Argentine Culture Minister in hot water for eating Jesus cake

Argentine Culture Minister in hot water for eating Jesus cake May 31, 2018

More than 26,000 people have signed a petition calling for sacking of the Culture Minister of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro, for participating in a ‘blasphemous’ Jesus cake caper at an exhibition of modern art.
The petition (in Spanish) said Avogadro, pictured centre at the exhibition, had committed:

A grave offence against the Catholic religion, a religion professed by most Argentines, by participating in the Argentine Contemporary Art Fair and eating a cake in the shape of the body of Jesus Christ.

It added:

A person who seriously offends the beliefs of a large part of the citizens he represents can not exercise public office, let alone hold the position of Minister of Culture.

The petition also wants the organisers of the arts fair to be censured for publicly offending the Catholic religion.
According to this report, Avogadro apologised after a video, showing him laughing as a man prepares to cut the cake, went viral on Monday, with thousands expressing rage and dismay on social media.
In the images seen on the video, shared through Facebook and Twitter, the government official is seen sampling the cake, which was created by two Argentine artists. Their exhibits include a “Byzantine icon” representing Jesus as one of the Thundercats cartoons, and sheep plush toys with the heads of Jesus and Judas, the latter being the “black sheep”.
The artists claim they were attempting to capture Christian iconography as if it were created by millennials, who would, as kids, represent Christ’s body and blood in their own way: eating a cake and drinking hot chocolate, which becomes their Mass and their sacrament.
Christianity through the eyes of millennials when they were children, the artists said, leads them:

To invite you to have fun, to feel joyfully, to think in colours, to create other rites.

Avogadro went to Facebook to say that he:

Sincerely regrets if someone felt offended in their most intimate beliefs.

He said that the images had been taken in the context of a private show of contemporary art.

As a person, I have a very clear opinion in favour of freedom of expression, particularly when it’s related to issues that question us, that make us reflect or that oppose our own convictions.
I also believe that the place of art is precisely to make us uncomfortable and to shake us. I understand, on the other hand, that public employees have a role that transcends what’s personal, and as such, we’re responsible for our actions. For this same reason, I want to apologise.

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  • AgentCormac

    It’s a cake. Get over it.

  • Marcus

    One has to wonder who got to to chow down on Jesus’s genitals.

  • Craig

    Someone broke the point on my pencil today. Whaaah whaaah boo hoo whaaaaaah whaaaaaaaah.

  • barriejohn

    Don’t they eat little bits of his body every week? I’m a bit confused here!

  • barriejohn

    Here in the UK, we have a Minister of Culture, Media and Sport who seriously thinks that the best way to respond to Putin’s attempt to assassinate one of his enemies on our soil is not only to support his World Cup (probably procured with the aid of bribery), but to win it (I know!):
    If only HE were contenting himself with gobbling pieces of Jesus.

  • L.Long

    My 1st impulse…well that is disrespectful!..then GREAT! all religions should be disrespected!!! Yes they do eat jesus every week but they do it with respect, not as cake but as flat stall cracker, its different, catlicks can’t get all angry at themselves!!! Now they can claim they are being persecuted, that makes them happy!

  • Angela_K

    Never mind Argentina’s high poverty rate eh you stupid catholics?

  • Broga

    @ barriejohn : To win the World Cup England will need a miracle. Justin Welby can get that arranged by asking his followers to pray. But time is short.
    Also, what about all the other countries who are getting their prayerful people on the case?

  • Will

    You can’t have your cake and eat it. But in christianity you can have your bit of the body of Jesus and eat it. Indeed you are expected to do so.

  • Marcus

    Seeing we’ve veered off into football, take a gander at this Ramadan violation rant.

  • StephenJP

    They all look pretty numb in that photo; but after those attacks on his credibility, I’m sure Avogadro’s number.

  • barriejohn

    StephenJP: Congratulations; you win the prize for this month’s most contrived joke! PS Were you assisted by a mole?

  • Robster

    Full marks to the Argentinians, even though they’re responsible for the current model pope,that Frank.An improvement in the Sunday dine in menu at the Catholic religious facility is long overdue. The choice of a cake is a good one, it’s full of air, offers lots of sugar and fat but is otherwise quite nutritionally useless, like the pretend deity.

  • 1859

    This could be the start of a culinary revolution – Mary & Joseph Vanilla Slices? God Gobstoppers? Mohammed & Mash? Buddha Burgers?

  • Brian Jordan

    They managed to find a baker to make the cake, then.

  • StephenJP

    barriejohn, I have lived my life as a chemistry student, a chemist, and for 40 years an ex-chemist, and this is the first time I have heard of someone in the modern world named Avogadro! How could I let this one pass by without attempting to make a bad joke out of it?
    Just wait until we come across a French politician called Gay-Lussac…..

  • barriejohn

    Stephen JP: No pressure then!