Did God send gulls to show his anger over homoerotic scene?

Did God send gulls to show his anger over homoerotic scene? January 8, 2018

Following reports that Catholics were incensed over a ‘homoerotic’ Vatican nativity scene last December, right-wing Catholic LifeSiteNews revealed last week that ‘something very eerie and ominous’ occurred after the Pope blessed the ‘hideous’ and ‘sacrilegious’ display, which was ‘so clearly meant as a nod to the LGBT lobby’.

Wrote Anthony H Wagner, who is clearly no fan of Pope Francis:

At exactly the same time as the Pope left St Peter’s Basilica and walked to the crèche in St Peter’s Square, a squabble of about 500 seagulls suddenly flew up from behind the basilica and circled around the crèche.
They swarmed above the nativity scene, squawking and squealing for about the exact time it took for the Pope to walk from the basilica to the crèche. They then disappeared into a night sky lit up by an almost full moon.

Wagner added:

The screaming, scavenging birds circling over the Vatican like a dead carcass, is perhaps highly symbolic of this pontificate, one that many see leading the Church in the direction of a kind of death.

He then offers a far less supernatural explanation for the appearance of the gulls.

The seagulls descend on the headquarters of the Church and pick at rubbish bins, leaving debris strewn across the sidewalks and roads.
The homeless are allowed to bed down under main thoroughfares and archways, on the outskirts of the colonnade and in front of the Holy See press office. Often they are drunk and disorderly, sometimes threatening passing tourists hoping to get a shot of the basilica.
For all of the Pope’s worthy outreach to the poor and the homeless, he hasn’t lifted them up and off the streets, but instead created a culture of homelessness around the Vatican.

Some have called the miserable scene “apocalyptic” … And all the time that the degradation and squalor continue in the Church — both physically and morally — no one is really speaking up and coming to her rescue.

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  • barriejohn

    Maybe they were trying to deliver “a message from God”:

  • 1859

    It would have been more to my liking if the gulls had started shitting on the nativity scene. But clearly god wouldn’t go that far.

  • gedediah

    So gulls were doing what gulls do there every day.
    Moving on….

  • Broga

    Wagner is right. The gulls are showing anger. I don’t know how I missed such an obvious message.
    There is always a flock of them following the plough on the nearby farm. I must let the farmer know they are angry with him. I’m sure he will be grateful for the information.

  • andym

    Anthony H Wagner said:
    I’ve had my brains sucked out through a hole, and they’ve poured a bucket of shit in there instead. God likes it that way.

  • AgentCormac

    Christianity has always been for gull-ible.

  • CoastalMaineBird


  • AgentCormac

    Sorry – couldn’t resist!

  • Cali Ron

    AC: LOL, you can clearly see gullibility everywhere christians go.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    The incredible Shrinking Yahweh – The Mighty Lord God, who can part the Red Sea or drown millions of animals or create planets and stars with one thought, is now reduced to sending a herd of seagulls to squawk at a creche ?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Is there an official RC stance on augury?

  • peterat

    Gulls will be gulls!