God tells Texas judge Jack Robison to acquit a woman

God tells Texas judge Jack Robison to acquit a woman January 20, 2018

During a trial of a woman accused of trafficking her teenage niece, the Comal County judge interrupted proceedings to tell the jury to find her not guilty – because God told him so.
According to this report, in defence of his order, the judge apologised to jurors and said:

When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.

Despite his order, jurors found Gloria Romero-Perez guilty of continuous trafficking of a person and sentenced her to 25 years in prison.
Robison was replaced by Judge Gary Steele after recusing himself before the sentencing phase.
The defendant’s attorney requested a mistrial, but it was denied.
Robison made headlines in 2009 for improperly jailing a man who, in anger over a ruling in his granddaughter’s child custody case, approached Robison in a courthouse bathroom and called him a fool.
The judge had bailiffs arrest the man and ordered him to be jailed for 30 days. He was released two days later.
Robison was issued a private reprimand from the State Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2011 for the confrontation, which said he had:

Exceeded the scope of his authority and failed to comply with the law.

Unconfirmed rumours abound that The Trump is now likely appoint Robison, a Republican, to the Federal bench.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn


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  • Laura Roberts

    What the f–k is this delusional twat still doing at the bench? He should have been disbarred and thrown out ages ago.

  • Broga

    Ah yes, the smug, self righteous certainty of the dangerous fool who claims that he is being contacted by God. Sounds like a Trump supporter to me. He is sufficiently deluded to meet the severe dotty standards needed to pass the “I support Trump” test.
    Trump, who boasted that he was the ultimate deal maker, can’t get his budget approved. It is someone else’s fault, of course. Meanwhile, a “New Scientist” article thinks that Western civilisation, to the extent that it ever existed, is headed for the knacker’s yard.

  • Jobrag

    If you come up before this bozo will God told me to do it be a good defence move?

  • AgentCormac

    A judge who hears imaginary voices. He needs psychiatric help, quickly followed by a lifelong ban on ever presiding over another single case.

  • barriejohn

    If this is a Texas County Court, I see that judges do not need to be licensed attorneys. Does anyone know anything else about Robison? How was he appointed? Was he elected to his position? Texas seems to have its own rules where the legal system is concerned; no wonder we foreigners find it so difficult to understand what’s going on in the USA.*
    (* Somebody’s going to tell me that Americans don’t understand it either!)

  • John

    The probable real truth is that he was given a really big bribe.
    American justice is the finest money can buy – as here.
    Local judges are elected – usually on very low turnouts.
    Joe McCarthy began his political career by getting himself elected as a judge – and it was all downhill thereafter.

  • Rob Andrews

    I wonder how many people in the past were found guilty, because ” God told him so”. Looks like he’s been on the bench for a long time.
    This actually scares me; along with Trump.

  • It’s outrageous that Federal judges in the US are still appointed by the President. Doesn’t happen in UK or anywhere in the EU, which is why the EU is trying to stop Poland from doing so.

  • John

    Is this man still a judge?
    If he is an elected judge, did he include a statement in his election manifesto to the effect that he would always uphold the law – unless god told him not to?
    If he didn’t, he has no democratic mandate to remain as a judge.
    If he swore an oath on becoming a judge and promised to uphold the law, did he add a rider to his oath “Unless god tells me otherwise”?
    Frankly, I doubt that he did.
    He is in breach of his judicial oath and should be removed from the bench of judges.

  • John the Drunkard

    Look at Roy Moore, TWICE removed from the bench for misconduct. He was easily elected again after the first bounce. All he had to do was pander to the racist, superstitious rabble that had voted him in the first time.

  • AgentCormac

    If gawd really does intervene in the lives of individuals, then what does this story of a 17-year-old bell-ringer at St Helens Church in Oxfordshire tell you about his crazed state of mind? Seemingly the poor bloke, who suffered numerous injuries, became entangled in the church’s bell-ringing ropes and fire crews had to employ a rope rescue system to reach him. As they love to tell us, gawd moves in mysterious ways.

  • RussellW

    I’m curious as to how God gives instructions to his demented followers. A conversation in the pub or a blinding light perhaps? How do they know it’s not the Prince of Darkness rather than their favourite sky fairy?

  • StephenJP

    Funny that the IMF always seems to interfere in various judicial systems in order to bias judgements in its direction. I don’t recall any cases where the IMF has ordered judges to find in favour of LGBT plaintiffs or defendants, or atheists/humanists. I guess you have to be absolutely certain about the IMF’s wishes in order to be able to pronounce your judicial decrees to be in line with them.
    Golly, I wish I was as certain about anything as these people are about everything.

  • Farmer Giles

    USA … is now nearly right down the pan and around the U Bend. It will soon be flushed away down the sewer it created for itself. Such an opportunity … squandered because the pious couldn’t keep their church quietly to themselves.
    Dawlins was wrong. God is not simply a delusion.
    An asteroid impact killed off the dinosaurs … god will render humans extinct.

  • Broga

    Farmer Giles : “down the pan and around the U Bend.”
    Perhaps literally. In “What the Health” by Eunice Wong she, and others, reveals that 25% of the food fed to cattle and pigs is chicken shit and dead animals turned into a thick porridge by massive rendering machines. Produces cheap meat. The government and Big Food collaborates to keep this secret from the consumers who happily buy the attractive packages on their supermarket shelves.
    Incredible? I thought so. Try a free sample of the book on kindle. I read that and then bought the book. A cousin on mine who lives in California, on holiday here, told me about it.

  • J Smith