Woman dies after claiming God cured her lesbianism & cancer

Woman dies after claiming God cured her lesbianism & cancer February 28, 2018

Mari Lopez, above, a Texas woman who used YouTube to tell the world that God had freed her from a ‘gay lifestyle’ and had cured her of cancer, has died of cancer.
The news of her death last December was made known on YouTube last week by her niece her niece Liz Johnson.
Lopez, according to this report, eschewed conventional treatment for breast cancer, and relied instead of on her Christian faith and veganism.
Lopez and Johnson launched the “Mari and Liz” YouTube channel in 2015 to promote Christianity, raw veganism, and juicing as cures for cancer. The channel amassed more than 12,000 subscribers and a million views in total.
Lopez said in one video:

It’s over, it is done with, I am healed. I feel it in my spirit and in my body.

She also claimed she used to “live a gay lifestyle” but after finding God chose to abandon lesbianism.

Liz Johnson is still prattling on about God
But last year Lopez’s cancer returned and spread to her blood, liver, and lungs. By the time she decided to pursue chemotherapy, though, the cancer was too aggressive.
Johnson insists that  Lopez succumbed to her illness because she was “inconsistent in her diet and spiritual life” and did not continue juicing and a raw vegan diet when the cancer returned.
She added that Lopez’s choice to renounce homosexuality:

Had nothing to do with her juicing, but everything to do with her faith.

It was reported here that Lopez said she had skipped cancer treatment despite the recommendation of her doctors.

It’s my choice, I’ve been okay, I haven’t died, I haven’t gotten to the hospital … I am going to continue on this path of going natural.

Johnson alleged her aunt’s demise came not from the cancer itself, but rather her consumption of meat and her use of a microwave.

My family is not familiar with that style of living … What happened was, as Mari was living with my mom, my mom started to tell her that she needed to eat meat.

However, the American Cancer Society disputes the claim microwaving foods poses a health risk to people:

When microwave ovens are used according to instructions, there is no evidence that they pose a health risk.

Johnson also said that Lopez had asked her to remove the videos when she realised she was about to die. However, Johnson refused because she still believes in the health benefits of veganism and faith in God.
The American Cancer Society warns patients to be skeptical of the quackery promoted in videos such as the ones created by Lopez and Johnson.

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  • Johan

    A pair of fuckwits. But the pious bastards that filled their heads with stupid ideas should be arrested for manslaughter.

  • AgentCormac

    She died because she was ‘inconsistent in her diet and spiritual life’? You couldn’t make this kind of madness up. And I agree with Johan, the people behind it need bringing to task for the role they’ve played in the suffering and death of Mari Lopez.

  • Angela_K

    We could argue that her god gave her cancer [didn’t he create everything?] and she didn’t pray hard enough and died, but the rational in me says she is another religious nut who deserves, posthumously, a Darwin award.

  • Lucy

    However, it is a pretty mainstream delusion that the progress of cancer can be affected by various diets and meditations. Many people react to the ‘invasion’ of the cancer by controlling what they can control. Better that, it must feel like, than thinking the outcome is just random . With any cancer , your individual prognosis is down to so many factors, type of illness, access to excellent and timely treatment, state of knowledge and treatments available, it is as near luck as makes no difference,
    In fact many people seem to think that all illness and even death can be kept away through diet. It seems to be the knee jerk response to all ailments , physical and emotional. Superfoods??!!! Don’t start me!! This all of course makes it worse when someone who has done ‘all the right things’ becomes ill.

  • John the Drunkard

    Worth pondering the degree to which vegetarian/vegan etc. dietary advice is rooted in the promotion of Seventh Day Adventist teachings. John Harvey Kellogg’s influence is still with us.

  • sowa

    I think some of you are a bit too harsh on that woman by calling her “fuckwit”. Internalised homophobia instilled by religion must have made a total mess in her head and she paid the ultimate price. Hard to tell if she would still be into cancer woo without it but I still think she’s more of a victim.

  • andym

    WHO class red meat as a group 2 carcinogen and processed meat as a group 1. Obviously prevention and cure are different things, but it probably doesn’t do any harm to cut it out post-diagnosis as long as it’s not an alternative to medical treatment.
    I think you’re probably crediting SDA with too much influence and vegetarianism is millennia older. They are a useful study group who confirm repeatedly the meat /cancer correlation as researchers can compare vegans/vegetarians to those in the group following a pretty healthy lifestyle with an omnivorous diet.

  • StephenJP

    The increased risk of getting cancer from eating meat, even processed meat, is the difference between one small number and another one. It is not really comparable with the serious carcinogens, such as tobacco, asbestos, chemicals like benzene (one reason why I packed up being a chemist) or even alcohol (taking a sip of red wine as I write).
    Living is not a risk-free enterprise. Even being a raw-food vegan has its hazards (ergotism anyone?) I respect the principles of those who adopt such disciplines, even though I don’t necessarily share them; but if you don’t die of one thing you’ll die of something else. As the old gag has it, if you don’t drink, smoke, fornicate or eat unsuitable foods, you won’t actually live for 100 years; it’ll just seem like it.
    Anyway: I’m sure we can agree that prayer did nothing for this poor woman’s condition; and that prayer without proper treatment would be guaranteed to make it terminal.

  • Broga

    Looks like God keeps changing his mind about the sexuality of individuals.

  • 1859

    ‘…I’m going to continue on this path of going natural’…
    Well, that’s exactly what happened – she died and is being recycled at this very moment. That’s super natural ( no pun intended!).

  • Aseeif

    religious belief is so cruel , it kills people.

  • Aseeif

    Religious belief is so cruel, it kills people

  • Laura Roberts

    Ostensibly we’re all skeptics here, if not scientists. Hence any discussion of the benefits/harms of any form of diet really should be accompanied by the appropriate PubMed links (though linking to the WHO article is at least a start).
    Not diet related, but if you want a really nice, readable survey of cancer onset and progression, see:

  • andym

    @LR. The problem with individual pieces of research is that they can be cherry-picked. What you really need are meta-analyses. That’s why I used the WHO who will have done a wider analysis for you. I’m not saying they are free from political pressure, but they’re probably closer to objectivity than most.
    There’s a meta-analysis here which shows a correlation for processed, though not red, meat and breast cancer. As said above, it’s sometimes difficult to extrapolate actual risk from mass data.

  • Henri

    Its not the religious beliefs of the stupefied brainwashed masses thats is the root of the problem. The root cause of it are the so called scholarly clerics of all denominations who are to blame. Show me a priest, bishop, vicar, cardinal, curate, mufti, imam or what the all fuck else appelation they have and I will show you someone who poisons minds with dangerous divisive primitive trash.

  • Laura Roberts

    @andym Agreed, one does prefer review articles generally. However, given the number of times I’ve seen references to this or that diet “guru”, just about any peer-reviewed citation is a step in the right direction!

  • barriejohn

    She’s a victim. I knew vulnerable Christians who attended “healing campaigns”, and who were told to throw away their tablets – with predictable results in most cases. A regular visitor to the Elim Church in Swindon was Melvin Banks, of Chippenham, who claims on his website (to which I have linked before) to have pastored the church where no one was ill and no one ever died! He still seems to be going strong, and a couple of years ago, on the hustings, was demanding that political candidates renounce the “evil” theory of evolution, which was (according to him) responsible for the Holocaust. The following report is almost nine years old now, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was about five hundred years old actually:
    All very sad.