UK judge prevents girl from being taken to India for FGM

UK judge prevents girl from being taken to India for FGM March 12, 2018

A UK court has banned an Indian-origin family from flying their baby daughter to India because she is at risk of being subjected to an ‘utterly unacceptable’ genital mutilation procedure.
According to this report, judge Robert Jordan at Manchester County and Family Court recently ruled that the child, who will turn two this year, is at risk because religious and cultural pressure had overridden her mother’s “maternal instinct”.
Social workers in the UK believe three other girls from the family, which cannot be named for legal reasons, had been subjected to a similar procedure.
Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision, involves ritual intimate cutting, sometimes without anaesthetic, and has been banned in the UK.
The judge issued an “FGM protection order”after a private family court hearing.
He was told that the baby’s three older sisters had previously been taken to India so that FGM could be carried out on them. He made the protection order after concluding that the little girl was also at risk and needed protecting. He noted:

The effect of the cultural pressure overrode the mother’s maternal instinct. As a consequence of religious and cultural pressure the mother facilitated the mutilation of her children. Cultural pressure still exists in their country of origin and undoubtedly in this country.

FGM protection orders came into force in Britain three years ago and give police and local authorities power to intervene to prevent such procedures. Parents can be barred from taking children abroad and passports can be seized and face prosecution if they breach it.
According to UK research, FGM is less common in India and is more prevalent in around 28 African countries and in parts of the Middle and Far East.
In Britain, communities that have been identified as at risk of FGM include Somali, Kenyan, Ethiopian, Sierra Leonean, Sudanese, Egyptian, Nigerian, Eritrean, Yemeni, Kurdish and Indonesian women and girls.
It is believed to be a way of ensuring virginity and chastity and is used to safeguard girls from sex outside marriage and from having sexual feelings.
Although FGM is practised by secular communities, it is most often claimed to be carried out in accordance with religious beliefs.

Hat tip: Gaurav Tyagi

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  • Brummie

    So, are the parents going to be prosecuted for the other 3 daughters?
    As yet no prosecutions successful in the U.K.

  • L.Long

    The parents will be free to do more religious based evil to their girls, as it is their ‘sincerely held beliefs’ so they are true and good. Ask them they will tell you so!

  • Broga

    The horrors of religion are so often inflicted on children. “Suffer little children…” Right. They do.

  • gary

    The jails would be full of evil nasty stupefied hours if the police, CPS and government enforced the FGM law.

  • tonye

    It’s a (small) step in the right direction.
    Remind me to buy Judge Jordan a beer.

  • Jobrag

    It’s so bloody simple, mandatory annual inspections of all girls in an at risk group, if they have been cut since the last inspection the parents choose which one of them is going to jail for five years problem sorted.

  • L.Long

    sorry gary, not a good reason, as the cops have no problem rounding up people using drugs, which harm no one but themselves.

  • Broga

    Politicians prefer a quiet life to stopping the agonies of infant girls and lifelong suffering of women. Is that a harsh judgement? What else can anyone conclude?

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    The worst part is that idiot parents like the above leave third world shit-holes like India behind but even after migrating to the Western societies,which are far more liberal and progressive, the mentality of such morons remain rooted in the obsolete, illogical so called traditions.

  • 1859

    ‘FGM protection orders came into effect three years ago’ – so the other three daughters were probably mutilated before then. I wait for the passing of MGM protection orders – why should you have baby girls legally protected and not boys?
    I’ll also buy judge Jordan a round.

  • Asif hameed

    It’s sad innocent children are the victims of old tradition and religious beliefs, its great that government has stepped in , also I think there should be law that children should not follow any religion specially the religion where there are threats of being burn in Hell fire if they don’t follow certain rules ,

  • John the Drunkard

    Islam isn’t even mentioned. Quelle Suprise!
    ‘ritual intimate cutting’
    Is a triumph of evasive speech too. The scarring, or obliteration, of a girl’s external genitals, is a bit more than ‘cutting.’