lubavitch teachings, had not shown there was any occupational requirement by teachers to observe such standards, it found. Moreover, Gan Menachem’s case was that:

It was not concerned with her private life, all that it wanted was the appearance of compliance.

The tribunal noted she was regarded as “a very good teacher” by Gan Menachem, and that a man would not have been treated in the same way.

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  • Cali Ron

    My advice to Zelda and her boyfriend, get as far away from those Jewish lunatics as you can. Get a job at a secular school and lead a happy and religion free life. One thing orthodox Jews have proven over and over again is they are not rational and it’s a waste of time to bother debating or attempting to reason with them. Their delusion is deeply ingrained into their culture.

  • Broga

    I guess she would make a good impression in a school run by civilised and rational people.

  • John the Drunkard

    Why would any sane person accept employment at such a place? Especially if they’ve escaped from the cult in their own life?

  • andym

    I read about this yesterday. The Money God was also involved-parents were reported as threatening to withdraw their children. A grand piece of religious hypocrisy,”We feel exposed by your breach of one of our commandments, so to clear it up,would you ,er, breach another one and lie about it?”

  • 1859

    Good for Zelda! These orthodox fruitcakes need to feel the bite of secular laws. They will, hopefully, learn the hard way that state laws are superior to religious cult laws.

  • Angela_K

    “Living in sin” how very quaint and 1960s, these religious nuts are still hundreds of years behind that date and still want to impose their ancient hypocrisy on those in the 21st century.

  • Duuuhhhuuhuhhh

    And Trump is egging them on. It’s all going to go horribly, but predictably, wrong. And that’s not a prophecy but the inevitable and obvious conclusion based upon the knowledge that these loons want to bring on the day of judgement or whatever the fuck it’s called when their mythical messiah returns to conclude his unfinished business. And it’s going to be very messy indeed. Billions will die as the massed ranks of all the various god’s armies do their worst with no consideration for the human rights of the non combatants who get in their way or are deliberately targeted for worshipping the wrong god or even the right god in the wrong way.

  • Broga

    Duuuhhhuuhuhhh: The religious nutters have now got their Messiah. Or least one that will do the job for them. I mean, of course, the dangerous, vicious Trump who is pressing all the right buttons for these clowns where emotion is all and thinking can’t compete.
    Trump has now managed to alienate the Arab world and much of the West as well with his decision on Jerusalem. This will not be pretty. He has stoked a fury and determination by religious furies that will match and outdo anything he has triggered in the USA. Personal safety, theirs or that of anyone else, will count for nothing.