Belgian authorities seize Saudi Arabian controlled mosque

Belgian authorities seize Saudi Arabian controlled mosque March 22, 2018

The Grand Mosque of Brussels, leased rent-free by Belgium to Saudi Arabia since 1969, has been taken back by the government in a move aimed at combating radicalism.
According to this report, the 99-year lease was been terminated last week “with immediate effect”.
The announcement last Friday is Belgium’s first official confirmation of the move which comes after months of behind the scenes diplomacy to prevent any fall-out with Saudi Arabia. A government statement said:

The concession will be terminated immediately … in order to put an end to foreign interference in the way Islam is taught in Belgium.

Belgium leased the Grand Mosque to Riyadh in 1969, giving Saudi-backed imams access to a growing Muslim immigrant community, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, in return for cheaper oil for its industry.
It has been run by the Mecca-based Muslim World League (MWL), a missionary society mainly funded by Saudi Arabia. The MWL denies it espouses violence.
Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon tweeted of Friday’s announcement that:

In this way, we are tackling Salafist, violent extremist influences.

Riyadh has been quick to accept the takeover, which coincides with a new Saudi initiative, not publicly announced but described to Reuters by Western officials, to end support for mosques and religious schools abroad blamed for spreading radical ideas.
Justice Minister Koen Geens said the sprawling complex will instead house the offices of the Muslim Executive of Belgium, an official body which represents Muslim communities across the country.
The mosque will have to register as a place of worship, he said.
Geens and other Belgian leaders couched the move as a way to promote a “European Islam” better aligned with their values. Geens said:

From now on, the mosque will have to establish a lasting relation with the Belgian authorities, while respecting the laws and the traditions of our country, which convey a tolerant vision of Islam.

Belgian security sources have told Reuters that the Muslim Executive of Belgium is close to the Moroccan government, with which Belgium has strong intelligence ties.
Controversy over the Brussels mosque has simmered for several years, according to this report. In 2015, the Belgian government advised Saudi ambassador Abdullah bin Yahya Almoa’limi that it had problems with the mosque’s director, Khalid Alabri, who was also on the embassy staff.
A worshipper told Belgian television and radio station RTBF.

His sermons were Salafist, anti-Israel and anti-West. The guiding principle was the primacy of Salafism above all else.

Alabri was quietly removed from his post.
A Belgian parliamentary inquiry into the attack on Brussels’ international Zaventem airport and a metro station in the city in which 32 people were killed in 2016, advised the government to cancel the mosque contract on the grounds that Saudi-inspired ultra-conservatism could contribute to extremism.

Saudi-inspired “Salafist sentiments are solidly anchored in the minds of Muslims in the Belgian capital. Belgian authorities have been playing with fire for 30 years,” said Michel Privot of the European Network Against Racism. Privot estimated that 95 percent of Muslim education in Belgium was provided by Saudi-trained imams.

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  • John the Drunkard

    Since the grand mosque siege of 1979, the Saudis have fostered abroad the same salafism that seeks to overthrow them at home.

  • Igor

    Text is imprecise. “Muslim immigrant community” is actually only Sunni branch of muslim “community”, currently at war with Shia muslims, whom by the way Sunnis are divinely ordered to kill as infidels!
    The neverending game of “your god doesn’t exist, my god exists, your prophet is not the real one, my prophet is the true one”. Santa Claus for adults.

  • 1859

    Rambo Santa Claus for morons who need a spiritual excuse to murder each other. And don’t forget – it was only last week that the new Crown Prince Abdullah Shoobeedoo of S.Arabia publicly declared that if/when Iran builds a nuclear weapon, Saudi Arabia would acquire one asap.

  • Brian Jordan

    Religion coming in the oil barrel, Putin’s hand on the gas tap – why on earth isn’t ten times as much being spent on developing nuclear fusion power generation?

  • Gaurav Tyagi
    I wonder, if any British man could dare to do the above mentioned with Muslim girls.

  • Daz

    @Gaurav Tyagi
    One in twenty children in the UK have been sexually abused. That’s around 900,000 children.
    Ninety percent of those abuse victims are abused by someone they know. That’s around 810,000 children.
    The vast majority of those children will probably not even know a Muslim, let alone have been abused by one.
    But yes, rather than try to actually combat the abuse of children, let’s concentrate on the (irrelevant to the crime) religion of a few headline-making abusers and use it as the basis for a smear campaign against all their non-abusive co-religionists.
    Also, contrasting “British” with “Muslim”? Really? Your venn diagram is mis-drawn. The opposite of British is non-British. The opposite of Muslim is non-Muslim.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Sexual abuse unfortunately is a Global phenomenon. It is prevalent everywhere in the world and family members, relatives as well as acquaintances are the major culprits in majority of the cases.
    However, there is no denying the fact that Muslims in Western Societies sexually target vulnerable women as gangs. Minor girls from state run centers are the easiest prey to these scoundrels.
    These medieval Muslims keep their own women folk covered in ‘bedsheets’ from head to toe while going after Western girls.
    Their religion plays a major role in it because the founder of Pisslam Mo-ham-head married a 6 year old girl Ayesha.
    I put this question to many Muslim acquaintances. Majority of them got angry at me for daring to question their paedo so called prophet. A few replied that Mo-ham-head married Ayesha, when she was six but had sex with her when she was Nine, as if they were sitting in his bedroom with a camera.
    As per lots of such Muslims, Nine year old girl is a woman. Culturally as well as socially Muslims are a complete misfit in any other society. They have even converted their own nations into shit-holes through fighting with each other. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria etc. Now they are ruining Western nations.
    You can take a person out of a gutter but cannot take the gutter out of certain people. Muslims are classic examples of this saying.

  • Daz

    And yet, still, the vast majority of the sexual abuse of children in this country is not done by Muslims. Nor, as far as I can tell (and as someone with a personal interest in child abuse of all kinds, I have actually researched this), is paedophilia more or less prevalent amongst Muslims than amongst people of any other demographic.
    Most of the news media have a tendency to report on what is actually the least prevalent manifestation of sexual abuse: that which is done by strangers. (Presumably because the truth, that most abuse is done by family members and close friends, is too uncomfortable to face. (The same is true of rape, where the relatively uncommon “grabbed by a stranger” is the default image of the crime.)) Much of the UK news media also has a tendency to over-highlight crimes which are committed by immigrants and their descendants; doubly so when the criminals are Muslims.
    In other words, if you want to convince me that there’s any reason to highlight the Muslim-ness (or any other demographic) of criminals who happen to be Muslims (or any other demographic), you’ll need to give me actual statistics for the crime in question from a trustworthy source, not headline-grabbing stories. Because those who produce the headlines are biased.
    (Seems pertinent to mention that I can personally remember when exactly the same tactic was used to smear homosexual men with the crime of paedophilia.)

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    ‘Those who produce headlines are biased’. True, media is biased not only in Britain but worldwide depending on the political/personal orientation of the owner(s).
    The same however can be said for academic studies and reports as well depending on the agenda of the researcher and the funding body so, they are also not unbiased.
    ‘The vast majority of sexual abuse of children in this country is not done by Muslims’ As mentioned in this link;
    The other paedophiles are mostly lone operators and try to cover their tracks but Muslim gangs do it openly and once they trap a minor girl. They pimp and pass her on to a large number of their Muslim friends.
    I am also highly sceptical of main stream media.
    I know this problem of Muslim grooming gangs is a real serious issue because I spent many years in The Netherlands before settling here in China.
    I know a large number of Pakistani, Afghanistani, Moroocan, Turkish and so called Somalian (easy to get refuge status) African Muslims from my Dutch days, who used to indulge in these shameful activities in Netherlands as well, with the same modus operandi as used by these paedophile Muslim gangs in Britain.
    Unfortunately due to the so called ‘political correctness’ in the Western establishment, nothing would be done to resolve this grave matter.
    Anyways, it largely affects the not so affluent section of Western societies. Girls from broken families living in govt social care.
    Govts. usually don’t really bother about the economically weaker and vulnerable section of the society.

  • Daz

    “The other paedophiles are mostly lone operators and try to cover their tracks”

    True. However, this does not provide any evidence that paedophilia is more prevalent amongst Muslims than amongst non-Muslims. Nor does it provide evidence that non-Muslim exploitation gangs do not exist, or that they are less common than gangs whose members are Muslims. Nor does it provide evidence that their religion played any part in causing them to commit the crimes. Nor, unlike with the Catholic Church, does any mosque or organisation of Muslims appear to have either supported or sheltered them.
    You’re still giving me headlines and rhetoric, not facts. Until I see convincing evidence that the religion plays an actual part in the crime, I will continue to argue that the highlighting of that religion (other than, for instance, in such narrow cases as an argument that religion does not provide the oft-claimed moral compass), is both a harmful distraction from the real problem (child abuse) and all too often an attempt to smear innocents with the crimes of others.

    “They pimp and pass her on to a large number of their Muslim friends.”

    The vast majority of their customers were “indigenous white British” non-Muslims.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @Daz.”However, this does not provide any evidence that pedophilia is more prevalent amongst Muslims than amongst non-Muslims’. The founder of Islam married a six year old girl, Ayesha. Isn’t that pedophilia?
    The evidence is clearly out there.
    The following extracts are from the above link;
    David Spicer led a review in the wake of Operation Sanctuary which saw 18 people jailed for the sexual abuse of young women groomed in Newcastle.
    He said exploitation was not being recognised in adults.
    The operation identified about 700 victims in total across the Northumbria Police area, 108 in Newcastle.
    The government said it would “look carefully” at Mr Spicer’s 33 recommendations, which also included a need for research into the cultural background of abusers, many of whom in the case of Sanctuary were from a “predominantly Asian or British Minority Ethnic culture or background”.
    Mr Spicer, who carried out the serious case review for the Newcastle Safeguarding Adults and Children Boards, said it was clear “adults were being targeted, groomed and exploited” as well as children.
    But he said authorities did not have the powers to intervene with adults to stop them “making bad choices” or forming “inappropriate relationships”.
    The Quillam Foundation think tank, which focuses on counter-extremism, said 84% of the 264 offenders it looked at, who were convicted of gang grooming between 2005 and 2017, were of south Asian heritage.
    The internet is full of news and links about Muslim gangs targeting White Minor girls. I didn’t come across any single news link till now, which mentions British white gangs targeting Muslim girls in a similar manner.
    As I stated above. The overwhelming evidence is all out there for everyone to see, still if you choose to deny it that’s your illogical view point.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Daz

    “The founder of Islam married a six year old girl, Ayesha. Isn’t that pedophilia?”

    If true, then yes. (Though it’s not as uncontested as many assertions make it appear. While her age at marriage is usually given as six or nine, claims for her age at consummation range from nine–ten to late teens. All of them, though, stress that she was post-pubescent at consummation; which makes the marriage-and-consummation little different from many European Christian marriages of the time. But I digress…)
    Is it your contention that because the founder of the religion was possibly a paedophile, then all or most modern-day Muslims are paedophiles? If so I’m struggling to see the logic here. It seems an argument—born of an unrealistic belief in rigidly unchanging culture and religious practice—which is more redolent of a “Bible believing” fundy than of an allegedly reasonable atheist. I sincerely hope I’ve mistaken your meaning, but if so, I don’t understand why you mention it at all.

    “I didn’t come across any single news link till now, which mentions British white gangs targeting Muslim girls in a similar manner.”

    Why does the religion or ethnicity of the victims matter? We were discussing the demographics of the abusers, not of the abused. So, here ya go.
    So, okay: according to this Channel 4 piece (, based on a now-unavailable CEOP report, three quarters of members of exploitation groups, who are often not themselves paedophiles, are of Asian or British-Asian (henceforth referred to as ‘Asian’) background. Half of such groups are of all-Asian make up. On the other hand, one hundred percent of group abusers—those who join a gang/ring/group/whatever you want to call it in order to sate their own desires rather than to prostitute their victims to others—are white. (Please note that ethnicity may be a guide toward religious background, if any, but cannot be a guaranteed indicator thereof.)
    So, while this does point to over-representation of Asians in exploitation gangs, it says nothing about the personal sexual predilections of the members of those gangs.
    Nor,with the number of Asians involved in these crimes being somewhere in the low-to-mid hundreds, do these figures say anything about the sexual predilections or criminal tendencies of the roughly four and a half million people of Asian descent in this country. The sample is (a) way too small (The ratio of sample to population is something like 1:100,000), and (b) suffers from glaringly obvious self-selection bias (because, of course a large number of Asians who are arrested for committing crime will turn out to be criminals).
    So yes, there is overwhelming evidence that there are Asians/Muslims who commit crime. This was never in dispute. There is no evidence that their criminality is a result of their ethnicity or religion.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    “There is no evidence that their criminality is a result of their ethnicity or religion”. This is the exact reason why I mentioned Mo-ham-head marrying a six year old girl Ayesha. The age at which he had intercourse with her be it 6,7,8, 9, 10 or 11 is irrelevant because a girl is still a child at all the aforementioned ages.
    All religious followers quote the example of their Gods and prophets. I never said that all Muslims are Pedophiles similarly not all Church Pastors are child molesters.
    “Thighing” is an Islamic practice still followed today even in Muslim communities in the U.S. and Britain:
    Regarding the practice of “thighing”, the masturbating between the legs of a female infant or actually sodomizing her, Islamic clerics have this to say:
    Pedophilia decrees from
    Question 1809
    After the permanent committee for the scientific research and fatwas (religious decrees) reviewed the question forwarded by the grand scholar of the committee with reference number 1809 issued on 3/5/1453 and 7/5/1421 (Islamic calendar)
    Question: ‘It has become widespread these days, and especially during weddings, the habit of mufa’khathat of the children. (mufa’khathat – literally translated, it means “placing between the thighs” which means placing the male member between the thighs of a child).
    What is the opinion of scholars, knowing full well that the prophet, the peace of Allah be upon him, also practiced the “thighing” of Aisha – the mother of believers – may Allah be pleased with her ?
    Answer: After studying the issue, the committee has answered as follows:
    As for the prophet, his thighing his fiancée Aisha when she was six years of age and not able to consummate the relationship was due to her small age. That is why the Prophet used to place his male member between her thighs and massage it, as the prophet had control of his male member not like other men.
    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, The Supreme Leader of Iran, the Shia Grand Ayatollah, 1979-89 said in his official statements:
    “A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. It is better for a girl to marry when her menstruation starts, and at her husband’s house rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.”
    Khomeini, “Tahrirolvasyleh” fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990
    “It is not illegal for an adult male to ‘thigh’ or enjoy a young girl who is still in the age of weaning; meaning to place his penis between her thighs, and to kiss her.”
    This one is a composition by me;

  • Daz

    Oh god, not “thighing,” please. That alleged fatwa has never been shown to have come from any Islamic source. It was originally produced (probably from whole cloth), it seems, in an effort to legitimise an insane rant by a Christian nutjob named David Wood.
    (As an aside: I actually knew a young girl (7 years old at the time) who was abused in just that fashion. It sickens me that the experiences of real abuse victims such as her are cynical exploited in such fashion.)
    Nor was my talk of Ayesha’s age strictly relevant; that’s why I placed it parentheses and plainly spoke of it as a digression.
    Do you have any facts, or are you merely proposing to link to increasingly tin-foil-hatted alt-right/Christian idiocies?

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    I hate all religions, when I don’t even spare the religion in which I was born into Hinduism. Why should I have soft corner for Islam and other religions? You believe in whatever you choose to believe.I stick to my beliefs. As I told you earlier. I have spent many years in The Netherlands for my University Studies. I stayed for a considerable duration of time in student houses where I interacted with a lot of Muslims especially Pakistanis so, I know what I am saying.

  • Daz

    I don’t expect you to have a soft spot for Islam. And there are indeed plenty of reasons to oppose it, along with all other religions. There are also plenty of ways to criticise it which are plainly wrong, and often smell more of demonisation of The Other than of reasoned criticism of their beliefs.
    Blood libel is a very old and very obvious method by which The Other is demonised. Jews are the obvious historical example, but whatever group is being targeted, the tactics rarely change. And the accusation that “‘They’ abuse ‘our’ women and children” is always one of the first to be trotted out. Because of this, such accusations—especially against against a minority who are routinely targeted by, for instance, racists, as Asian people are—should always be treated with extreme scepticism.
    One of my major reasons for opposing religion is that it is divisive and often uses out-groups as scapegoats. One of my major reasons for opposing the out-grouping and scapegoating of, in this case Muslims, is that it makes my opposition pointless. What, after all, would the point be in getting rid of religion, if we were to merely replace it with a system of thought which leads to exactly the same things?

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Racism is prevalent in every society be it African,Asian, American or European. Some people are openly racist while others are racist by heart but won’t say it openly.
    Right wing political parties in Germany, Netherlands and I am sure in Britain as well have loads of Turkish, Moroccan, Muslims, Africans etc. the so called ‘ethnic or religious minorities’ as their members because the aforesaid group of people wish to have their cake and eat it too.
    They are successfully settled in the West but won’t like to see other fellow members of their community/country come and settle abroad because they fear losing their ‘elite’ status.

  • Daz

    “Right wing political parties in Germany, Netherlands and I am sure in Britain as well have loads of Turkish, Moroccan, Muslims, Africans etc.”

    Please define “loads.”

    “so called ‘ethnic or religious minorities'”

    Whether someone is a member of a minority is a matter of simple arithmetic. There is nothing “so called” about it.

    “They are successfully settled in the West”

    Yep, often by the cunning ploy of having been born here.
    And we’re getting way off topic. You have yet to convincingly explain why it is reasonable that the actions of a tiny minority of British Muslims—actions which are neither sanctioned by their religion nor promoted by their religious authorities—should be used to smear the vast majority of their co-religionists who have not committed or in any way defended those actions.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    The actions are sanctioned by the founder of Pisslam Mo-ham-head himself, who set an example for his followers by marrying a six year old girl, that age of consent doesn’t exist in this medieval cult formed by a desert bandit.
    Do you expect me to go with a questionnaire to each and every Muslim in Britain asking them what do they think of their co-religionists sexually abusing British girls?
    Even if someone with too much money in his pocket and too much spare time were to carry out this exercise. What is the guaranty that Muslim respondents would give a true answer?
    They might be gladly elated in their hearts about the misdeeds but would say in the survey. ‘No we Muslims are a religion of peace, we strongly condemn theses actions blah blah’ etc.

  • Daz

    So your only evidence is that the religion’s founder, who lived at a time when just-post-pubescence consummation was the norm in most societies, may have been a paedophile by our own lights, and a complete lack of evidence that the majority of British Muslims have defended or approved of the actions of a tiny minority of criminals who happened to share their religion, but which lack you proudly hold up as evidence that they might secretly approve. That’s it; all you’ve got?
    At this point, might I humbly point out to you that the word “freethinker” contains the word “think”?

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    I keep telling you repeatedly that my opinions are largely based on my personal experiences, travels and interactions with a large number of people from different nationalities and religious beliefs but you simply don’t get it.
    This is the reason I am not on any social media because I cannot keep explaining things to hundreds of people the whole day.
    I have antagonized Indian establishment, public and media besides Chinese authorities;
    Go and join Muslim Brotherhood or any Pisslamic Society and raise the banner on behalf of your Muslim brothers.
    Keep your ‘thinking’ opinion to yourself . It’s not my job to change your rigid stand, as I said earlier you have your opinions and I have mine. There’s no point in continuing this discussion.
    As an individual deeply hated by the Indian and Chinese govts. Hatred of a few individuals like you doesn’t matter to me.
    It’s 1:08 A.M. here in China. I have to work for a living since, these writings don’t bring me any money. I just indulge in it as a creative pursuit so, do yourself and me a favor. Stop this ‘badminton game’. Goodnight

  • Daz

    “I keep telling you repeatedly that my opinions are largely based on my personal experiences, travels and interactions with a large number of people from different nationalities and religious beliefs but you simply don’t get it.”

    I get it. But I also sincerely doubt that you have personal experience of the workings of child exploitation gangs, which by their very nature are secretive, and which happen to be the topic in hand.

    “Keep your ‘thinking’ opinion to yourself”

    Nope. Sorry, I have opinions regarding how my fellow human beings should be treated, and the result of those opinions, when applied to your tarring-with-a-wide-brush smear campaign is that your campaign is dangerous. I will speak out against your bigotry just as much as I will speak out against other expressions of bigotry, whether they be religious in nature or not.

    “It’s not my job to change your rigid stand, as I said earlier you have your opinions and I have mine.”

    Really? How are we to change society for the (as each of us sees it) better, if not through discussion? Nor is my stand rigid. Show me good evidence that your opinion is not baseless, and I will change mine.
    Still an’ all, your dishonest habit of simply doubling down and ignoring refutations of your arguments, just like any fundy, does convince me that there is, as you say, no point in continuing this discussion. You may have useful things to say on other topics, but on this one you appear to have sod all but your own prejudices. Goodnight indeed.