Boy, 11, punched a priest in a bid to avoid sexual assault

Boy, 11, punched a priest in a bid to avoid sexual assault March 28, 2018

A 51-year-old man who cannot be named for legal reasons claims that he was punished after he reported Father Francis Paul Moore, above, for attempting to abuse him in  a Scottish church.

According to this report, the alleged victim was just 11 when he had an encounter with Moore in St Margaret’s Church in Castlepark.
The man says the incident occurred when he had visited the church with his cousin who had been locked in an office with Moore.
He said after he banged on the door to help his cousin, the priest pounced and he knew he was going to be his next victim.

He’s perverted, pathetic and a monster … He pinned me against the wall with his belly pressing up against me. I was only 11 but I could tell what was next.
I punched him in the gut and he fell backwards so I managed to get out of there.

The man said the priest set a gang of older boys on him who beat him up – and was then targeted at school for trying to expose the cleric. He added:

I walked to the police station to try and expose him but they said, ‘what do you want us to do about it?’
I had to apologise and he phoned my school and I got the belt every morning for a month.

Moore, 82, was found guilty earlier this month after it was revealed he terrorised youngsters for decades, subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse.
He was convicted this month of sexual assaults on three young boys – one as young as five – and a trainee priest. He abused one of the boys at St Mark’s Primary School in Irvine, another at the Magnum Leisure Centre and the third at Irvine Beach 40 years ago.
Judge Lady Rae told Moore:

Mr Moore you have abused your position as a priest in the most  horrible manner.You have been  convicted of, particularly in relation to the young children, appalling abuse.The damage such conduct does to young people is immeasurable.

Moore’s trial and conviction prompted the 51-year-old to come forward with his allegation against the former priest.
Moore will be sentenced next month.

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