Catholic school receives lawyer's letter over gay event

Catholic school receives lawyer's letter over gay event March 27, 2018

Declan Meehan, above, Deputy director of Cara-Friend, an LGBT-support organisation based in Belfast, has hit out at the parents of a pupil who refused to put up a poster for a gay event held at the weekend in the city.

The Northern Ireland parents, according to this report, retained a solicitor to warn the school that gay material does not belong in a Catholic institution.
The boy’s father said:

We are sending our children to get a Catholic education in a renowned Catholic school.

He added that the poster his son was asked to hang was:

Promoting a lifestyle that we vehemently disagree with.

The solicitor they retained is seeking an assurance from St Patrick’s that this won’t happen again.
Meehan, in this Belfast Telegraph report, said the school:

Is an excellent example of promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility in schools and fine example of true Christian ethos through that inclusion and visibility.
The LGBTQ+ Youth Forum’s primary aim is to give voice to otherwise voiceless young people and to provide a safe space for them to discuss issues that are important to them, which are sometimes left out of mainstream discussions around what young people need.
An incident such as this highlights the importance of this Forum all the more.
It is highly regrettable that the parents in this case felt it necessary to issue a solicitor’s letter. Surely this should be the last resort after engaging with the school.
As noted in this story the young person refused to put up the poster and was not forced to do so against his wishes, therefore no rights were infringed upon.

Meehan added the poster “could potentially have given support and information to someone who really needs it” and that the “balancing of rights that would outweigh any objections this one family could have as it does not detract from any rights or protections afforded them.”
The weekend forum saw LGBTQ+ young people from all across Northern Ireland gather for a day of consultations and discussions around the matters which matter most to LGBTQ+ young people. It was opened by the NI Commissioner for Children and Young People, Koulla Yiasouma.
It was open to those between the ages of 12 and 25:

Who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer or questioning.

St Patrick’s website says the school is:

Noted for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and for the positive, affirming relationships among students, teachers and parents.
Being a Catholic school, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to build upon the values of the homes and parishes our students come from, and we seek to nurture faith and Christian living in all our students.

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  • Broga

    ” we seek to nurture faith and Christian living in all our students.” I hope that includes information on paedophilia.

  • AgentCormac

    We are sending our children to get a Catholic education in a renowned Catholic school.
    Absolutely! Heaven forbid that children should come into contact with any ideas, perspectives or information that would take them even remotely outside the tenets of the same good old catholic church which turned their parents into bigoted idiots. Make sure those kids grow up to be mindless, brainwashed automatons too. And don’t even think about what the local priest is doing to them. Oh, did I mention the word ‘think’? Apologies, as it’s clearly a concept these muppets don’t even begin to understand.

  • 1859

    The word “catholic” originally comes from the Greek “katholikos” meaning ‘universal’. So the enrages parent needs to think again. Oh dear I used the word ‘think’, and just like Agent C above, I think I’ve made a mistake.

  • Walt

    Many priests are gay material … which is why many priests are gay … as young men they were told gay is bad and the only way for them was to suppress their sexual feelings by becoming celibate priests … and then miraculously behold that many of your fellows are gay too. Gay fest time but keep it secret by bigoted condemnation of gays … just like that bastard sob jock one that pegged out recently. It’s a disgrace that gays are forced into such bigotry. Nowt wrong with gayness. But the child raping priests are the real evil bastards that lurk in the vestries the world over.

  • Brian Jordan

    Indeed, catholic – as distinct from Catholic – used to be fairly common usage when I were a lad. It’s yonks since I’ve heard that usage though – perhaps “catholic tastes” would give the wrong idea now?

  • barriejohn

    And when I were a lad we repeated the Apostles’ Creed every week at Sunday School, and daily at school in the second year of juniors, when we all attended the CofE school nearby (and what a religious education we received there!):
    “I believe in… the holy catholic Church”
    I had to have that bit explained to me, as I knew that I wasn’t a Catholic!!

  • L.Long

    When these ahole xtians STOP using mixed fabrics, eating shrimp, and following the other 1150commandments of their ahole dimwitted gawd, THEN and only then, will I feel their are serious about their faith! Till that time they are just bald faced LIARS filled with self-hate that they reflect onto others. And when any group says they are buyBull believers and INCLUSIVE, I will believe that when I see them tear the hate pages from their buyBull, till then don’t trust the LIARS!