Indian court asked to rule on 'blasphemous' movie song

Indian court asked to rule on 'blasphemous' movie song April 10, 2018

On Sunday it was wanking. Today winking.
In February Pakistan’s Daily Times reported on how Priya Prakash Varrier had become an overnight sensation after she posted a video clip on Instagram, showing her winking at a young man.
The scene is from a song in movie  – Oru Adaar Love – and the video went viral. Her Instagram follower count shot up to over 1.5 million in just one day, and now stands at over 13 million. The clip on YouTube has had over 62 million views.

It is rumoured that her popularity has earned her a role in another film – even though her first is yet to be released.
But becoming a darling of Instagram followers and YouTube comes at a price, and now Varrier stands accused of “blasphemy”.
According to this report, in India two Hyderabad residents have approached the Supreme Court seeking a order to remove the song, “Manikya Malaraaya Poovi” because winking is “blasphemous” in Islam and several Muslim groups had expressed anger over the clip, claiming it hurts Muslim sentiments.

In their application, the petitioners said “objectionable scenes” had been superimposed with lyrics of the song that was originally written in praise of Prophet Mohammed and his wife Khadeeja Beevi.
The applicants said:

The 30-second clip shows a schoolgirl and schoolboy exchanging smiles, eyebrows wiggles and winks from across the way … Winking itself is forbidden in Islam and in a case where the act of winking is superimposed with a sacred song, written in the praise of Prophet Mohammed and his first wife … the same act becomes an act of blasphemy.
Picturisation of the present song is a deliberate attempt to malign the image of Islam. The present song is intended to outrage the religious feelings and beliefs of the Muslim community.

One of the applicants had earlier filed a complaint following which a FIR (first information report) was registered against film director Omar Lulu in Telangana.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Marcus

    I’m confused. Why is she winking at a gay lad?

  • Vartan

    I reckon muslim zealots, if they really really want to and if they try really really hard enough, can take offence at just about anything they choose to. See something or someone you don’t like. Well just gnash your blackened rotting fangs and wrax yourself up into a splittle flecked apoplectic rage with a bunch of cretinous fuckwit mates and then post the result on social networking declaring blasphemy and mortal offence. Easy. Pity these nasty shitehawks have nothing better to do.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    To all Muslims whose so called religious feelings are being hurt, shove your feelings up your dirty, smelly rears. My feelings also get hurt when I see Muslim women covered from head to toe in a big bed sheet and Muslim men with funny beard and a clown cap.

  • Steve

    So, let me get this straight. They think that winking ‘maligns the image of Islam’, but getting offended over every tiny perceived slight or criticism of Islam does absolutely no harm to Islam at all?

  • Barry Duke

    For some weird reason your question reminded me of Ruth Wallis’s song – De Gay Young Lad From Trinidad – written about 70 years ago (warning: politically incorrect lyrics!)

  • CoastalMaineBird

    The Church of Perpetual Offense is at it again…

  • John the Drunkard

    Winking is haram?
    Any backup for this would be appreciated. Which hadith, from which tome?

  • H3r3tic

    @JTD – I was about to ask the same thing; not being a scholar of the Koran I had assumed they had mistaken winking for wanking but, hey, I’m no expert.

  • Har Davids

    You couldn’t make it up, unless you’re a Muslim ‘scholar’.

  • 1859

    Now, any guesses as to what would have happened had the young woman also stuck out her tongue! ?
    To be honest I rather enjoy these muslim outrages at perceived ‘slights’ of their prophet – why? Because they do a supremely good job at reminding me (and, I suppose, the rest of rational humanity) of how infantile, stupid, moronic, insane and plain daft religious belief can be. And the really, really funny part is, they themselves don’t realise this!

  • Dionigi

    Reminds me of the time , in Saudi, when a workmate showed off the length of his long tongue and was admonished by a Saudi not to do that as it could inflame any females who may see it.