S African pastor accused of assaulting a female paramedic

S African pastor accused of assaulting a female paramedic December 28, 2017

South African pastor Patseka Mboro Motsoeneng is to appear in court in January for allegedly assaulting a paramedic outside his Incredible Happenings Ministry church in Katlehong on Sunday.
Seldom out of the headlines for his outrageous statements and stunts, Pastor Mboro as he is better known, is accused of assaulting one of several paramedics who arrived at the church to attend to a three-year-old child who had been taken ill.
According to this report, Latoya Gwam died after her mother had turned to the church for healing prayers.

Mboro, meanwhile, has laid charges of culpable homicide against the paramedics‚ who he claimed took too long to arrive and “killed an innocent child”.
But Ekurhuleni Emergency Services officials say they did everything in their power to save the child.
Paramedics rushed to Katlehong where Mboro insisted that they take the child to a hospital, but authorities say the little girl was already dead at that time.
Nontombi Gwam‚ the child’s mother, said she had turned to the church after nurses at the Daveyton clinic turned her away last Saturday‚ claiming they didn’t have drips for the child who had diarrhoea.
The mother said in a statement that she did not go to hospital because she did not get a referral letter from the clinic’s nurses. Hospitals often demand letters to prevent people bypassing the clinics for treatment.
She added:

I went there so that Prophet Mboro can help me to pray for my baby and also to call an ambulance to take my baby to the hospital. I also went there because I have the fullest confidence and trust in Prophet Mboro.

Her daughter’s condition worsened while Mboro prayed.
Mboro and his followers allegedly got into a fight with paramedics because the ambulance took too long to arrive and that the medical team allegedly refused to enter the church to fetch the child.
It’s reported here that Mboro denied that there was any assault on the female paramedic, who had suffered a cut on her cheek. He said:

She was lucky that we are the church. If it was somewhere [else] she would have been killed. We are civil people …

Mboro added that there was video evidence, but he declined to hand over a copy to the media.
Alberton police spokesperson Captain Lesetja Mathobela confirmed that a case of culpable homicide and assault had been opened.
Hat tip: Ate Berga

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  • L.Long

    So some gawd-Con-Man says prayers that have absolutely NO value is good, the paramedics that had to be called, then get there then try all they can are bad guys, especially since she wouldn’t let me have my way!!!
    With the way religious bigoted aholes act, I would be concerned with entering a house of fairy-tales as well.

  • 1859

    If the story above is accurate, it is the Pastor and the mother who should be prosecuted for culpable homicide not the paramedics. It would appear that once the pastor realised his prayers were useless because the child was already dead, he quickly shifts the blame onto the late ambulance and paramedics. And the mother had complete faith in this charlatan? Poor child to have been born amidst such stupid adults.