Singer used masking tape to avoid seeing women dancing

Singer used masking tape to avoid seeing women dancing December 5, 2017

Yonatan Razel,  an an ultra-Orthodox Jewish singer who performed at a concert for women only in Jerusalem on Sunday did something quite grotesque when members of the audience began dancing. He covered his eyes with black masking tape.
An organiser of the concert, which was part of a festival of ultra-Orthodox music for women, said that Razel covered his eyes for a few minutes only.

The scene in which he is seen to be covering his eyes took place for only a few minutes, when there were circles of women dancing at the foot of the stage. It was his personal decision, so as not to sit with his eyes open in front of the dancing women. Then he removed the tape and continued the concert normally.

After a video of the incident was played on Hadashot television news Galia Wolloch, President of Israeli women’s rights organization Na’amat, slammed the singer for his extreme behavior in a Facebook post.

How far will this ostensibly religious extremism go? And who are the religious authorities who encourage this bizarre behavior?

According to this report, the video has divided many in Israel, with some praising Razel’s actions while others say if he had an issue then he should not have accepted the money to perform at the concert.
Jewish website Bechadrei Chareidim reported that Razel had covered his eyes at a concert in the past, about a year ago while performing in Shiloh.
There have not been other incidents of Haredi singers covering their eyes in this way in front of the all-female crowd.
Razel is an American-born musician, and one of most popular ultra-Orthodox performers in Israel. He recently released his third album.
A representative of the singer downplayed the incident.

Razel wants to say that he has appeared regularly for years before women and respects them, and his actions yesterday should not be given any other significance.

Hat tip: Michael Cohen

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  • Broga

    Has Razel ever had sex with a woman and did he tape his eyes during it?

  • sailor1031

    Really? People get upset about this? Get a life FFS.

  • barriejohn

    I’m sure he’s lapping up all the attention. He “respects” women, but as an ultra-Orthodox Jew (what’s the next classification, then?) he thinks that they are inferior to men, and created for one purpose only. It’s like a disease.

  • beanfeast

    Strange behaviour indeed, but I’m rather pleased to see that he imposed the restriction upon himself, rather than trying to impose them on the members of the audience.
    Things would be much better if only more religious extremists realised that their beliefs apply only to themselves.

  • Frank

    In order that he does not transgress the laws of his faith I will quite happily claw his eyes out. Then he would never be able to sin by unerringly looking at the heinous crime of women dancing.

  • L.Long

    Like beanfeast I applaud him imposing his BS onto himself, rather then making the women stop dancing. Still its really silly!

  • Vanity Unfair

    Considering what can happen when the ultra-orthodox do not close their eyes, I think he should be congratulated on not imposing his peculiar views on his audience. I do not suppose it affected the quality of his singing.

  • StephenJP

    Utterly bonkers. But there do seem to be some in Israel who are prepared to push back against this nonsense. I’m rather inclined to leave them to it.

  • sowa

    Or he could just… you know, close his eyes, turn around or just look the other direction and focus on singing instead of making himself look like an idiot. At least this time it’s not women who had to accomodate religious type.

  • 1859

    It’s sort of like the male burqua.-.instead of women having to cover up every piece of exposed flesh,now it’s the man who must cover his eyes to all the ‘exposed’ womens’ flesh that writhes erotically before him, tempting him to bring out his schlonk on stage and masturbate in public. So I guess it’s necessary!

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Idiocy, but at least he’s recognised that he is the one with the problem not the women. Now to convince all the other idiots that they have a problem and that women don’t have to conform to their idiocy.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It’s OK – the dancers used earplugs to avoid listening to a male singer.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Is it women showing skin that is a “sin”?
    Or is it men looking at that skin that’s a “sin”?
    Either way, he’s part of a “sinful” performance, since women were dancing, and presumably men were watching. So he contributed to a lot of sin.

  • gedediah

    What’s he afraid of, that he won’t be able to control himself? What does that say about him? Has he just admitted to being a danger to women?
    Maybe it’s a macho thing – I’m a right goer, lock up your daughters!

  • Cali Ron

    CMB: Hear no evil, see no evil…