Homosexuality 'mandatory' for UK gays, Christian complains

Homosexuality 'mandatory' for UK gays, Christian complains March 7, 2018

The fundamentalist Christian head of a quack ‘gay cure’ outfit – Dr Mike Davidson, above – is furious that a second venue has banned the Core Issues Trust‘s anti-gay propaganda film, Voices of the Silenced.
According to this report, after the Queen’s University in Belfast refused to screen the film, Davidson said:

Clearly in Northern Ireland, in line with the rest of the UK, Christian freedom is restricted to freedom of worship alone. It is an illusion to believe that Christians have freedom of religion or even freedom of conscience.
If it is up to the politicians and the leaders of our institutions, Christian values have no place in the public space, which is reserved for the dogmatic religion of secularism, and promotion of LGBTI values which alone define diversity and inclusiveness.
More dangerously, homosexual identity in the UK appears now to be mandatory for those experiencing the feelings. It seems there may be no dissent; gay identity must be affirmed and there is no debate to be had about the matter.
But this is exactly why the politics of sexuality are unsustainable and will unravel.

Davidson proudly displays a video he received last year about the life of lunatic Joseph Nicolosi, the discredited ‘father of gay reparative therapy’ who died last year. The picture appears on The Voices of the Silenced Facebook page.
CIT requested that Voices of the Silenced be shown in a private invitation-only event at university, but claimed that its request was declined “without reason”.
Joan Parsons, Head of Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT) at the university told the Northern Ireland charity:

The mission of the QFT is to widen access to film through the delivery of a varied programme that actively encourages appreciation, enjoyment, debate and understanding.
In addition, the QFT is committed, through its approved programme, to continue to promote and respect equality, diversity and inclusion.

CIT can’t see how the “documentary” fails to meet the theatre’s mission. I can: IT.IS.SHIT!
The film has sparked controversy since it was premiered last month. Vue Piccadilly cinema scrapped a reservation for the screening of the film, which tells the stories of 15 people “emerging out of homosexual lifestyles” after more than six hundred people signed a petition urging the cinema chain to cancel the private showing.
However, the premiere went ahead when the producers were offered a conference room at the “magnificent” Emmanuel Centre in Westminster instead. This proved so popular that a people flocked from all over the world to see it – a total of about 200.

The film will now be shown at a more appropriate venue, the Ballyanhinch Baptist Church on March 13 at 7.30pm.

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  • Daz

    “More dangerously, homosexual identity in the UK appears now to be mandatory for those experiencing the feelings.”

    In other news, it is now mandatory that all chalk should contain calcium.

  • Barry Duke

    Daz,you’ve given me my best laugh in days. I’ve been really down because my ‘mandatory’ gay spouse was rushed into hospital with a severe lung infection last week, and the daily visits to his ward has been wearing me down. Badly! So has the fact that the ‘mandatory’ heretosexual Frenchman sharing his room has been crying non-stop for two days because his girlfriend dumped him.

  • Broga

    “The film will now be shown at a more appropriate venue….” A padded cell with a supply of strait jackets?
    That is serious stress, Barry. I know, from experience, the effects of uncertainty and waiting when someone close is very ill. Best wishes to you and your spouse.

  • andym

    “It is an illusion to believe that Christians have freedom of religion or even freedom of conscience.”
    Err. You’re being allowed to screen it. What you’re asking for is the right to force others to give you a platform.
    All part of the “Christian Persecution” myth. So much easier to think that there’s a conspiracy against you, than accepting that the world’s changed and most people find your views distasteful in the extreme.

  • ray metcalfe

    Oh deer so the nut job Christian cant get his film shown so he throws his toys out of the pram and complains the gays are persecuting us again. Barry I hope your mandatory gay spouse is soon better and home again.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    As long as two consenting adults are in bed,it doesn’t matter if they are men or women. To each according to his/her preference so, all this hatred against gays and lesbians is totally uncalled for.
    Barry, wishing your partner a speedy recovery. 🙂

  • barriejohn

    Having undoubtedly been born gay, homosexuality has been pretty well mandatory for me as well. I wonder when Mike Davidson decided to “identify as heterosexual”?
    They’ll love his film in Bonkersnahinch (spelling, Barry!):
    PS Agree that no one is being “silenced”. They just can’t have the platform that they would like. It’s called progress.
    (PPS Best wishes to you and Marcus, Barry.)

  • L.Long

    Xtians just love to wallow in their self-hate and then reflect it on to anyone they think is different! and then try to convince the strange one to change into the self-hating attitude they have! And they MUST do this or be reminded that others can live, love, & be happy without the ahole hatefull fairy tale gawd!

  • barriejohn

    Hullo; Ballynahinch Baptist Church and Davidson have been in the news before!
    (January, 2014)

  • Daz

    Glad I managed to brighten your day, if only for a moment.
    All my best to you and to Marcus. Here’s hopin’ for a speedy recovery.

  • Stuart H.

    Davidson really needs to understand the difference between a film being banned in Belfast, and just being economically unviable for any venue.
    Now, Life of Brian – which could have filled any commercial cinema in the Belfast area – THAT was banned, by Belfast city council, for decades.
    Can I suggest that the real problem with Voices of the Silenced is simply that nobody wants to see it.
    Be more realistic if CIT bought a phone box, and just pay people to stand in it and watch it on a phone. If nothing else a few homeless bods could stay warm for half an hour while earning enough to buy a cup of tea.

  • 1859

    ‘More dangerously, homosexual identity in the UK appears now to be mandatory for those experiencing the feelings…..’
    Oh No! “…the feelings…”…they have arrived! Watch out, they’re creeping up your legs! Emotions! Oh Shit! Passions! Even worse FFS! Sex!!! A revolting idea! A person might even begin to mistake these ‘feelings’ as ‘love’ – and where would we be then – in a gay heaven full of male angels playing at 69 in the clouds! Never!
    Old goats like Davidson want to prescribe for the rest of humanity what love is. For them there is only one definition. They are like people with tunnel vision deep inside a mountain without a torch, and they belong, deservedly, to the dying past.
    (Forgive my rant Barry and I wish Marcus a speedy recovery.)

  • AgentCormac

    Persecution, blah, blah, blah. Restricted freedom, blah, blah, blah. Nobody’s taking our iron-age beliefs seriously anymore, blah, blah, blah. Oh, do shut up and stop whining you bunch of tedious, irrelevant bigots. Face up to the fact that your time has gone and there’s really nothing you can do to turn back the clock.
    And on a more personal note, I very much hope that Marcus makes a full and speedy recovery, Barry.

  • sowa

    Ha, funny how quickly they incorporated identity politics in their lingo. It’s not sexuality anymore, merely “identity”. Too bad so many on the Left share the same sentiment.
    Also what’s with Xtians still calling secularism/atheism “religion”(dogmatic even!) – one would expect even those cretins would finally notice how big of a self-own this is.

  • tonye

    ‘Clearly in Northern Ireland, in line with the rest of the UK, Christian freedom is restricted to freedom of worship alone’
    Even if this was the case, and it is not, it’s a damn sight more freedom than religion ever gave the LGBT community.
    Barry, hope your better half gets well soon.

  • Barry Duke

    Thanks for all your best wishes, deeply appreciated. Hopefully, later today, I’ll be given the go-ahead to retrieve him from the hospital on Friday.

  • Henri

    All human sexuality is fallen and is in need of the sanctifying work of God to restore it to its intended wholeness and divine purpose. There is a growing body of research evidence indicating that sexual preference is neither immutable, innate nor chosen. As a consequence of our basic sinfulness we all have desiresthat we do not choose to have but we do have choices with respect to what we do about them. As a consequence our sexual identity can be reinforced or altered by either gender-affirming or gay-affirming lifestyles or therapies. CORE works with people who vountarily seek to change from a “gay” lifestyle to a gender-affirming one. This is sometimes referred to as a “sexual re-orientation” process.
    CORE recognizes that homosexuality or “same sex attraction disorder” (SSAD) is not exclusively a spiritual problem. The homosexual impulse may develop because of early wounding that has remained unhealed; it may also find its roots in legitimate physical and emotional needs that have not been met and have become distorted.
    Want to read more scientifically illiterate and speciously disingenuous trash then visit to Core Issues Trust … more accurately the Christian Bigots Trust For The Demonising LGBT people.

  • barriejohn

    Henri: It all ties in with the Christian concept of “natural law” to which I made reference on another thread recently. According to their theology, homosexual attraction is “unnatural”,and in opposition to God’s “plan”, being a result of Adam’s “fall”. How, then, do they explain homosexual relationships in the “Animal Kingdom”? Do animals have souls? Do they sin? Can they, too, be “redeemed”? Their only answer to such questions is to deny that such things take place, or to mumble some nonsense about Adam’s “fall” affecting* “the whole of creation”.
    (* No mechanism for this has ever been suggested!)

  • Brian Jordan

    “Homeosexuality mandatory”? I don’t suppose he realises he’s echoing the quite splendid (gay) David Starkey C.B.E.!

  • Broga

    CORE: “is in need of the sanctifying work of God to restore it to its intended wholeness and divine purpose.”
    I suppose that is what the priests are doing when they are sexually abusing children. Or these monster nuns physically abusing and driving young unmarried mothers to exhaustion in the hell of their laundry. Or the priests who are so anxious to inflict the last minutes of agony on the terminally ill who want the peace of death.
    Or the work of the hideous Mother Theresa, friend of dictators. Theresa insisted on pain being beneficial for the pregnant women while Tess herself travelled in luxury. With grotesque irony the Pope has decided she is in heaven answering prayers and the ghoul is about to be made a saint.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: Can’t you see the insecurity that is eating away at them? They’re scared of life, scared of death, scared of anything unusual or unpredictable, or which they cannot understand or control, so how reassuring it is to have invented a being of infinite power who can protect them from all the things that might threaten them, and “put everything right”. It’s a mental disorder, plain and simple, and not the way that a rational adult would look at things.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    As long as there is no coercion, force, blackmail, kids and minors involved. There is no big deal about the sexual choices of adults. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality isn’t a disorder, it’s just a lifestyle choice. If the people are happy with the above choices then the self proclaimed religious custodians of society and morality should mind their own business rather than needlessly poking their noses with a’holier than thou’ attitude.

  • Angela_K

    @Gaurav Tyagi Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, we are born that way. Educate yourself. Being religious is a lifestyle choice and a very bad one at that.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @Angela, a majority of the religious people just happen to be born in a religious family. They then just follow the path of their parents and grandparents because of being too docile to rebel or not using their mind to think rationally.

  • Stephen Mynett

    A majority of atheists are born into religious families, we just make our choice and learn to think. In my generation, I was born in 1959, most UK families were, or claimed to be, Christian, although I think many did so to save argument.
    I admit it is easier and much safer to admit to atheism in the UK than it is in the religious hellholes of the world but it is still a choice, indoctrination and pressure from the religious just makes that choice more difficult.
    Sexuality has as much choice about it as my haemophilia, it is about what is in my genes, not whose jeans I want to get into.

  • barriejohn

    It’s been said a million times before: sexuality is NOT a lifestyle choice, but so what if it were? It doesn’t affect anyone else, and it most certainly doesn’t offend some giant who lives in the sky! Conversely, as an ex-fundie myself, I would say that most REALLY religious people have either been brainwashed at some stage in their life (as in my case, and in the case of a great many who “went forward” at religious meetings), or were brought up in religious families, and thus indoctrinated with it. However rational one might be, it’s not that easy to throw it all off, and we have debated here before the social pressures on the members of sects, in particular, who may feel that for them there is no way out. Religions know what they are doing when they push for religious education.

  • 1859

    @barriejohn: Can I lean on your extensive theological background and ask how do christians and their various sects, explain the presence of a man’s nipples? As far as I know there is no mention in the scriptures and if god created Adan first and Eve second, why the need to give him nips? And if ‘He’ created Adam in His image, that means ‘He’ certainly has Divine Nipples. Now why – of all things – would god be in need of atavistic breasts? Very confusing.

  • I set the cat among the pigeons in the comments beneath the Premier report by suggested that Dr Mike Davidson was probably a “self-loathing homosexual”. I was not far of the mark. This, according to Wiki: “Dr. Mike Davidson (who received his doctorate in education rather than medicine), defines himself as ex-gay.” This puts him in the same category of fellow “conversionist” Doug Mainwaring.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @barriejohn, very well said especially this sentence, ‘However rational one might be, it’s not that easy to throw it all off’. I keep getting greetings from my friends and acquaintances during Hindu festivals. I always say that I am an atheist now and equally hate all religions including the one, I was born into (Hinduism). Mostly people get shocked and call me rude, arrogant for abusing God (s). The path of an atheist, rationalist is surely a lonely one and is not for the weak-faint hearted.

  • barriejohn

    @1859: I’ve heard many explanations, including that old chestnut that, as it was the same mind behind all creation one would expect similarities in the created beings (hence no evolutionary “tree of life”). And remember that Christians today, no doubt with guidance from on high, have decided not to take literally that verse about man being “made in the image of God”, but claim that it means a spiritual likeness – even though the original writer obviously had something entirely different in mind (his god being absolutely whacked after six days of making everything, and needing a cooling walk in the garden at the end of a hot Middle Eastern day!). But may I refer you to Answers in Genesis for a more scientific explanation, if I may use that phrase?
    If nipples and breasts are “useless” to males, they are equally useless to prepubescent girls, and for that matter are “useless” to any woman who is not breastfeeding a child.
    Breathtaking; and I wonder whether “Tommy Mitchell” would be an Irish name again?

  • barriejohn

    Barry: Brilliant! I looked him up on ‘tinternet, because I had my suspicions as well, but couldn’t really find out much about him. I didn’t think that an entry about ‘Cor Issues Trust would supply the information! And Mainwaring is far from being the only other one amongst that nest of vipers:

  • barriejohn

    @Gaurav: I received the usual depressing clutch of Christmas cards this past season with the “Love in the Lord” and “Praying that you will return to the Lord” messages, and this after over THIRTY YEARS “away” from the Brethren. One old dear even wrote me a little letter bemoaning the fact that her daughter is “still away from the Lord”, enjoining me to “pray for her”, but as the writer is almost 100 now I suppose her memory is a bit poor. Good for …. is all that I could say to myself, as she was a very intelligent girl, who just had the misfortune of having had fanatical parents, but it’s sad that this causes so much unhappiness, and it is, of course, all the daughter’s fault!

  • 1859

    Thanks barriejohn: I sort of got bogged down in understanding some tortuous passages in The Closing Of The Western Mind, which quoted some theological ‘explanations’ about such topics as male nips that seemed to dominate the intellectual debate among the first christian bishops some 2000+ years ago. I wouldn’t dare post up an example because even typing it would – I’m certain – make my computer melt with embarrassment.

  • Brian Jordan

    @1859 & barriejohn
    I’ve just thought of a new twist to the old omphalos question (did Adam have a navel?): does god have a navel?

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: That’s not really a new question, though the only sensible explanation (and I use that term guardedly) is that as God is a “spirit” Adam’s similarity to him is “spiritual” ( whatever that might mean),
    Comment: “A belly button is, among other things, a reminder of the obligation to honor your parents.”
    That’s new one, though!

  • Brian Jordan

    I see that that link has an interesting alternative meaning for godparents, too.

  • 1859

    Just to correct my theological history – I should have said ‘…first Christian bishops ca.1700 years ago…’ Here is a sample of how they ‘resolved’ the conundrum of how god the father could have a son called jesus. Jesus was declared to be…
    ‘…the one only begotten son of god who before all ages and before all beginning and before all conceivable time and before all comprehensible substance was begotten impassibly from god, through whom the ages were set up and all things came into existence, begotten as only begotten, sole from the sole father, like to the father who begot him, according to the scriptures, whose generation nobody understands except the father who begot him…,
    You see what I mean….

  • barriejohn

    @1859: That’s because the very idea of YHWH having a son would have been completely foreign to the Old Testament writers, so they have to contort their thought processes in this ridiculous manner to explain the new (and ill-thought-out) doctrine. None of it makes any sense at all.