Police remove evangelical pest from New Jersey gymnasium

Police remove evangelical pest from New Jersey gymnasium March 28, 2018

Craig Fasler, centre, senior evangelist with Christian Equippers International, had to be removed by police from Retro Fitness in Manahawkin, NJ, because of his unwanted advances towards gym members.
Fasler, according to this report, blamed an atheist staff member for his eviction. He said he was told:

You are not allowed to speak about religion here. I am an atheist, and you are not allowed to talk about religion and mention the name Jesus in here.

But the gym, in a Facebook post, says this is a flat-out lie.

As a gym/health club, we consider ourselves a business of personal health & mental and spiritual well being. Although not technically ‘a house of prayer’ any member, guest or employee who feels a moment of prayer, meditation or reflection is necessary or beneficial to their well being, is not only welcome, but encouraged to do so.
Mr. Fasler, after several unsolicited advances upon members of offers to be touched, so as to be ‘healed’ or to join in prayer, was informed they did not wish to do so at that time. Members again had to inform Mr. Fasler they did not wish to be touched, prayed for or healed, and that they simply wished to continue their workout and to be left alone.

The gym added:

After continuing with said behavior, although he was asked to stop several times by members, an employee intervened and informed Mr. Fasler he was making several members feel uncomfortable. He was asked to stop by the employee, he replied he would not stop. He was then informed if he did not stop, he would be asked to leave.
He replied he would not leave. It was at this time our employee felt she had no other option, but to call local authorities and let them handle the situation as they deemed necessary.
One other frequently asked question and concern some have, is the use of the word atheist. At no time during this incident was the word atheist ever used.
As always we respect everyone’s freedom to express themselves however they choose, and first and foremost we support our members rights to feel safe and secure while they are utilizing our facility.

Fasler pictured ‘healing’ a woman
Fasler’s version of events is that he saw a man in pain in the locker room and asked if he could pray for him. The man agreed, and Fasler:

Spoke to his muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones and commanded that they be healed. I bound all pain, and stiffness, and loosed flexibility, strength and elasticity. I thank You, Jesus, for healing him.
I prayed three to four times as the healing came progressively, until he was completely freed of pain. He was very grateful.

The evangelical pest in turn accused the gym of lying about the incident.
In the aftermath of the March 21 incident, he says the Christian community has been “most supportive,” and he has sustained himself with the “Holy Spirit”.

The Holy Spirit has been guiding me to seek His wisdom. Our Lord has shown me that I will fly as if on eagle’s wings through this. Jesus said, ‘The whole world will hate you because of Me’ (Matt. 10:22).

Fasler has worked with Christian Equippers for 25 years.

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  • John the Drunkard

    Looks like he’s doing the ‘leg length’ parlor stunt that Randi showed up in ‘The Faith Healers.’
    Also a popular sales technique with chiropractors. At least in the U.S. there is a definite cross-pollination between chiropraxy and generic fundie lunacy.

  • barriejohn

    We are living in the most exciting times of this century and there is more on the way! There is a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit moving across our land, refreshing us and filling our hearts with new passion for Jesus. There is also a growing prophetic sense that harvest is on the way. I believe the church is in the beginning stages of preparation in which the Spirit of God is drawing us closer to Him in order to reveal His heart to us and reveal our hearts to ourselves… This inward repentance will help prepare us for the greater measure of grace and power that He desires to pour upon us and through us.
    Heard it all before. They always claim that “We are living in exciting times”, etc. Billy Graham always said: “We have never looked forward to a Crusade with greater anticipation,” or some such nonsense. It’s all PR bullshit. Anyway, isn’t the “Return of Christ” supposed to be “imminent”? What’s God preparing them all for if his Son is about to “descend from heaven with a shout” and take them all up there to be with him for ever? If they really believed this, they wouldn’t be making any long-term plans at all!

  • Broga

    Quickest way to empty a gym: have some twat try to convert those present.

  • Adrian

    It appears from the website that the sole (or ‘soul’?) member is the idiot featured here.
    It seems to be a site for pushing books, leaflets and booklets for money, what a surprise!

  • tonye

    You never know – he may have had to ask someone to give him a hand with his ‘luggage’.
    Yeah – right.

  • AgentCormac

    I prayed three to four times as the healing came progressively, until he was completely freed of pain. He was very grateful.
    ‘Came’ no doubt being the operative word in Fasler’s mind. Sadly, he’s just another sad pervert trying to fly under the radar by claiming that all that ‘touchy-feely’ stuff he does is really based on some kind of deep, religious desire to help others . Bullshit, I’m afraid. He just wants to get off on touching other people.

  • Tam

    Creepy tosser. If he is not careful he’s gonna get a damned good kicking down a dark alley. And I’d say that’s a just reward.

  • StephenJP

    On his website, Fasler describes himself as a “Senior Equipping Evangelist”. What glory! I wonder what demanding courses and examinations he had to go through to reach those dizzy heights. Perhaps he had to start at the bottom, as a Junior Equipping Proselytiser (Novice) and work his way up.
    Or perhaps, as Adrian indicates, he is all on his own. That means he gets to call himself what he likes. Perhaps we should be grateful that he settled for SEE.

  • Marcus

    Will someone please break the news to this pervy prowler of gym locker rooms that Jesus is DEAD!

  • Daz

    ” Jesus is DEAD!”

    Not only that but he died on a different day each year. *head-scratch*
    Another Catholic Herald story that seems kinda appropriate to the OP: [link]

  • 1859

    Hands on healing is just sublimated sex – poor creep.
    I once knew a’too-touchy’ person like this, his lips were always wet – I called him ‘juicy lips’ – and the name stuck like butter to the wall. I still get a shiver of disgust down my spine when I think of him.