Militant pro-lifers are lunatics, says senior Catholic priest

Militant pro-lifers are lunatics, says senior Catholic priest March 9, 2018

Monsignor John Devine, OBE, stands accused of distorting Catholic teaching on abortion and of lying by saying that people who have abortions are not murderers.
Attacks on Devine, the highest-ranking Catholic cleric on the Isle of Man, began after he revealed in a letter that he had criticised pro-lifers who were opposing the Isle of Man’s Abortion Reform Bill, which is on the verge of being passed.
This bill, according to Church Militant:

Will establish the most permissive abortion regime in the British Isles, legalising the procedure well into the second trimester.

LifeSiteNews reports that, in his letter to the island’s Chief Minister, Devine, who serves as Dean of the Roman Catholic Church on the Isle of Man, representing the Archdiocese of Liverpool, said:

People who have abortions are not murderers and are not bad people. Similarly, politicians proposing changes to legislation on abortion are not bad people either but individuals attempting to do what is right.
Some of the situations envisaged in the Bill do present a genuine moral dilemma – balancing the life of the mother against the life of the child. None of these decisions are easy. Every abortion is an act of desperation.

Devine then went on to “disparage” pro-lifers who show opposition to the bill by using abortion-victim photography, calling them a “lunatic fringe”.

Attempts to shock the public in the street with explicit material not only reinforces that impression, it also allows those with whom we seek a reasoned and compassionate debate to dismiss our genuine and legitimate concerns.
The Catholic church wishes to be supportive of those who find themselves contemplating an abortion whatever decision they take.

Homophobe and misogynist Jules Gomes, above, a banned Anglican priest and columnist for the UK’s The Conservative Woman took issue with Devine’s letter.

It abounds in logical fallacies and moral contradictions. He first derides members of his church and other Christians as the ‘lunatic fringe’ for using images of aborted babies in demonstrations.
After dismissing the lunatic fringe, he rolls in the hay with the heretic fringe. ‘People who have abortions are not murderers and are not bad people,’ he pontificates. Devine is blissfully ignorant or wilfully lying. For 2,000 years the Catholic Church has called abortion murder.

Gomes said Devine’s argument “caves in” when he refers to:

Every abortion’ as ‘an act of desperation’. Murder, theft, and child abuse are also ‘acts of desperation’. In the Monsignor’s world we’d be making provision for murderers, thieves and child abusers.

Devine’s position on abortion as expressed in his letter is no surprise according to Catholic observers on the island. An investigative report by Church Militant found that Devine:

Has shunned a host of pro-life organisations.

Organisations he has refused to work with include the Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform (HEAR), The Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child, Britain’s oldest and largest pro-life group, The UK pro-life and crisis pregnancy charity Life, and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.
The House of Keys, the lower house of the island’s parliament, voted 22-0 for the abortion bill at Second Reading on January 30. The legislation has now passed to the clauses stage where its provisions will be debated in more detail.

The final vote in the House of Keys is likely to take place this month. If approved, the Bill will then go to the Legislative Council, the island’s upper house, which can return the legislation with amendments.

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  • Broga

    I suppose for unreconstructed bigots like Gomes the very idea that women might decide for themselves is anathema. Express an opinion – as Devine does – that shows compassion for often desperate women and as a consequence his homophobic, paedophiliac, supposedly celibate church wants condign punishment.
    Politicians and senior Anglican clergy keep their heads down and destroy any moral authority to which they lay claim.

  • L.Long

    The vary fact that these religious nut-jobs use words like ‘killing children’, ‘unborn children’, ‘babies’ or ‘unborn babies’ clearly shows they are LIARS & bigots, and evil. No cardinal they are ‘bad people’!

  • Matthew Carr

    Let’s put it to a vote. Every woman who is capable of having children gets a vote. No one else gets a vote.

  • AgentCormac

    I’m with Matthew Carr.
    Let those who actually know about these things – the people who have the knowledge, the first-hand experience and the understanding of the implications – make the decision. Otherwise, all we’re doing is giving people with ill-informed,utterly subjective and in-grained partisan views an opportunity to impose their vague, casually held bigotry on millions of others.
    So, just like Brexit.

  • Robster

    Still can’t figure why the religious have a place at the discussion table, surely in 2018, any claim to moral authority has been totally surrendered by the church organisations, their ilk and representatives. Put the lot back in their box. Mark box with ‘Do Not Disturb’.

  • 1859

    Devine is clearly trying to desperately move the debate forward within his religion, to open his religion up to new ideas. Instead, Gome is rigidly taking the uncompromising position of a bigot whose religion has stolen his ability to think. Is this two steps forward, three steps back? Or three steps forward, two steps back? My hope is the latter.

  • barriejohn

    AgentCormac: Billy Graham died recently. His attitude to social problems never wavered over the years: “If men give their hearts to Christ, society’s problems will be solved.” How can you make any progress when ideas like that are given prominence, yet he was greatly respected, and even consulted by presidents and other political leaders!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: And look at the state of the USA today. The NRA are still calling the shots – in every sense.

  • Stuart H.

    I know Devine, and some of his parishioners, so it’s important to mention that he took this stance after THEY asked him to distance the island’s Catholic community from the English and Irish fuckwits who insist on coming over here to “help” the population reject an abortion reform bill which had the biggest, most positive, public response in Manx history.
    The Manx LIFE branch was defunct when the campaign to bring about this bill began, and still has less than half a dozen members, mostly male.
    HEAR is a bad joke led by 2 blokes and 1 woman from a tiny island church, aided by the UK peer Lord Alton (possibly the only liberal party member still opposed to David Steel’s 1967 bill which legalised abortion in the UK) and Peter Williams, the head honcho of Life UK. We suspect funding came via Catholic Voices (also staring Williams), although HEAR has no Catholic members because none would sit in the same room as the sectarian Baptist freaks who do attend.
    As for Gomes…what more can I add to what is already known? Unwanted by the church that trained him or any other major denomination, currently preaching to about 6 elderly Brits in somebody’s living room.

  • barriejohn

    Stuart H: David Alton is a principled politician, who has done a lot of good, but who is, sadly, infected with the religion bug, having been educated at a Jesuit school. He has also received honours from the Catholic Church. It just goes to show how effective indoctrination can be. A less savoury character who is also a Catholic is our old “friend” Jacob Rees-Mogg, who never seems to be out of the news these days, though his ambition to lead the Conservative Party will only be met, in my view, if (when?) it splits over Europe and he is leading the eurosceptic rump.
    Religion is a curse!

  • John

    I note the arch-critic is described as ‘a banned Anglican priest and columnist for the UK’s The Conservative Woman.’
    Why should anyone take any notice of him?