Time running out for Australia's devoutly Catholic Deputy PM

Time running out for Australia's devoutly Catholic Deputy PM February 13, 2018

Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s staunchly Catholic Deputy Prime Minister, could be ‘rolled out of office like a dangerously bulging tin of deeply dodgy potted meat’ by the end of this week, according to John Birmingham, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald.

And if he is, there will be jubilation among the country’s LGBT communities. For Joyce, according to this report, is probably best known as an implacable opponent of same-sex marriage.
As the country considered legalisation last year, Joyce argued that such unions are wrong because marriage is a process “inherently there for the support of, or the prospect of, children” and because “every child has a right, an absolute right, to know her or his mother and father.”
Joyce also argued that legalising same-sex marriage could hurt Australia’s cattle trade because business allies in southeast Asia might find the position “decadent”.
While Joyce, 50, was banging on about “family values” during the same-sex debate, his marriage was on the rocks and he  banging one of his staff member, Vikki Campion, 33, who is now with child by him. Now that it’s been officially confirmed that the hypocrite is divorcing his wife it looks as if his political career is well and truly over.
Rumours of the affair had been flying for months, but the story was broken by the Daily Telegraph, which ran a photograph of a pregnant Campion on its cover last Wednesday.

In a television interview after the story broke, Joyce – a father of four daughters – called the end of his marriage one of the “greatest failures” of his life. He also denied allegations that he used public money to conduct the relationship.
But Joyce’s harshest words were reserved for the tabloids that exposed the affair. On ABC-TV, Joyce said:

I can’t quite fathom why basically a pregnant lady walking across the road deserves a front page. … I think once we start going through this salami-slicing of a private life, where does it end?

He cautioned Australians against going down the same path as the United States, where politicians’ private lives are routinely reported on.
But gay-rights campaigner Rodney Croome pushed back on those claims.

You can’t put the lives of tens of thousands of your fellow citizens under the microscope and then expect to avoid scrutiny yourself.

Croome said the scandal exposed what “traditional marriage” means for Joyce.

It is not a set of standards for heterosexual couples to live up to. It is a euphemism for prejudice against LGBTI people and our exclusion from the core institutions of society.

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  • L.Long

    If you are acting like a righteous ahole toward everyone else, then you had better be a righteous ahole in your own life!!
    You bigoted self-hating, intolerant pile of environment hazard! (shit is useful, he is not).

  • Broga

    It is never enough for bigots like Joyce to choose what he wants to do. He must seek relief from the pressures of his festering bigotry by forcing his opinions on the rest of us. And, as is so often the case, the man is hypocrite.

  • RussellW

    Yes, indeed, the man is a hypocrite. Another pious ‘family values’ politician has been outed. The factor in the Joyce affair that disgusts many Australians, including me, is his hypocrisy. Unfortunately he’s popular in the rural electorate he represents, so he will probably survive as an MP.

  • Michael Glass

    Barnaby Joyce is an easy target. A much bigger issue is the revelation that the Catholic Church has been hiding its vast wealth. This has not impressed the letter writers to the Sydney Morning Herald. http://www.smh.com.au/comment/smh-letters/counting-the-cost-of-catholic-churchs-vast-fortune-20180211-h0vwza.html

  • Robster

    The man’s overt hypocrisy is at the heart of his public humiliation and perhaps his downfall. The Oz media is having a field day with this stuff, images of Baarnaby (apparently) perving at leggy women nearby at various functions are popping up and his colleagues are tiring of the embarrassment, even the PM, who until now has been quite enamoured with his deputy is slowly distancing himself. He’s done wrong, big wrong and as a public morality campaigner, like the religious fools he followed, must pay the price, a big price it will be too.

  • RussellW

    Michael Glass
    I was surprised by the rather low total of the Church’s assets, my guess was at least $60 billion
    The Catholic Church should be audited and then taxed.

  • barriejohn

    I can’t quite fathom why basically a pregnant lady walking across the road deserves a front page.
    It doesn’t – but that’s not exactly what’s being shown, is it? You’d think that they were going out of their way to appear stupid sometimes.