Making babies for Lord Kartik

Making babies for Lord Kartik January 9, 2018

The Indian province of West Bengal has an absurd Hindu custom that involves the placing of Kartik idols on the doorsteps of households with childless couples on last day of the ‘holy’ month of Kartik.
Often a note is left with the idol warning couples of the sin they would be committing by not offering “Puja” (worship) to Kartikeya (or Kartik), the God of male fertility and good harvests. The peacock -mounted son of Parvati and Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, is likely then to bless them with babies.
According to this report, a couple called Arun and Aindrila – married for two years – do not yet plan to conceive a baby. They both are well educated and work in multi-national companies. On the morning of last November 17, the day after “Kartik Puja”, they too discovered the Kartik idol on their doorstep.
Arun said:

We do not have any plans for a baby in the next four years, given the nature of jobs that me and my wife have. But it seems our neighbors want us to become parents soon.

This impertinent intrusion into people’s private lives seems to be orchestrated by Hindu priests in order to earn fast and easy money through offering senseless “Pujas’” at the houses of childless couples and billing them for such sessions.
A couple might be childless due to some medical issues. The remedy in this case lies in seeking professional medical advice and help rather than inviting a priest to conduct a religious mumbo-jumbo in one’s abode.
A large number of couples deliberately delay parenthood or choose not to have kids due to their high-pressure jobs, busy urban lifestyle and lack of inclination towards becoming parents.
This tradition of leaving an idol outside the houses of childless couples constitutes highly inappropriate behavior and is a serious invasion of privacy.
A Christian woman, Sapna Tracy, 43 years of age, delivered her eighth child in December 2015. She died in December 2017, according to this report.
Sapna worked as a senior nursing officer at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during the third month of her eighth pregnancy.
Doctors recommended termination of the pregnancy and immediate surgery but she refused, citing her pro-life Catholic beliefs. Sapna and her husband both were active church members.
The husband mentioned that had Tracy been healthy, they would have gone for the ninth child.
The Secretary of Kerala Catholic Bishop Council’s Family Commission Paul Madassery stated:

We promote responsible parenthood, if a couple is healthy and can rear more children, there is nothing wrong in seven or eight or more children. When someone can rear more children, they should beget more.

Azam Khan, above, a prominent Muslim politician from the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh mentioned during an election rally in February 2017 that Muslims have so many children because they had nothing else to do.

Sitting idle, Muslims have no work but to give birth to more children.

Instead of advising his fellow Muslims to practice birth control in order to have smaller families and high living standards, this moron justified the unnecessary population explosion among Indian Muslims.
It is incomprehensible that in a heavily overpopulated country like India, even many educated couples do not practice family planning, citing their illogical religious beliefs. Childless couples are hounded by the religious zealots.
In India, religion pervades all spheres of life. By invoking imaginary gods and religion in every sphere of life, Indian religious and political leaders shun their responsibilities towards betterment of society as well as the nation.


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  • L.Long

    ALL religions are evil even Hindoodoo!, it is as shitty as any of them. We just don’t feel their evil as much as they are not here in great numbers as are the xtians or isLame!
    It is shown that as women get higher education and good jobs the breeding rate goes down….and it seems that the surrounding religious nutjobs still will pressure them to breed.

  • Vanity Unfair

    What the world needs is more people.

  • StephenJP

    Gaurav Tyagi should be congratulated for bringing the absurdities of three religions together in one article.
    The Kartik nonsense seems, as the article says, to be a scam aimed at getting more donations to Hindu priests and temples.
    The Muslim nonsense would be answered by enabling women to get a job and thereby contribute to the family’s prosperity, instead of having children “because they have nothing else to do”.
    The Catholic nonsense seems, tragically, to be entirely self-inflicted. Even her doctors suggested a termination and an operation. But she refused; and her loving hubby says that if she had lived, they (or he, anyway) would have gone for a ninth child.
    Which of these religious traditions is the most pernicious and damaging, then? Not a lot to choose, really. But a tradition that elevates dogmatic superstition above actual human well-being takes the biscuit, in this instance, for me.

  • Brian Jordan

    Population will expand to eat the food available.
    With apologies to C. Northcote Parkinson.