Christian school in London taught creationism as science

Christian school in London taught creationism as science February 19, 2018

The Kings Kids Christian School in southeast London fell foul of Ofsted, the education watchdog, when it was found to be filling pupils heads with creationist baloney … in science classes!
According to this report, the primary school did not meet independent school standards because students weren’t taught about scientific theories of earth’s origin.
Ofsted reported that:

The school’s curriculum does not meet requirements. Pupils do not study practical science or develop the skills to collect and evaluate scientific evidence.
The creation story is taught in science and there is no evidence that pupils learn scientific theories about the origin of the Earth.

However, Nigel Steele, the school’s spokesperson, insisted that had Ofsted spent more time at the school, it would had have noticed that the school taught “different perspectives”.

They do look at the evolutionary theory but they also cover the design aspect as well. We’d say actually the students have a broader education regarding origins.
The school’s next thing to do would be to create an action plan to meet those standards. It doesn’t mean the school will be changing the curriculum; they will still be able to teach science from a design perspective. They will need to make it clear where they are bringing other perspectives in.

One assumes he is referring to “intelligent design” which is as a distant from real science as as butter is from Flora.
Ofsted, however, did praise the school of 25 pupils for having “excellent spiritual awareness”, a rather curious observation from an official education body. Anyway, it pleased Steele who said it was a great encouragement for the school.

It’s a Christian school and it’s a school that seeks to make Jesus the centre of all the learning. To be affirmed that the school is meeting those aims is clearly very positive.

In another disturbing report today UK Education Secretary Damian Hinds, a Catholic, said he would lift the rule forcing religious schools to allocate 50 per cent of places to pupils who do not share the belief systems they espouse.
This would allow schools to select pupils entirely on the basis of religion, arguably advocating closed religious communities within education.
Humanists UK, which has led a campaign against plans to drop the the existing 50 percent cap on religious admissions, said removing the rule could lead to religious and ethnic discrimination and risk separating children along socio-economic lines.
Richy Thomson, Director of Public Affairs and Policy at Humanists UK said:

The 50 per cent cap on faith-school admissions has worked successfully to reduce social, ethnic and religious segregation within state schools. To abolish it because one religious group claims it breaks its own laws would be misguided in its motivations and a disaster in its outcome.
Segregated schools lead to a segregated society … If our schools aren’t inclusive, how can we expect our society to be?

Hat tip: Angela_K (Hinds report)

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  • AgentCormac

    Sadly, christians aren’t the only bunch of muppets to think they should be allowed to teach lies as fact in schools.
    An ultra-Orthodox Jewish group in London has also written a letter to the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations urging teachers to boycott government funding that would oblige them to teach ‘the lie that the world is ancient’.
    So, forget the fossil record, or any other rational, scientific means of dating the universe, according to these nut jobs the Earth is 6,000 years old, because in their opinion that’s what it says in the bible. And therefore that’s what their unfortunate offspring should have drilled into them from day one.
    Quite frankly, it’s yet another form of child abuse to which we will, as a society, conveniently turn a blind eye for fear of upsetting the ‘sensibilities’ of those amongst us who refuse to accept reality.
    Surely one day this nonsense has to end.

  • barriejohn

    I hope I’m not becoming paranoid, but when I looked this school up on the internet I immediately noticed that practically all the girls are wearing a hat – indoors. Please someone, tell me that I am jumping to conclusions!
    The standard of English leaves something to be desired as well, but as an ex-teacher that doesn’t surprise me one little bit.

  • barriejohn

    Here’s a big surprise; they use Accelerated Christian Education. (Actually, it’s exactly what I was expecting to find.) There’s no real education going on here.
    Kings Kids Christian School is a mixed sex Christian school whose curriculum is established on Biblical principles. The school provides a sound academic education in a Christian atmosphere that enriches lives, builds character and self-discipline. The Kings Kids Christian School curriculum is based on the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow Programme.The school provides a sound academic education in a Christian atmosphere that enriches lives, builds character and self-discipline.
    Wisdom is the highest of the three dimensions of life and helps students to walk with God, to live as He did when He was in human form. That is the purpose of education – to teach children not only about life, but how to live. Jesus is to be in the centre of all learning.

    What drivel!

  • StephenJP

    There is a glimmer of good news in this sad story, in that Ofsted are now getting on the case of ACE and similar abusers. Ofsted have completely overhauled their staff structure in the past few years, and they are mostly now education professionals; they have got rid of the incompetent amateurs who often gave faith schools an easy ride (and King Kids was, amazingly, judged to be Good by Ofsted in 2014).
    But then I read the story linked by AgentCormac, plus the latest from Hinds, and I begin to despair again.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “Kings Kids Christian School is a mixed sex Christian school”
    Glad to see they’re accommodating the transgender student population…
    Never mind.

  • 1859

    Here I will stick my head into a can of worms – Why is it that the most pious, devoted, bigoted and fanatically committed believers in, especially, Christianity are all overwhelmingly black Africans and black people from the Caribbean? In fact for the last 40 or more years the population of black Christians has outnumbered white Christians. I once taught at a predominantly black school in North London some years ago. In one lesson the conversation turned to their church activities over the weekend. Stupidly I asked if they really believed in all that ‘stuff ‘? Well I was almost decapitated by their reaction . Black people appear to have swallowed wholeheartedly and without a glimmer of doubt the White man’s religion – the religion moreover of their racist masters. Surely they of all people should reject a religion that allowed so many black people to be enslaved?

  • Broga

    1859: “Surely they of all people should reject a religion that allowed so many black people to be enslaved?”
    Not at all. The missionaries told them that they were exchanging earthly exploitation for an eternity of heavenly bliss. It’s a no brainer, really.

  • Johan

    Christianity is carefully tuned to provide hope and consolation to the worst off in society. And for a long time in the USA and more recently in the UK that means those of us with black skins. We had nothing an no prospect of getting anything. And when you are desperate you will cling to anything. I have a crap earthly life but here I can wipe off my muddy boots afore entering paradise fo’ ever man.

  • sowa

    I don’t think adding more nonsense to the mix would improve things.
    Anyways, this case should be added to the ever growing pile of reasons why religionists shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near schools. They figured out long time ago that infesting education is a vital part of maintaining power in society so cutting them out should be one of priorities for any secularist/atheist.

  • L.Long

    I was with 1859 for some time, but Agree with Johan. Look over the world and regardless of race/color it is the poor or oppressed that are DEEPLY religious. I think it is because it is easier to accept the religion than to find the will power and leadership to fight your way out of oppression/poverty.
    Religion is a circular argument that also KEEPS you where you are.
    So many kids die young.
    Ghost/angels/demons/gawd calls them to heaven.
    My kids are now in heaven, a better place.
    and around and around we go, and with out questioning this, you never find the bacteria in the dirt killing your kids playing in the dirt!!!
    ALL religions are evil!

  • 1859

    Thanks for above comments and I agree, devout,blind belief is not a racial phenomenon but is more likely to occur in impoverished societies, but nonetheless why give up your own ancient, tribal customs, gods and spirits and take on the religion of those who want to exploit you?

  • ray metcalfe

    They do look at the evolutionary theory but they also cover the design aspect as well. What design aspect of evolution the last time I read anything about it there was no design in it. So now they are not told to stop teaching the crap but to create an action plan. Why oh why are these schools still allowed to operate.

  • Eoin Robertson

    Clinging to a religion forced on you by slavers has always puzzled me as well!

  • Broga

    OT: I heard an old “friend” of this site on the World Service: the one and only (I hope) Jimmy Swaggart. They plaid his mea culpa speech after he had been caught shagging a prostitute. And here is why the believers get shafted. Some of the audience were in tears as Swaggart starting blubbing.
    Jimbo, in his eighties, is still preaching.

  • barriejohn

    Just read this load of bollocks from the school. These people shouldn’t be allowed within a million miles of kids!