Kansas missionaries' penalty for vicious abuse: 32 months!

Kansas missionaries' penalty for vicious abuse: 32 months! March 13, 2018

Jim and Paige Nachtigal, a pair of missionaries from North Newton in Kansas,  tomorrow begin sentences of 32 months each for the extreme cruelty they meted out to three children they adopted from Peru.
According to this report, North Newton Police Chief Randy Jordan removed the three Peruvian orphans from the Christian couple’s home three years ago. On the day he took them away from the Nachtigals, two of the children – a boy and a girl who were both 11– looked so thin he was certain they’d been starved. The third, 15, had managed to escape the brunt of the abuse.

Known in the local religious community for their involvement at church and their missionary work abroad, the couple was convicted of several counts of child abuse last summer.
Prior to his arrest, Jim Nachtigal served as the Chief Executive officer at Kansas Christian Home in Newton for ten years. His wife was a missionary at World Outreach Ministries when the abuse surfaced.
On the day Jordan rescued the children, he noticed he boy had a knot on his elbow. The younger girl was limping because her leg had been broken. Both talked of being beaten with a cane and a wooden spoon when they didn’t do  pushups, sit ups and jumping jacks correctly. The bruises and welts on their bodies corroborated the account.
Jordan’s testimony came just a few hours before Harvey County District Judge Joe Dickinson ordered Jim and Paige Nachtigal to serve 32 months in prison over their treatment of the children.
The Nachtigals’ defence attorneys, Kevin Loeffler and Brent Boyer, asked that they be placed on probation. Neither has prior convictions, are not a danger to society and could receive treatment in the community, their attorneys argued.
The Nachtigals were not immediately taken into custody after they appeared last week before judge Dickinson. Instead they were ordered to surrender to the Harvey County Jail by 5 pm on March 14 (tomorrow)
Jim Nachtigal was convicted of three counts of child abuse. His wife was convicted of two counts of child abuse.
Medical examinations of the 11-year-olds by pediatrician Kerri Weeks, who specialises in abuse cases, revealed what she said in court was the “extremely severe” nature of the abuse.
The children, she testified, both had calloused hands and cracked feet from excessive exercise and wearing ill-fitting or no shoes, open and sometimes “weeping” sores on their buttocks from spankings, 2-inch long welts consistent with cane whippings and malnourishment so severe that their bones were wasting away.
The starvation had gotten so bad that when the children did get to eat, their bodies “didn’t know what to do” with the food, she testified.
The boy weighed 60 pounds when he was put into police protective custody, police have previously said. The girl weighed 50.
The Nachtigals adopted all three children from a region of Peru where they had previously done missionary work. The older girl was adopted through an agency around 2012. The younger girl and the boy were adopted together about a year later.
Jordan has previously said that the Department for Children and Families received around a dozen reports from people voicing concern about the Nachtigals treatment of their adoptive children – some coming as early as 2014 – but none were forwarded to his department for investigation.

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  • Daz

    “Jordan has previously said that the Department for Children and Families received around a dozen reports from people voicing concern about the Nachtigals treatment of their adoptive children – some coming as early as 2014 – but none were forwarded to his department for investigation.”

    Why the bleedin’ hell not? Someone at the DCF needs a rocket up their arse.

  • L.Long

    Would they have waited as long as they did if the couple had been accused of being satanist?? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! Nothing does evil like religion, just considering how the religion allows others to ignore all the clues and accusations!!!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Neither has prior convictions, are not a danger to society and could receive treatment in the community, their attorneys argued.’
    Child abuse isn’t a danger to society? You couldn’t make it up.

  • Broga

    Utter scum, the sewage of society. If they had been atheists they would have got life.

  • Robster

    Have we learned nothing from the industrial scale child rape and mistreatment at the hands of the religiously deranged? Which it seems, is most of them?

  • Stephen Mynett

    Totally OT but some sad news, Stephen Hawking has died at 76.
    Not bad considering he was given a very short time to live 50 years ago. He has shown that great thought and achievement plus overcoming disability can be done without needing stupid beliefs and philosophies.
    Perhaps if some of the religious, like the two gits of this article, learned to think and evaluate things scientifically, rather than just assume they are right because they have read a bible they might act with a little more decency.

  • tonye

    @Stephen Mynett,
    The irony being that Prof Hawkins did more for the advancement of man than any religion.

  • Broga

    @Stephen Mynett, Stephen Hawking: the best of the best. His achievement defied the most dire of illnesses. Towards the end he had an fully functioning brain but almost all bodily movement gone. God does that to Professor Hawking while destructive self servers like Billy Graham are healthy – apart from their religion perverted minds.
    Stephen Hawking is an example to millions of a kind of raw courage and determination that will inspire in a way the tatty platitudes of priests never can. The world is poorer today. We will not see his like again.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Tonye, Broga, I agree totally he was an amazing person and while my disability is very slight compared to his he was a great inspiration and I know he was to other disabled people as well.
    Hawking was the sort of person some of the religious despise, albeit secretly in some cases, he made amazing breakthroughs in understanding the universe and quantum mechanics yet did so by academic means despite the obvious drawbacks of his health, which he often made light of. Conversely the religious can be cowards and too lazy to seek answers but rely on a book originally thrown together by semi-literate goatherds.

  • Angela_K

    Re. Prof. Hawking. I’d thought I’d have a look at the comments in the Mail and Express and as you expect, the religious nutters are out in force, especially from the USA. “burning in hell” etc and other revolting comments we’ve come to expect from Christians.

  • remigius

    Angela, even our very own pet nutter has had a go…
    And the idiot cannot even spell Hawking’s name right!

  • Angela_K

    @ remigius. I’ve just read Hutton’s lunatic raving, he gets madder by the day and is typical of hypocritical Christians who say they preach love but preach hate. I feel as though I need a shower now, to wash off Hutton’s filth.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Got as far as “not a true scientist as scientists believe . . . ” then gave up. Hutton is mentally ill.

  • barriejohn

    I think Hutton’s brain has disappeared into a Black Hole somewhere, possibly in the vicinity of his underpants!