Scottish farming is in a perilous state. Will Jesus Christ save it?

Scottish farming is in a perilous state. Will Jesus Christ save it? January 7, 2018

The Church of Scotland certainly believes so, for it has appointed its first ‘Farming Minister’, Rev Chris Blackshaw, above.
Blackshaw, who was previously the Chaplain at the Cumbria Agricultural Chaplaincy, is a Methodist minister and has also worked hard at encouraging farmers to talk about their mental health and support each other.
According to this report, his new role will see him continue to support agricultural families and provide a bridge between them and the National Union of Farmers in Scotland.
A  Church of Scotland statement says:

The new role has been warmly welcomed by National Farmers Union Scotland and rural charity RSABI who say the perilous state of the ailing sector is taking a ‘serious’ toll on the health and well-being of many people who too often ‘suffer in silence’.

Blackshaw , who is no stranger to bullshit, said:

There are not many jobs I couldn’t do on a farm so this is the ideal job for me – showing people the love of Christ by walking alongside them.
I go to the local market and call at farms to let people know I am there to provide support and share in celebrations and happy times as well.

He added:

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the faith that exists amongst the farming community.

Meanwhile, a warning has been sounded that Scotland could soon become a “atheist totalitarian state” because of growing hostility towards the Catholic Church.

In an op-ed for the Guardian, Kevin McKenna, above, a former deputy editor of the Herald and executive editor of the Daily Mail in Scotland, wrote:

A sickness has infected the Catholic church in Scotland which has left it vulnerable to the predations of a loud and implacable anti-Christian body in government and on Holyrood’s most influential committees.
Those who insist on upholding the teachings of the church are set upon and wrongly accused of sexism and homophobia. We are one nation and many cultures apparently, but not if your culture is a traditionally Christian one.
The absence of strong leadership in the Scottish church and its behaviour over the scandal of sex abuse fuels the hostility of its opponents. It gives them hope that they are one step closer to their goal of creating an atheist totalitarian state.

The McKenna piece is essentially about the “heartless” behaviour of the Catholic church towards victims of clerical abuse. He pointed out:

In its traditional heartlands, dozens of once vibrant old churches are shutting their doors. They have been rendered obsolete by a crisis of faith among its young people and by the few priests available. The profound sense of betrayal over the conduct of the church in first attempting to cover up its crimes and misdemeanours, followed by its heartless response, has contributed to the falling numbers …

The Catholic church in Scotland is in deep, deep crisis. The Protestant reformation in Scotland more than 450 years ago helped the old church to break free from corruption and superstition. A second one is now sorely needed if the Catholic church in Scotland is to survive in any meaningful way in the 21st century.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    Put me down for $2 on “No”.

  • Broga

    “There are not many jobs I couldn’t do on a farm so this is the ideal job for me – ”
    I think the Rev should stick to the easy option of purveying bullshit. Apart from the technical aspects of farming, including driving and mending massive machines, it is physically very hard work. I say that having just ended a couple of weeks looking after a friend’s three horses.
    He has been ” very pleasantly surprised by the faith amongst the farming community.” It would be fascinating to know the nature of that faith. They are probably being polite to get rid of a bore.

  • AgentCormac

    Unbelievably, the RCC still can’t see how irrelevant and odious most young people today find their church. It isn’t a lack of strong leadership that’s the problem, it’s the fact that their rankshsve been shown to be packed with paedophiles and apologists. The sinking ship is going down like a rock. And quite right too.

  • barriejohn

    “Accused of sexism and homophobia”? Maybe because they ARE sexist and homophobic. Cultures have traditionally supported slavery and cannibalism in the past, but they’re not acceptable today. I bet he wouldn’t be defending the “traditional cultures” of other religious groups as he does his own!

  • RussellW

    I doubt that more religion would improve farmers’mental health.
    I’m surprised that farming in Scotland is ‘ailing’, I’d assumed that farmers were heavily subsidised by EU taxpayers.

  • Barry Duke

    @ RW: “Farmers receive not just the £3bn of subsidy, they receive a whole range of other benefits that nobody else in the economy gets.”

  • RussellW

    Thanks Barry. One of the incentives for the creation of the EU was to protect European farmers from efficient foreign competition.That’s why I’m very sceptical about the UK ever signing a genuine free trade agreement with Australia, for example.

  • RussellW

    I forgot to mention that farmers in Australia and NZ have the lowest government assistance rates in the OECD. It’s a myth that all foreign competition is heavily subsidised.

  • Bubblecar

    “The Catholic church in Scotland is in deep, deep crisis”
    Kevin hasn’t noticed it yet but all churches throughout most of the Western world are in deep crisis, because most people are no longer fooled by supernatural hocus-pocus and no longer have any use for this made-up nonsense.
    This is a good thing, Kevin, not a bad thing.

  • Trevor

    Frankly I can’t see the fat slob striding up the fells in bad weather looking after his flock. The woolly kind that is. The flabby looking lard arse looks as if a gentle 50metre waddle would render him gasping for air. Bet he has never done a real job in his like. He is nothing more than a bloodsucking parasite.

  • Trevor

    Dare he come to my farm once I can guarantee he wouldn’t come back for a second time. I doubt he could haul his arse into the cab of my John Deere 9RX let alone pilot it. Fuckwit.

  • gedediah

    It’s a bit too late for reformation. When the people stop believing in your god it’s annihilation.

  • Farmer Giles

    “Mr Blackshaw – you pray if you makes you feel better”. “Meanwhile fuck off while just get on with spreading the fertiliser and anti fungal / pest / weed treatments the better my crops to flourish”. “Shut the gate on your way out, theres a good chap”. “And if you come here again pestering me with your crap I’ll come to yon kirk on sunday with to tell ye and your conregant how to do your job”. “Good day”.