South Africa's 'prophet of Doom' faces jail sentence

South Africa's 'prophet of Doom' faces jail sentence February 16, 2018

Limpopo pastor Lethebo Rabalago, 26, is to be sentenced next week for spraying Doom insecticide into the faces of his followers.
Rabalago, according to this report, was found guilty by last week by Frans Mahodi in the Mookgophong Magistrate’s Court of  seven charges – three for wrongful use of an agricultural remedy, which is in contravention of the Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act 36 of 1947; and four counts of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.
He, who was reprimanded for chewing gum during his trial, reportedly reacted with shock when the state called for his bail to be revoked.
The court also found that Rabalago unlawfully and intentionally published and distributed on Facebook a false and misleading Doom advertisement.

Doom pastor Lethebo Rabalago in court. Image: Antonio Muchave
Prosecutor Chris Maruma said:

Now that he has been found guilty he must be kept in custody until his sentencing. He is a guilty man.

Rabalago opened his mouth in disbelief when he heard he should be jailed.
However, Rabalago’s lawyer, Edmond Lubisi, disagreed.

We should allow court processes to be finalised. We are asking the court to postpone the matter for us to study the judgment and mitigate.

Magistrate Mahodi extended Rabalago’s bail and postponed the case to February 22.
In 2016 we reported that the Mount Zion General Assembly pastor claimed that Doom Super Multi Insect Killer can cure cancer and HIV.

People get healed and delivered through Doom.

Hat tip: Paul Duveen

"You're really a paid shill, aren't you? And, you have nothing to contribute. Blocked."

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  • AgentCormac

    ‘Mount Zion General Assembly pastor claimed that Doom Super Multi Insect Killer can cure cancer and HIV.’
    That’ll be Mount Doom, then?

  • Henri

    And this horrid shitehawk is but one of millions of pastors, clerics, imams, muftis, priests, ministers and every fuck the what else appellations exist for such people, who every day cheat and con and fleece and lie and abuse, and sell false hope of fantasic cures, wealth, happiness, riches, redemption, eternal life to stupefied fools. Such is the nature of their scamming. Criminals all actually. And for them the end is nigh. Its some way off but every day people are starting, en masse, to see what is going on and the tipping point will come. It will come one day. I have been to the top of the mountain and have seen a land populated by decent rational cooperative inclusive generous people sharing all thats good about humanity and free of religious bigotry and tyranny.

  • Angela_K

    Cure cancer? It could cause cancer because Doom contains Resmethrin a known carcinogen. This religious nutter should be jailed for long time for endangering life.

  • L.Long

    Henri said it all…ALL preachers are LIARS4jesus and all religions are evil.

  • barrriejohn

    Africa seems full of these charlatans, and many of them are incredibly rich. What does that tell you? One of the worst is Dr Shepherd Bushiri, whom I believe was kicked out of Botswana, but who plans to open a luxury hotel in South Africa on his birthday, February 20th. Our old friend, Leo Igwe, has something to say about him!

  • 1859

    He owns three jets because he ‘knows’ that is what god wants him to have? Well I ‘know’ god wants me to own the latest smart phone….I’ll keep you informed…

  • barriejohn

    @1859: Leo is right. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”…except fly! The idiocy of his claims is clearly apparent, so why are people willingly funding his ridiculously extravagant lifestyle?