German right-winger converts to Islam. Gays are the reason.

German right-winger converts to Islam. Gays are the reason. February 1, 2018

Arthur Wagner, 48, a far-right German politician, has caused an upset in his hardline, anti-Muslim ADF party by converting to Islam.
Now it’s reported that some members of the Alternative für Deutschland party want him kicked out.
He had been a key state legislative committee member for the AfD party in the German state of Brandenburg.
In an interview with the Bild newspaper this week, he said he was motivated to convert due to Christianity’s growing acceptance of same-sex unions, and the participation of pastors at LGBT Pride events.

One of the reasons is tied to changes that have taken place in the church, which no longer reflects my values.

Wagner attacked churches’ attitude to the AfD, support for equal marriage and the participation of pastors at Christopher Street Day, where there are children. He said:

That is not okay.

Pride events in central Europe are often known as Christopher Street Day parades, in honour of the location of the Stonewall riots.
Wagner says he converted to Islam after meeting Muslims on a trip to Russia, and finding them to be:

Open and honest people.

The politician officially converted last October, taking the name Ahmad.
Although he voluntarily quit his leadership role in the AfD, Wagner remains a party member.
The party leadership has indicated that it will not expel him, although several local members have called on him to be booted out.
In this report he says he has received threatening letters since his conversion became public.

I get letters telling me to get out of Germany before I start making bombs.

Kai Berger, the head of the local party chapter said:

I learned he’d become Muslim in the newspaper. I’m really disappointed. A lot of our members expect him to leave the AfD, but unfortunately we can’t expel him.

His new religion strongly contrasts with the party’s own messages.
On its website, AfD Brandenburg writes that “Islam doesn’t belong in Germany”, and that:

The ideology of multiculturalism [is] a serious threat to societal peace and cultural unity.

Same-sex weddings began in Germany last year, after the country’s Chancellor Angela Merkel changed her long-standing position on the issue to allow a vote to go ahead.
Merkel still cast her own personal vote against equal marriage, but allowed the bill to pass in a concession to reformers within her party as well as her then-coalition partners.

The AfD was strongly opposed to equal marriage, with the party vowing a legal challenge against the new law.
The party claimed that the equal marriage law violates Germany’s constitution, because the document specifies states that marriage “shall enjoy the special protection of the state”.
The Constitution does not set out a specific definition of marriage.
The party last year picked a 38-year-old lesbian as their candidate for Chancellor.

Alice Weidel, above, who is considered a relative liberal within the party, has two children with her same-sex partner.
The politician has always dismissed accusations of hypocrisy for backing a party that remains staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage and adoption – while herself raising children a gay family.
Though she is gay, Weidel rejects the label of LGBT activist, declaring that:

Political correctness belongs on the rubbish heap of history.

After the anti-immigration focused campaign, the AfD became the third largest party in Germany – claiming a record 94 seats in the Bundestag.

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  • Philby

    Arthur Wagner, when he recovers from his mental aberration and deconverts back to whatever he was before, will be an apostate from islam and likely to find himself staring for a few milli seconds at the naughty end of an AK47 before oblivion takes him.

  • Broga

    He is not safe to be let outside on his own. How stupid can a man get?

  • L.Long

    “…Finding them to be: Open and honest people….”
    Translation … bigger bunch of bigots and self-hating aholes!
    Does moderate isLame exist? Or is it there are not enough muslins in the country to have the governmental power to kill who ever they wish to?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Does that tattoo on the side of Frau (Fräulein?) Weidel’s nose signify something. I admit this is an area of my encyclopædic ignorance.Youngsters today do such strange things.

  • Cali Ron

    Vanity Unfair : I thought it was a bullseye placed on her photo. She is surely despised by some of her fellow party members and has been targeted by bigots. She must be conflicted or irrational, leading a party that hates ‘her kind’.

  • barriejohn

    Latest news: Person with weird ideas behaves weirdly.

  • Angela_K

    The far right and Islam, two sides of the same coin.

  • 1859

    So does Mr. Ahmed Wagner support the islamic way of dealing with gay people by throwing them off tall buildings?
    He found the Russian muslims to be ‘open and honest people’ – what a numbskull – there are open and honest people everywhere but they don’t have to belong, or subscribe to any religion. Those he met maybe ‘open & honest’ but they are so only within the parameters of their religion. I would far rather have the openess and honesty of people who do not advocate killing non-believers and gays. What I wonder would this guy do if he met a devout muslim who was also gay?

  • C-M

    Isn’t he just getting in earlier, you know… before the rush?

  • sowa

    Many people forget that islamists are as far-right as you can be. Some American reactionaries were so impressed by their modus operandi they actually coined the term “White Sharia”.

  • andym

    @ sowa. They’ve a lot in common. Authoritarian interference in private lives, violent misogyny and homophobia, anti-semitism. I’m always a bit worried they’ll grow a brain cell each and start talking.

  • syed shahid majeed

    The Prophet’s immense mercy towards human beings (especially slaves and women), animals, environment etc. were the main reasons for me to accept the truth brought by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). – JOCHEN PFISTERER, YASIN, GERMANY.

  • barriejohn

    “Immense mercy towards slaves and women”; oh, you’ve got to laugh!!!

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Instead of Peace be upon him, pee and poo be upon him. Mo-ham-head was just a paedophile, medieval narcissist warlord. Islam is a fanatical,political cult. Anyone following the teachings of a sandman from ancient times in today’s modern age needs to get his head examined.

  • Barry Duke

    Syed Shahid Majeed equates women with slavery. That says all you need to know about the despicable values of Islam.

  • barriejohn

    Barry: He doesn’t condemn either – he just commends the “prophet” for advocating “mercy” towards both. And he doesn’t even realize how stupid this makes his so-called arguments look!

  • andym

    Maybe “immense mercy” is a euphemism and he’s praising another attribute which attracted him to his Friend Who Never Existed.