Thai girl dies after drinking 'holy water' given by monks

Thai girl dies after drinking 'holy water' given by monks March 31, 2018

The teenage girl shown in the framed picture died in Thailand last weekend after three monks made her drink ‘holy water’ to overcome a ‘black magic curse’.
According to this report, police in Chaiyaphum’s Kaeng Khro district are now trying to find the monks who went on the run after the the girl died.
During the ritual last Sunday, the girl vomited and went into shock, after which she was taken to Krang Khro Hospital and then in critical condition to the better-equipped Chaiyaphum Hospital, where she was pronounced dead from a violent seizure that had deprived her brain of oxygen.

The case came to the attention of the public when the girl’s parents, Khan Cherdjorhor, 48, and Doungjit Khanakhao, 38, filed a police complaint on Tuesday.
Cherdjorhor said they regretted believing one of the monks, a visitor to the village temporarily residing at an abandoned temple since March 18, who had told them that their daughter was cursed and had to undergo a ritual.
The girl’s father added that before the ritual, his daughter had appeared fine and did not display any symptoms of sickness.
Chaiyaphum public health official Dr Passakorn Chaiyaset said it was difficult to determine the cause of death as the monks had fled the temple and there were no samples left of the liquid, which could have been tested for toxins.
The girl’s body had been cremated without autopsy, he said, adding that the case hinged upon police’s effort to locate and question the monks.
Chaiyaset also warned people not to participate in strange rituals, especially involving drinking or eating anything of unknown origin.
Cherdjorhor said the family had held the girl’s cremation ceremony on Wednesday in line with a local tradition of cremation after a maximum three-day funeral prayer.
He added that the monk who had performed the ritual had insisted that the “holy water” did not contain anything that could have harmed the girl, adding that it could not have been a factor in her death.
He said the monks had promised him that they would take responsibility for the girl’s death, but then had fled the temple, leading him to file a police complaint.
One of the monks is described as elderly, while the other two are middle-aged.

Meanwhile it was reported by BuzzFeed News earlier this month that an Ohio man suffering from pancreatic cancer died after drinking gallons of a concoction being promoted by Jillian Mai Thi Epperly, above.
The woman, also from Ohio, claims that her “Jilly Juice” – made of fermented cabbage juice and containing high levels of salt – will reverse all forms of illness, arrest aging – and even turn gay people straight.
When asked why she presents wild theories with no evidence to back them up, Epperly likened her efforts to a religious conversion. She doesn’t worry, she said, about people who don’t believe.

We’re using a different context in my world, and the manifestations from the salt and the accessing of the nutrients is gonna give you a different context of what the symptoms are. So essentially what it is, is we’re trying to turn an atheist into a Christian.

Her claims are “absolutely dangerous nonsense,” David Seres, Director of Medical Nutrition at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center, told BuzzFeed News. “I am almost speechless.”
A petition has been launched to ban this charlatan from Facebook and all other social media, which she has been using to promote what she calls “poop juice”.
Hat tip: Rodger Atkin (Thai report)

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  • Broga

    These charlatans prey on the poor, ignorant and desperate. As we know.

  • fred tully

    all opinion, no science… there is nothing know with certainty.

  • Tam

    The monks were undoubtedly in the act of drugging the poor girl to have sex with her. Clearly a case of drug-facilitated sexual assault.
    “For fucks sake get rid of the evidence … burn the body … before the cops get here”
    Give them a fair trial then string the bastards up by the balls.

  • Tam

    Ah … Jilly Juice. I have heard of that before but it was more than salty cabbage juice. Many years ago I was stalked, hunted down, by a very attractive 5′ 10″ willowy blond. Jill. She was engaged to a workmate and by all accounts she was a bit of a handful. She was basically a raging nympho. I took her out one night ostensibly to plan her fiance’s 25 birthday party. She insisted on buying most of the drinks. I half awoke to find myself in the back seat of my car flat on my back with my pants around my ankles with her naked on top bouncing away enthusiastically. After she had satisfied herself, and pumped me dry she drove my car near to her home and abandoned me all dazed and disheveled. I had a priapism for several hours after. Talk about dazed and confused.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Tam: Pics or it didn’t happen…

  • 1859

    Superstition -god -sex….funny how this all becomes ‘Jilly Juice’. Of course what does become ‘Juiced’ are peoples’ brains. How will we ever achieve a rational universe with a planet crawling with gullible, ‘juiced’ brains?

  • L.Long

    Another perfect example why good education is necessary. So many are desperate and ignorant & badly educated in how to think, thanks to poverty and religious BS influence.

  • barriejohn

    They’re monks, so they’re obviously to be trusted!

  • Cali Ron

    I used to work with a lady from Kentucky and she brought some Jesus Juice from the Kentucky woods to work. Said it would cure anything. It was white lighting (moonshine ) and grape juice. It didn’t cure anything, but if you drank very much you didn’t care anymore.
    There’s a lot of desperately gullible people out there and plenty of religious charlatans waiting to fleece them. As L.Long says, education is badly needed.